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Jehovah's Witnesses Ghost of Watchtower Past popular

Rootin Tootin-Russel Meets Rutherford The night has come to Beth Sarim mansion as President Joe Rutherford (the "Judge") sits cleaning his pistol and sipping whiskey from a flask on the edge of his silk sheets at bedtime. There is a knock at the bedroom door. "Come!" the Judge(Added: Sat Aug 20 2005)

the age of modern delicatensens

It must be at least 25 years- if not more and at this particular place possibly 30- years not days and not months I can’t really remember just when I was last in the sea in England – in fact now that I think about it back in 1979 when we spent a week at Bournemouth did I take a dip in the sea. S(Added: Tue Aug 16 2005)

Jesus A Revelation of God popular

Jesus A Revelation of God JESUS A REVELATION OF GOD is a comparative study of Jesus’ words in The Bible and The Urantia Book. In JESUS A REVELATION OF GOD Laurence unlocks the truths contained in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Laurence started by cutting the words of Jesus from ea(Added: Tue Aug 16 2005)

Feel Safe Wherever You Go popular

Feel safe knowing that you are protected by the best close protection security in the business by hiring the protective services of Nearstar Security. Wherever you need to attend, taking these guys with you could be the best move you ever made. They offer a very professional and discreet protection (Added: Sun Aug 14 2005)

Abuse of Child Abuse Laws popular

Aug 12, 2005 by Susan Macafee This story mentioned one of the convictions over turned concerning Lorraine Harris, she had stated “the baby became ill and stopped breathing after a vaccination”. Another case resulted in having the charges reduced to manslaughter and was not totally overturned; (Added: Sun Aug 14 2005)

August is Romance Awareness Month popular

August is Romance Awareness Month - 10 Tips to Start Your Own Heat Wave! August is “Romance Awareness Month,” and Canada’s Romance Agent™ Leona Hamel is all for keeping your relationship hot and sunny year long! “Whether you’re working hard or enjoying some vacation time this month, your partner(Added: Sun Aug 14 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses 1914 Gospel of Gobbledygook popular

MILLIONS NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE-You can take that to the bank. 1914 is a very significant date for true believers Here is why: Faithful and eager students of the Scriptures figured out (and "proved") Jesus would return to kill the wicked and reward the meek in 1874. The signs were obvio(Added: Sun Aug 14 2005)

Former President of India Calls for Human Rights Education

New Delhi – Speaking at the 1st Annual Youth for Human Rights International Summit 2005 at the Satya Sai International Centre in New Delhi, India, the former President of India, the Honourable Sh. K.R. Narayanan, has called for children throughout the world to be educated in human rig(Added: Wed Aug 10 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses PBS Film KNOCKING Omits the Facts popular

Jehovah's Witnesses a destructive sect, because they destroy families and long-standing friendships. Having been born and raised a Jehovah's Witness, I was interested to learn recently of your upcoming PBS film KNOCKING. I've long been a fan and supporter of PBS for its superior and informat(Added: Wed Aug 10 2005)

Revolutionary predictive Vedic Jyotish software telling you “How is your day today?” popular

Vjyotish is a dynamic model for predictions, based on Vedic Astrology principles. The innovative is the 'concept' and 'method' of drawing a net astrological conclusion in precise numerical terms, called as 'net astrological effect', by mathematically quantifying various key astrological parameters. (Added: Tue Aug 09 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses and "Love Bombing" what is it? popular

Cocooned by a Cult-Swarm over You with Instant Family,Instant Friends,Instant Purpose... Love-bombing is characteristic of most cults Prospects, recruits and members are drowned in a sea of love and caring. Is this what Christ meant when he said, "By this will all men know that you are My d(Added: Tue Aug 09 2005)

Environmental awareness, Volunteer program in Nepal

Thulo Bharku Village Report July 2nd – 16th, 2005 Background My initial purpose in Thulo Bharku was to provide elementary health education to villagers. I committed myself to an oral hygiene and hand-washing initiative; a more comprehensive health campaign, involving the assistance of a doct(Added: Sun Aug 07 2005)

Stockholm Syndrome among Jehovah's Witnesses popular

The Skinny on Stockholm Syndrome - Attraction Repulsion Compulsion. THE PLEA OF THE SLAVE:"PLEASE DON'T BEAT ME MASTER,I WILL BE GOOD" Stockholm Syndrome what is it? Definition in psychiatry- an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependen(Added: Sat Aug 06 2005)

Jehovah's Witnesses & the Eight Marks of a Mind Control Cult popular

Sacred Science-Loading the Language-Milieu Control-Mystical Manipulation & More.. Brainwashing has become almost a household word in the last two decades or so. In 1961, Robert J. Lifton wrote the definitive book on the subject, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism, after studying the ef(Added: Fri Aug 05 2005)

i-weddinginvitations.com Launches New Website to Provide Online Guide to Wedding Invitations

I-weddinginvitations.com recently announced the launch of a new website, http://www.i-weddinginvitations.com, which provides comprehensive information about wedding invitations, wedding invitation wording, cheap wedding invitations and related information.

