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Friends Network - Social Activities Afterdivorce popular

For Release: June 25, 2002 Contact Paul Maitland, 01702 475130 Friends Network – Social Activities Afterdivorce The website www.ondivorce.co.uk launches a new Friends Network, designed specifically to facilitate social activities for divorced people. “Our Friends Netw(Added: Sun Jun 23 2002)


Ramsey, NJ (June 19, 2002) – Just as bullies terrorized the schoolyard when employees were in grade school, bullies are now tyrannizing the workplace now that they are all grown up. Fortunately for employers and employees, a new free report posted on AHI’s Employment Law Resource Center located at (Added: Wed Jun 19 2002)

Precious women glow at nominations popular

Precious Online (www.preciousonline.co.uk), the interactive website for women of colour, has been nominated for a Windrush Achievement award. The site has been nominated in the Internet and Technology innovation category. "The Precious team is genuinely delighted at this nomination!" said founde(Added: Thu Jun 13 2002)

National Attend Your Grandchild's Birth DAY popular

For Immediate Release NATIONAL ATTEND YOUR GRANDCHILD'S BIRTH DAY September 28 "Bonding with your grandchild should begin at birth. This day is set aside to encourage grandparents to participate in their grandchild's birth as well as his or her life." Carolynn Bauer Zorn, autho(Added: Tue Jun 11 2002)

Making Divorce Easier

Ondivorce (www.ondivorce.co.uk) is celebrating its second anniversary. The UK has the highest divorce rate in Europe, and to make life easier for those people affected, ondivorce has brought together new technology and old fashioned friendship. “Ondivorce was initially set up to provide eas(Added: Sun May 26 2002)

Criminon celebrates its 6th year in the UK popular

Criminon UK, an East Grinstead-based national charity that rehabilitates offenders in prisons all over the UK, celebrated its 6th anniversary on Friday 10 May at the Meridian Hall, East Grinstead, in the presence of the Town Mayor, Cllr Alan Lord, and the deputy Mayor, Cllr Edward Matthews. Als(Added: Tue May 21 2002)

Well, here goes nothing, maybe a miracle may happen popular

What do I have to do to prove that The Chicken Rescue Centre IS genuine? We are the first animal sanctuary dedicated purely to chickens but because chickens are not as fashionable as cats or dogs we are thought of as a joke, a wind up or a gimmick. Because of this we can not get any large media inte(Added: Mon May 20 2002)

Born between 1946 & 1964? Boomer's Loft is for you! popular

Baby boomers compose a slice of our society that is 76 million strong. These individuals, born between 1946 and 1964, for the most part have raised their children, and are now for the first time since their teenage years, looking to live life for themselves. Boomer’s Loft, a new Internet we(Added: Wed May 15 2002)

Everyday 12-Point Lifesaver Made Available Free To Help People Get Out of Conflict, Suffering and La popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: David Cameron Gikandi Images of One david@imagesofone.com http://www.ImagesOfOne.com Everyday 12-Point Lifesaver Made Available Free To Help People Get Out of Conflict, Suffering and Lack Main Beach, QLD, AUSTRALIA, Wednesday, May 15, 2002 — Millions o(Added: Tue May 14 2002)

Calling All Fashion Victims popular

www.50connect.co.uk, the UK’s leading online web portal for the over fifties is launching a brand new competition to find out who had the worst dress sense in the 1960s and 1970s. Have you noticed how no one dresses up anymore? Everywhere you go you see people walking around casually dressed(Added: Thu May 09 2002)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / May 8, 2002 RETIREES GET TO WORK ON THE NET Surfing the Internet has become the most popular pastime for the over 60s, according to research for BTopenworld. In retirement, more people are spending time on the Net (83 per cent) than are pursuing other interests/hobbi(Added: Wed May 08 2002)


Hippo Rage (text of a mini-keynote speech by David Leonhardt, a.k.a. The Happy Guy, which brought the house down in Gatineau, Quebec, April 21, 2002) Has anybody here ever been stuck in traffic for a frustratingly long time? Put up your hand if you have. Oooh! Don’t you just hate that? A(Added: Tue Apr 23 2002)

IT recycling to ease burden on landfills popular

We live in a society eager to throwaway. Around twenty five million household electrical items are thrown out each year. The average Notts home now has at least twenty-four household appliances and when faced with the choice – repair or replace? People are flocking to landfill sites with an ev(Added: Thu Apr 11 2002)


On Saturday 27th April, The Swiss Church in London, in conjunction with world-famous London-based Swiss chef Anton Mosimann, will be hosting a Workshop and Lunch for the homeless in Covent Garden. The Ambassador of Switzerland, His Excellency Bruno Spinner, will attend the Workshop and Lunch. Bei(Added: Thu Apr 11 2002)


The prestigious WINDRUSH 2002 ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are now underway. A black tie event, to be held at the Dorchester Hotel on Thursday 21 June, the unique Awards recognise the vast wealth of talent among African Caribbean and Asian communities as demonstrated by the pioneers, high flyers and stars of (Added: Sat Apr 06 2002)


