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How Close is Too Close Of An Encounter?

Added: (Tue Jan 01 2002)

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How Close Is Too Close Of An Encounter?
Retired Army Officers Reveals Her True Account of Her Time Aboard An Extra-Terrestrial Spaceship!
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” Steven Spielberg made believers out of cynics and made us all wonder if we were really alone in the universe. Are we really the only “intelligent” beings out there? Is it possible that other civilizations are years ahead of us both technologically and logically? And, if we’re not alone, have they made contact with us?
While we hear the stories it seems we are hesitant to believe them. Why? In THE MOTHERSHIP CHRONICLES: A Wider World of Hope and Joy (available from 1stBooks Library) author Jane Egan recounts her experiences aboard the Pleiadean Mothership. She says, “There are multitudes of spaceships that have gathered in our skies to watch the progress of Planet Earth as her inhabitants crawl on their knees through their wars and the Atomic Age.”
Egan describes the extra-terrestrials she met on the Mothership as being of the Nordic type: tall, slender, mostly blonde, with blue or green eyes. Instead of plotting violence against Earth, as is typically described in movies and films, these extra-terrestrials willingly helped people injured during various wars, including the Gulf War, and even a gas explosion in Mexico City. The badly injured people were beamed aboard the Mothership to be healed in an expeditious fashion, using techniques far above and beyond modern medical science.
Jane Egan is the pen name of a woman who is a retired Army Officer. While on active duty, she never had an interest in “UFO’s.” Since her time on the Pleiadean Mothership, she has begun speaking at Star Knowledge Conferences about her experiences. A former high school teacher, she grew up on a farm in the Midwest before television was born, entertaining herself with nature and meditation. She has always been interested in Metaphysics and the various kinds of healing that are done using primarily energy.
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