According to i-weddinginvitatio(Added: Thu Aug 04 2005)

Headlong Into Quicksand: The Tale of Today in America

America's 225 year large Democracy is the world's record. Why? Can we keep it, where others failed? Already demoralized, decaying? (Added: Thu Aug 04 2005)


St Petersburg, FL-- On Tuesday night--Wednesday morning his time--student Toni Rotger of Barcelona, Spain, tunes in with numerous other listeners there to hear, webcast at the site, the hard hitting Libertarian word from distant Florida. FreedomWorks! ...The Libertarian Perspective (http://www.Th(Added: Thu Aug 04 2005)

The Case Against Women Raising Children

The book says that if fathers do not raise the children, that causes gender discrimination, and vice versa - where there is gender discrimination in a society, the mothers raise the children. It shows this thesis by biological and historical arguments. (Added: Tue Aug 02 2005)

the code

Action adventure about Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, encrypted messages from the Old Testament, a doomsday nuclear bomb and a gay hero. (Added: Fri Jul 29 2005)

Libertarians and Democrats Take Center Stage in Florida Election Reform popular

Libertarians and Democrats Take Center Stage in Florida Election Reform Florida Election Reform Election Reform efforts by an unusual coalition of Libertarians, Democrats and community groups is the number one GOOGLE story on election reform in Florida, outdoing the Governor's own ref(Added: Thu Jul 28 2005)

Jehovah Witnesses Child Abuse Scandal in the News popular

It was a sad blow Friday July 15, 2005, when the majority of judges in an appeal hearing before the Supreme Court of New Hampshire ruled against continuing a case of child sexual abuse. It represented a four year battle with hundreds of thousands of donated funds of Jehovah’s Witnesses be spent(Added: Thu Jul 28 2005)

A new kind of support for inmates

The support available for inmates can often comprise of internal counselling services, a range of education and training schemes, and visits from family and friends. However, a unique combination of spiritual and physical support from one organisation is proving to enhance the lives of prisoners ac(Added: Tue Jul 26 2005)

teaching is also a thrill for all

My school- my children my teacher and my friend Inside Nepal Friendship Organisation spreads her wings in the city of Kathmandu and to the Valleys and passage of Plains To tell of the work they do according to the needs of the people is second to none; since I first met asim he lives and works(Added: Mon Jul 25 2005)

Jehovah Witnesses Watchtower Whitewash -The Elephant in the Room. popular

Primer on the Psychopath-Consummate Con Artist. Fraud in the name of God Jehovah's Witnesses Psychopaths,Pedophiles and Tax Cheats.When the devil comes calling he won't have the dark goth look,they will be smartly dressed,clean cut and flapping Watchtowers. Charlie Manson 'without the l(Added: Fri Jul 22 2005)

Jehovah the First Godfather

Jehovah the First Godfather is a provocative new perspective concerning major differrences between religious belief, teachings and actual biblical truths(Added: Fri Jul 22 2005)

I Support Miracles for Peace popular

I support miracles for peace is the new alternative for problem solving in personal lives. So advanced are miracles in problem solving that they have the ability to bring peace to the world without firing a shot or causing conflict in any way. Miracles transcend the boundaries that humanity has lear(Added: Fri Jul 22 2005)

Fathers More Involved When Paternity is Established in the Hospital

Study finds it is better to name the father of a baby born to unwed parents while the child is still in the hospital. A study published in the recent issue of Journal of Marriage and Family examines the effectiveness of in-hospital paternity establishment for babies born to unwed parents. The re(Added: Fri Jul 22 2005)


Parampara, a movement dedicated to the glory of mother India. parampara, tulsi, tapas, bhagvad gita, tradition in chennai, indian culture, prana yoga, austerity centre, vastu, herbal medicines in india, organic farming of tulsi, indian traditions, donations for annadhanam. Parampara is organising va(Added: Thu Jul 21 2005)

Peak Oil, Resource Wars, and the London Bombings

While Tony Blair supports the US’s ‘war on terror’, that by Dick Cheney’s own admission will last indefinitely, innocent people are dying on the streets of London. Why? We are being told that we are winning the ‘war on terror’, but by any yardstick, the opposite is true. Sheldon Rampton, in an ex(Added: Thu Jul 21 2005)

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein - First guest on New Uniquely You Now Show!

On July 20, 2005, at 5:30PM, Manhattan Neighborhood Network channels 67and 110 in New York City, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein was interviewed by host Karin Janin, http://www.karinjanin.com. Karin Janin has authored a number of books including Divorce with Dignity and Magic of Intention. She teaches (Added: Thu Jul 21 2005)
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