A British county surveyor Edgar Purnell Hooley revolutionised our roads when he invented tarmac and patented it 100 years ago on 3 April 1902. The invention made travelling easier. The days of dirt tracks, which became impassable in the wet or “macadamised” roads made from crushed stones(Added: Tue Mar 26 2002)

To Be or Not to Be… A Parent! popular

USA -Denver, Colorado - More and more couples just don't see breast pumps in their future. Serious books on the "childfree movement" have been slowly emerging from U.K. and U.S. publishing houses, discussing a choice that's not yet mainstream -- but perhaps getting there. "Cheerfully Childless(Added: Sun Mar 24 2002)

“Grace: A Subversive Primer” -- Jesus For Generation X

MINNEAPOLIS, MN ­ March 21, 2002 -- “Grace: A Subversive Primer”, a free e-book, was recently self-published by David Frenz, the book’s author. The title is available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) via Frenz’s web site: www.davidfrenz.com. “Grace” presents the core Christian message (wit(Added: Thu Mar 21 2002)

Stop the War demonstration 02/03/02 popular

Stop the War Coalition PO Box 3739 London E5 8EJ 07951 235 915 www.stopwar.org.uk office@stopwar.org.uk Media release 2 March 2002 20,000 demonstrate against the war in central London Time for Tony Blair to get the message: stop backing George Bush! A lively, diverse and det(Added: Sat Mar 02 2002)

Mass Bridal Bouquet Fling Launches Romantic Scotland Campaign popular

Thursday 14 February 2002 Mass Bridal Bouquet Fling Launches Romantic Scotland Campaign Fifteen tourism ‘brides’ staged Scotland’s first mass bouquet throw today (Thursday 14th February) at the Scott Monument, Princes Street in Edinburgh, to unveil the launch of the Romantic (Added: Tue Feb 19 2002)

Anglesey teaches the world to flirt popular

A new website promoting love and romance in Anglesey, North Wales, is helping people find their perfect match. Created by the island’s tourism association www.angleseyromance.com is encouraging people to flirt, giving flirting tips and ideas and inviting visitors to experience the magic of of(Added: Thu Feb 14 2002)

Return to the Countryside popular

RETURN TO THE COUNTRYSIDE The Green Lane Association, GLASS, has officially dropped its access restriction policy following news that the Foot & Mouth epidemic is finally clear. On 14th January the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) confirmed that all counties were offi(Added: Sun Feb 10 2002)

Call Centres could be breaking the law! popular

What? You may well ask what this is all about! Over the last decade or so, the shift from face to face contact to phone based services has increasingly isolated an already marginalized group of society. You may not realise it, but according to the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) ther(Added: Tue Jan 29 2002)

Hungry Herps News Online popular

  • Happy New Year from hungryherps.com
    hungryherps.com Award-Winning Website introduces 2 New Components with the start of 2002

    12:00am January 4, 2002

  • Hungry Herps Headlines<(Added: Mon Jan 21 2002)


    Re-marriages that come with children fail at a higher rate than first marriages do. Ask ten stepmothers why this is so and they’ll all give you the same answer: It’s the ex-wife! Freelance journalist and author Karon Phillips Goodman has heard it many times. In her contacts with hundred(Added: Tue Jan 15 2002)

    JOBS FOR THE BOYS popular

    After years of gender preference within our administrative job sectors, the boys might at last get a look in. For men of all ages to gain employment in many of today’s offices, the task is not impossible but they would almost certainly be considered secondary to the hoards of applicants you(Added: Mon Jan 14 2002)


    RECOGNIZING ABUSE:RECLAIMING YOUR BIRTHRIGHT is an anthology that deals with many types of abuse. It began as a book on child abuse. My reason for doing it was to try to ascertain why an adult would violate an innocent, helpless person. After conducting the initial research, it was apparent that oth(Added: Tue Jan 08 2002)


    DON'T JUST SIT THERE is the true crime story about being stalked by a stranger and kidnapped at knifepoint. It details what took place on that terrifying night, the things that were done during the month following the incident to try to catch the criminal (this is where the victim actually caught th(Added: Fri Jan 04 2002)

    Valentine’s Day starts early at datingagency.com popular

    Valentine’s Day starts early at datingagency.com With Valentine's Day approaching, now is the perfect time for singles to find themselves a new partner with online dating agency, datingagency.com For the whole of February 2002 datingagency.com are offering access to their club membership(Added: Wed Jan 09 2002)

    New website helps you contact your old workmates. popular

    PRESS INFORMATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date 02.01.02 Ref 002 - Announcement WORKING with THE POWER OF THE WEB New website helps you contact your old workmates. www.findaworkmate.com is the simple and easy way to contact old work friends. For everyone who has said ‘I wish I(Added: Wed Jan 02 2002)
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