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Pressbox (Press Release) - Leeds, 3 September 2001- Lord Hattersley will launch ‘Libraries Changes Lives: A Regional Strategic Framework for Libraries in Yorkshire.’ at the 12.30 pm at the Town Hall in Leeds.

In his speech, Lord Hattersley will examine the changing role of library. “Libraries were most important when books were expensive and bookshops forbidding. Now that books are (comparatively) cheap and the shops go out of their way to be welcoming, what is the library’s role?” says Lord Hattersley.

Libraries Change Lives sets out the vision, strategic aims and action plan for the development of library and information services in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire and shows how services benefit local communities.

Libraries Change Lives has been produced by the Yorkshire Libraries Strategy Group (YSLG) and is the first step in enhancing communication and co-ordination across all libraries in the region.

By encouraging innovative and creative strategic partnerships and the sharing of resources at a local, sub-regional and regional level, YLSG will enable improved effectiveness and efficiency in the library sector. In providing strong advocacy for the library sector Libraries Change Lives gives information and advice to decision-makers and regional bodies.

Libraries Change Lives key recommendations are that YSLG:

• develops a regional representation and advisory role across the entire library sector
• informs, advises and consults regional bodies on policy and project developments in the fields of information planning and management and ICT
• acts as a regional research focus for the sector
• co-ordinates and encourages regional, sub-regional and subject-based co-operation

The full text of Libraries Change Lives can be found on YLSG’s web site http://www.ylsg.org.uk/information/librarieschangelives.pdf.

Printed copies are available from Ann Anderson or Louise Hill on 0113 263 8909 or email ann@yhmc.org.uk or louise@yhmc.org.uk.

Notes to editors: For further information please contact James Paton, Director (Policy) or Nick Gander, Information Manager, on 0113 263 8909.

Lord Hattersley will be available for comment after the launch of Libraries Change Lives at Leeds Town Hall on 3 September 2001. The launch will be held in the Albert Room and will commence at 12:30pm.

Yorkshire Libraries Strategy Group (YLSG) represents the library community and was formed to provide sector support for the development of cross-sectoral strategy and policy. YLSG met in January 2001, following the establishment of a cross-domain funding project by Yorkshire Libraries & Information, Yorkshire Archives Council, Yorkshire Museums Council and Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries. YLSG members include representatives from NHS libraries, university and college libraries, business/workplace libraries, specialist libraries, local authority libraries and The British Library. Further information is available from YLSG’s website at http://www.ylsg.org.uk

Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries is a governmental strategic agency working with and on behalf of museums, archives and libraries. It replaced the Museums and Galleries Commission and the Library & Information Commission in April 2000. Further information is available from Resource’s web site at http://www.resource.gov.uk/

Yorkshire Museums Council (YMC) is a non-departmental, governmental organisation core funded by Resource, the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries. YMC helps museums in the Yorkshire region to maintain and improve standards of collection care and service to the public through the provision of advice and information, training and professional development, grant-aid and representation of its member views at regional and national level. Further information is available from YMC’s website at http://www.yorkshiremuseums.org.uk

Yorkshire Libraries and Information (YLI) is the regional library service, established after the 1974 local government reorganisation. YLI’s primary role is to facilitate and manage inter-library loans in the region. Recently YLI has taken on some strategic functions including representation of libraries in their relations with various regional bodies, e.g. the Cultural Consortium and COMPRIS. Further information is available from YLI’s website at http://www.yli.org.uk

Yorkshire Archives Council (YARC)represents the archives community and was formed to provide sector support for the development of cross-sectoral strategy and policy. Further information is available at YARC’s website at http://www.yarc.org.uk

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