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Pressbox (Press Release) - 2002 - INTERNATIONAL GRAPHOLOGY YEAR

Nigel Bradley proposed that the year 2002 should be designated as International Graphology Year. The purpose was "to raise awareness of graphology". It is hoped that this initiative will increase the number of students, encourage new research studies and arouse academic interest.

The response to this proposal was very positive. Scholarly societies for graphology in English-speaking, French-speaking, Italian-speaking and Spanish-speaking nations expressed their desire to recognise and support the initiative.

Major Events in 2002

Several major conferences are planned for 2002. These begin in January as the Société Française de Graphologie (SFDG) will hold their International Congress in Paris. In May the European Society for Handwriting Psychology (ESHP) will hold a workshop in Switzerland. Also in Quebec, Canada an AGQ congress will take place. Two major American Societies (AHAF and AAHA) will hold a joint convention in the summer, whilst the British Institute of Graphologists (BIG) will hold a Symposium at the picturesque University of Oxford. The year closes with the 3rd Virtual Conference for Graphology, which takes place in November and December on the Internet.

Hundreds of people who are experts, supporters and newcomers to graphology will be involved. The events form a perfect framework for an international celebration of the discipline which, since 1871 has been known as graphology (graphologie and grafologìa). 2002 also marks the 480th anniversary of the date when Camillo Baldi published his work on discerning character from handwriting.

How You Can Participate

You may be an established graphologist or you may be a newcomer. Events have been collected together on a 2002 calendar with links to relevant web pages. Click this link 2002 CALENDAR to reach the links page.

Whatever your involvement, you can participate by making things happen or simply by joining in. Here are some ideas for you:


Interviews with graphologists and clients

Documentaries on the topic

Press releases sent monthly

Newspapers and Magazines

Interviews with graphologists

Analyses to explain

Letters to Editors

Press releases sent monthly


Analyses of listeners' letters

Phone-in discussion with graphologists

Press Releases sent monthly


Book signings by Graphologist-authors

Window displays of graphology/handwriting books

Press releases sent monthly


Graphology books given as gifts

Handwriting analyses given as gifts


'Best' handwriting competitions

Best Pangram Competition

Best Research Proposal Competition


Publishing new graphology titles

Republishing classic texts

Translation of graphology books to other languages


Introductory talks (1 hour to 1 day)

Short Courses (weekend, residential, several weeks)

Distance Learning (correspondence, internet etc.)

Personal Tuition (one to one, classroom; 1 - 3 years)

Press releases sent monthly (to Press, TV, Radio)

Best wishes for 2002! Please contact me with any news about activities I've missed.

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