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Added: (Fri Jan 04 2002)

Pressbox (Press Release) - DON'T JUST SIT THERE is the true crime story about being stalked by a stranger and kidnapped at knifepoint. It details what took place on that terrifying night, the things that were done during the month following the incident to try to catch the criminal (this is where the victim actually caught the culprit), and continues until the verdict was read at the second of two trials that were endured.

This book was written to not only tell the tale of the horrible incident, but to attempt to educate the thousands of women who choose to do nothing when a brutal assault has taken place against them. Instead of making a phone call to the authorities, they pretend that a crime had not been committed, thus leaving those violent offenders free to seek out more innocent victims.

If the perpetrator is locked away behind strong, steel bars, he can not harm them again...or anyone else.

Something in these pages may one day help to catch a violent criminal...or may be useful to see that justice is served to the assailant.

Thank you for your consideration,

L.A. Wilson (Lisa)
Author of the true crime story
ISBN 0-595-18045-0

E-mail: Blondie5251@juno.com

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