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Pressbox (Press Release) - Re-marriages that come with children fail at a higher rate than first marriages do. Ask ten stepmothers why this is so and they’ll all give you the same answer: It’s the ex-wife!

Freelance journalist and author Karon Phillips Goodman has heard it many times. In her contacts with hundreds of other stepmothers, problems with the former wife keep coming up as their biggest headache. Some first wife/second wife relationships are merely awkward, some are tense, and some are openly hostile. “Stepmothers are in a tough spot,” Goodman says. “No matter how badly an ex-wife may have misbehaved, she still comes first in the eyes of the law and the hearts of her children.” But over time, most stepmothers and birthmothers can develop relationships that are at least tolerable, according to Goodman.

In a newly-published ebook, “It’s Not My Stepkids—It’s Their Mom!” Goodman emphasizes that although stepmothers can’t control the ex-wife’s behavior, they can decide how they will respond to it. Understanding her motives is one key, Goodman says. Is this mother simply concerned about her children’s welfare? Is she still angry about the divorce? Or is she truly unstable? Gaining insight into the reasons for her actions is one vital step in improving the relationship.

“It’s Not My Stepkids—It’s Their Mom!” is published by EquiLibrium Press in three electronic formats: Adobe PDF, MS Reader, and ION. Retailing for $8.95, it includes links to other resources for stepfamilies. Available through EquiLibrium Press (www.equipress.com), Galaxy Library (www.galaxylibrary.com), and BookZone (www.bookzone.com).

Journalists: to receive a review copy (PDF format), please send a request to 10736 Jefferson Blvd. #680, Culver City CA 90230 or fax request to (310) 204-3550. Please use letterhead or enclose a business card. To interview Karon Goodman, please call (310) 204-3290 or email karon@equipress.com.

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