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Pressbox (Press Release) - THE JOURNEY WITHIN - A VISION

The objective in publishing this monthly journal is to help as many people as possible realize their soul desire, everlasting happiness. As responsible members of society we all have freedom of choice yet are to some extent restricted in the choices we are able to make, which in turn prevents us from using the full powers of our creativity, the key enabler to our long term happiness, health, education, wealth and security. Most of us are just bursting to be creative; sadly the majority of us are engaged in activities that can only be described as specialized task, stagnation traps which offer very little if any opportunities to be creative. By the time we retire we’re usually too burned out to enjoy life, that’s if disease or ill health hasn’t claimed us first. The Journey Within takes a conceptual view of life and answers the fundamentally questions about our existence here on earth and our destiny. Why we have such low self esteem, and live such stagnated lives? Why we find it so hard to sustain real joy and long lasting happiness? It directs the reader’s attention inward focusing on the desires of the soul and then progressing outward to creativity and value production. We believe this will help people bridge the gap between their dreams and what they experience in reality, providing the many missing links, the building blocks of the Body, Mind and Soul.

The Journey Within will also prepare the reader for tomorrows Neo Tech (Rapidly Advancing New Technology) world in which we will all have the opportunity to live like millionaires, and enjoy passionate romantic relationships, while enjoying long healthy lives. It sounds to good to be true doesn't it, especially when you wake up each day and face the world as it is today. In true, it’s a vision of our future; as a result of us being awaked from our unconscious state after these many thousands of years. The awakening of our consciousness will be recorded as the most defining moment in mankind's history; you and I are privileged to participate in elevating humankind back to a higher self. How we achieve this is individually up to us, we have the freedom of choice to create our soul desire, thereby greatly improving our value production to society and ourselves, instead of just for the benefit of a privileged few. I’ve enclosed a copy of issue 1 for your information, and would love to receive some feedback; ultimately my primary objective is quality exposure. Special attention should be paid to the section entitled Regulation on page 18. If you would like to find out more about The Journey Within please email me at leonmill13@aol.com, or contact me by phone on (00 44) 0208-221-2702. Don't hesitant and loss the opportunity of a lifetime.

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