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Pressbox (Press Release) - RECOGNIZING ABUSE:RECLAIMING YOUR BIRTHRIGHT is an anthology that deals with many types of abuse. It began as a book on child abuse. My reason for doing it was to try to ascertain why an adult would violate an innocent, helpless person. After conducting the initial research, it was apparent that other areas of abuse needed to be included to have a detailed book. Because society believes males are the number one abuser; we needed to understand why. Results revealed that many were also physically or sexually violated, and most never share their pains! When they do; it is usually after they are incarcerated, in therapy, or have committed another violation. Society has not taught boys how to share their pains.
Males are not the only perpetrators; females also violate. 80% of the perpetrators are family members or people the victim has seen on at least on occasion - most are not strangers as we are lead to believe! There are other topics: emotional abuse, workplace violence, rape, incest, cyberspace abuse, elderly, etc.
The book teaches one how to recognize the signals and how to overcome or heal.
Order the book from Glo's Prose Publishers, http://www.Glospros.com or Amazon.com. Bulk rates are available.

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