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To sustain an alliance why zodiac compatibility is needed?

Added: (Tue Jan 16 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Two people form an alliance, if satisfied, will do anything to make it survive for long. The compatibility among Aries and Virgo is high headed and an arrogant one. You know your mateís date of birth, so his /her zodiacs sign too. Now go to a renowned and experienced astrologer who has studied the galaxy thoroughly. He will clearly draw a picture of your mate, his nature, behavior, financial condition etc. and guide you how to take certain steps and keep the survival of your alliance intact and avoid troubles raising their heads. Otherwise if you donít go to an expert astrologer, you are sure going to regret when troubles spring up.

Iíll explain in a better way by giving an example, the compatibility among Aries and Virgo gets started from a dance floor as both are just crazy about dancing. When both either follow each otherís footsteps or keep guessing who is better that the other, an affair starts. If both keep their competitive ego aside and work together for a charitable trust, they are a duo that canít be broken. Virgo innovates new ideas and Aries begins working on them at a high speed, but loses interest soon and leaves without reaching the end. Virgo takes the reins of the unfinished work and completes it. If both work at the same place a competition ensues and both want to reach the top. Sometimes one of them let the other go ahead and sacrifices. Mostly it is witty Aries who has nothing to lose and flatters Leo and reach the top. He/she considers Leo as the Lion and him/herself as the lamb. In the mythical story Ďthe lion and the lambí everything gets sorted out, here also everything is taken care of. Both are ready to face another challenge.

Submitted by:Pandit RK Shastri
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