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I'm A Celebrity Dog , Get Me In There! popular

~~Begins~~ It seems Daniella Westbrook is not the only Eastenders celebrity who prefers the comfort of a 5-star hotel to fleabites and smelly sleeping bags. One of her former co-stars has also decided to book in for some luxury relaxation therapy of his own. He may never have been addicted to (Added: Fri May 09 2003)

Happy Class is Now Online popular

CHESTERVILLE, May 8, 2003 – The one subject not taught in school is how to live a happy life. The free Happy Class is now available to complete the education of anyone with access to a computer. Happy Class has been delivered free by email for several months. It is still free but it has been up(Added: Mon May 05 2003)

Child Suicide – A Supportive Resource For Families popular

Child Suicide (http://www.childsuicide.homestead.com) is a supportive resource for parents, grandparents and siblings who have lost a child, grandchild, brother or sister to the tragedy of suicide. The website was launched on 29 April 2003 by Swindon writer Jan Andersen, after her 20-year-old son di(Added: Sat May 03 2003)

Gaiacomm: Regime change in the United States of America? popular

Regime Change in the United States of America? “Strange times are those in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool” Plato And those who perform jihad for US, We shall certainly gui(Added: Sat May 03 2003)

Women Image Day June 7th 2003 popular

Make-over Day Saturday June 7th Do you remember those shoulder-pads of the eighties....and the big hair…..and the sharp suits? Thank goodness things have changed and women don’t have to dress in some outdated power uniform to prove they are powerful and successful in their own right. We’re l(Added: Fri May 02 2003)

“Between Heaven and Hell: To some life is a journey, to others life is a trip” popular

“Between Heaven and Hell: To some life is a journey, to others life is a trip” is a wonderful collection of poems, prayers, and short stories by W. Delores Barron, Ph.D. Dr. Barron is a Christian Minister and her belief in God plays an important part within the book. Although, there is a religious (Added: Tue Apr 15 2003)

4.5 million UK cars are lovingly referred to by name – just like ‘Herbie’ popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / For further information Dirk Singer 07961 185 585 CARS WITH A ‘PET’ NAME ARE A BETTER BUY 4.5 million UK cars are lovingly referred to by name – just like ‘Herbie’ BEGINS: The first question you should ask when looking to buy a second hand car is ‘does the car have(Added: Sun Aug 18 2002)

Press Release for Willows Animal Sanctuary

Willows Animal Sanctuary in Gardenstown, Aberdeenshire is a lifelong home to over 300 rescued animals. The inhabitants include horses, guinea pigs, turkeys, sheep, cats and even deer. Willows is a unique sanctuary in this part of Scotland also offering contact with animals to people who find it ther(Added: Thu Aug 15 2002)

American Author Finds Both Left and Right Void of Moral Discipline popular

Author John Harris argues in his new book, A Body Without Breath How Right and Left Have Both Stifled Moral Reason Within the Christian Faith (Arcturus Press), that American society is locked in a futile cycle of debates about religion. From the pledge of allegiance to public prayer to the content (Added: Wed Aug 14 2002)


NEWS: August 13, 2002 A DIAL-UP A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY… Consumers are now turning to the web for advice on health matters, according to new research from BT Openworld. Results suggest that, should this trend continue, it will ease the strain on the NHS and increase the likelih(Added: Tue Aug 13 2002)

BogeysandBirdies.com Helps the Children of September 11th popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2002 CONTACT: Fran Romeo Owner, BogeysandBirdies.com Phone: (703) 444-5891 or toll-free 866-LADY PAR Fax: (703) 444-0038 46132 Brisbane Square, Potomac Falls, VA, 20165 fran@bogeysandbirdies.com http://www.BogeysandBirdies.com BogeysandBirdies.com Helps(Added: Tue Aug 13 2002)

Worldwide support for the campaign against Coppergate popular

New online petition collects comments from around the world Residents of York are protesting against a new shopping development adjacent to the historic monument, Clifford’s Tower. The original building was erected by William the Conqueror and the tower was the scene of a Jewish massacre in 1190.(Added: Mon Aug 12 2002)

Scandal and Alienation Drive People to Seek Truth Outside the Old System

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sulana Stone Phone: (602) 861-2631 E-Mail: info@thedream.com Fax: (602) 944-1235 Scandal and Alienation Drive People to Seek Truth Outside the Old System Visionary offers an alternative to traditional belief systems Western society is a(Added: Wed Aug 07 2002)


WORLD RELIGIONS LIMITED have spent the last three years developing an internet based concept which allows people all over the world to find each other by RELIGION. A paid member has access to find family,friends or a partner. Also available is facility to chat, leave messages, send e-postcards, ann(Added: Sun Aug 04 2002)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Carmen Van Kerckhove New York, NY (347) 385-8161 carmen@eurasiannation.com DATING SURVEY: BIRACIAL ASIANS BREAK FROM FAMILY TRADITION Their Parents May Have Crossed Color Lines for Love, But Biracial Asians Would Rather Date Their Own Kind. New York(Added: Fri Aug 02 2002)


The Charities Information Technology Group (CITG) announces its launch, with a remit to provide help and assistance for charities and not for profit organisations to understand and benefit from information & communications technology. The issues faced by those responsible for ICT within charities(Added: Wed Jul 31 2002)

Unwed Pregnant Women Can Help Unwed Pregnant Women

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kathryn Hoffman 1-866-946-3966 Unwed Pregnant Women Can Help Unwed Pregnant Women Author Margaret Knows SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA July 29, 2002 -- Teen pregnancy is on the rise in the United States. The government is having problems deciding how to deal with sin(Added: Tue Jul 30 2002)

Sea Cadets Spectacular at Plymouth Navy Days popular

Press Release For Immediate Release Sea Cadet Spectacular at Plymouth Navy Days HMS FLYING FOX, Bristol. 24 July 2002 – Over 500 Sea Cadets from all over the South West will have an estimated audience of 70,000 at the forthcoming Navy Days event at Devonport Dockyard over the August bank hol(Added: Wed Jul 24 2002)

Black Women Now Have a Place to Call Home on the Net popular

Atlanta, Georgia -- There are Internet sites directed towards women, yet few speak directly to the issues that are at the heart of Black women. They want to see themselves in the content they read and the images displayed. These women comprise 17M of the total US population with annual spending inf(Added: Mon Jul 08 2002)

URGENT NEWS: Winners of Windrush Awards 2002 (Cathy Tyson and Lord Chan honoured) popular

Friday 21 June, Dorchester Hotel. The prestigious 4th WINDRUSH 2002 ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS enjoyed a splendid night and produced some exciting Champions whose diverse achievements should now go on to inspire many visible minorities in the UK. These unique Awards recognise the vast wealth of talent a(Added: Sun Jul 07 2002)

Friends Network - Social Activities Afterdivorce popular

For Release: June 25, 2002 Contact Paul Maitland, 01702 475130 Friends Network – Social Activities Afterdivorce The website www.ondivorce.co.uk launches a new Friends Network, designed specifically to facilitate social activities for divorced people. “Our Friends Netw(Added: Sun Jun 23 2002)


Ramsey, NJ (June 19, 2002) – Just as bullies terrorized the schoolyard when employees were in grade school, bullies are now tyrannizing the workplace now that they are all grown up. Fortunately for employers and employees, a new free report posted on AHI’s Employment Law Resource Center located at (Added: Wed Jun 19 2002)

Precious women glow at nominations popular

Precious Online (www.preciousonline.co.uk), the interactive website for women of colour, has been nominated for a Windrush Achievement award. The site has been nominated in the Internet and Technology innovation category. "The Precious team is genuinely delighted at this nomination!" said founde(Added: Thu Jun 13 2002)

National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth DAY popular

For Immediate Release NATIONAL ATTEND YOUR GRANDCHILD'S BIRTH DAY September 28 "Bonding with your grandchild should begin at birth. This day is set aside to encourage grandparents to participate in their grandchild's birth as well as his or her life." Carolynn Bauer Zorn, autho(Added: Tue Jun 11 2002)

Making Divorce Easier

Ondivorce (www.ondivorce.co.uk) is celebrating its second anniversary. The UK has the highest divorce rate in Europe, and to make life easier for those people affected, ondivorce has brought together new technology and old fashioned friendship. “Ondivorce was initially set up to provide eas(Added: Sun May 26 2002)

Criminon celebrates its 6th year in the UK popular

Criminon UK, an East Grinstead-based national charity that rehabilitates offenders in prisons all over the UK, celebrated its 6th anniversary on Friday 10 May at the Meridian Hall, East Grinstead, in the presence of the Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Lord, and the deputy Mayor, Cllr Edward Matthews. Als(Added: Tue May 21 2002)

Well, here goes nothing, maybe a miracle may happen popular

What do I have to do to prove that The Chicken Rescue Centre IS genuine? We are the first animal sanctuary dedicated purely to chickens but because chickens are not as fashionable as cats or dogs we are thought of as a joke, a wind up or a gimmick. Because of this we can not get any large media inte(Added: Mon May 20 2002)

Born between 1946 & 1964? Boomer's Loft is for you! popular

Baby boomers compose a slice of our society that is 76 million strong. These individuals, born between 1946 and 1964, for the most part have raised their children, and are now for the first time since their teenage years, looking to live life for themselves. Boomer’s Loft, a new Internet we(Added: Wed May 15 2002)

Everyday 12-Point Lifesaver Made Available Free To Help People Get Out of Conflict, Suffering and La popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: David Cameron Gikandi Images of One david@imagesofone.com http://www.ImagesOfOne.com Everyday 12-Point Lifesaver Made Available Free To Help People Get Out of Conflict, Suffering and Lack Main Beach, QLD, AUSTRALIA, Wednesday, May 15, 2002 — Millions o(Added: Tue May 14 2002)

Calling All Fashion Victims popular

www.50connect.co.uk, the UK’s leading online web portal for the over fifties is launching a brand new competition to find out who had the worst dress sense in the 1960s and 1970s. Have you noticed how no one dresses up anymore? Everywhere you go you see people walking around casually dressed(Added: Thu May 09 2002)
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