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AnaSpec Key Supplier for Significant Study on pGlu Modified Beta-Amyloid Peptides popular

In the October 17, 2006 issue of Biochemistry, researchers performed a study that characterized the oligomerization and seeding capacity of pGlu-amyloid peptides. Their results identified pGlu-modified beta-amyloid peptides as displaying “up to 250-fold accelerated initial formation of aggregates c(Added: Mon Jan 22 2007)

AnaSpec Releases Twelve New Catalog Peptides popular

Continuing to secure its position as one of the top two providers of catalog peptides in the world, this week AnaSpec introduced a selection of new peptides for drug discovery research. Bacterial Peptides CFTR (108-117); Pseudomonas aeruginosa Inhibitor (Cat# 61810-1/61810-5) http://www.anaspec(Added: Thu Jan 18 2007)

Nature Publishing Group announces the launch of Nature Education popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 16 January 2007 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Suzanne Kidd +44 (0)20 7843 4609 Nature Publishing Group announces the launch of Nature Education Nature Publishing Group (NPG), publisher of the world's most influential science journals, (Added: Tue Jan 16 2007)

Nature Clinical Practice journals introduce Advance Online Publication popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 16 January 2007 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Peter Ashman T: +44 (0)20 7843 4715 Nature Clinical Practice journals introduce Advance Online Publication Nature Clinical Practice is delighted to announce that a selection of its content (Added: Tue Jan 16 2007)

The Heavens on Earth popular

The Heavens on Earth Tarotnames.com January 12 2007 Orion’s Constellation located in Egypt. The stars of Orion. Every star in the constellation of Orion has found its place on earth. In our western civilized world only the Belt of Orion had this honor depicted by the three pyramids of Che(Added: Tue Jan 16 2007)

The 2006 L. Ron Hubbard Explorers Award to J. Judson Wynne, M.S. popular

The 2006 L. Ron Hubbard Explorers Award is being presented to Northern Arizona University graduate student, J. Judson Wynne, M.S., project leader of a cave ecology study and the NASA Earth-Mars Cave Thermographic Detection Program (remote sensing of caves using thermographic techniques.) This aw(Added: Tue Jan 16 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces Suite of Rigorously Validated SOCS Antibodies popular

SOCS (suppressor of cytokine signaling), as the name implies, belong to a family of proteins that negatively regulates cytokine signaling (1). The structure of each member of the SOCS family consists of a central Src homology 2 (SH2) domain and a SOCS box motif of 40 amino acids on the C-terminus (2(Added: Mon Jan 15 2007)

AnaSpec Launches the EnzoLyteTM 520 Renin Assay Kit with Ultra-High Sensitivity popular

The past decade has witnessed the development of a number of synthetic renin inhibitors1-3. However, increasing demand for accelerated drug discovery and automated inhibitor screening has generated a need for a continuous, homogeneous assay with even greater sensitivity. With the introduction of t(Added: Mon Jan 08 2007)

LuminUltra Teams up with a New Distributor! popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 5, 2007 LuminUltra Technologies, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has acquired a new European distributor! AQUA-tools, a company based in Paris, France, has acquired the rights to distribute LuminUltra’s products in the European market as well as Africa and th(Added: Fri Jan 05 2007)

New version of Asynx Planetarium astronomy and solar system simulator popular

The popular free planetarium and solarsystem simulator Asynx Planetarium presents itself in a complete new redesigned version and is now available in English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. Asynx Planetarium projects the night sky from any location on earth and between the year 1760 and 9999. (Added: Tue Jan 02 2007)

Kovai Tirupati Balaji Temple popular

Official Website of Shri Srinivasa Ragavaswamy charitable Trust in South India working towards constructing a temple for Sri Srinivasa Perumal (balaji) with Raja Gopuram which is named as Kovai Thiruppathy. The objectives of the trust spreads in various sectors like education, medical, social develo(Added: Mon Jan 01 2007)

Specialty Microscopes popular

Specialty Microscopes is a company providing good quality microscope equipment for a wide range of optical microscopy techniques. They offer good service, bargain pricing, high quality microscopes, and fast shipping. Their website shows the huge variety of microscopes available. They surgical operat(Added: Sat Dec 23 2006)

“BioAsia 2007 Thailand” expects to attract over 15,000 visitors worldwide popular

Bangkok, Thailand (22 December 2006) – Over 5,000 visitors and another 2,000 biotech experts and seminar attendees are expected to participate at “BioAsia 2007 Thailand” which goes into full swing with the recent signing ceremony to co-host Thailand’s first international biotechnology conference and(Added: Fri Dec 22 2006)

AnaSpec to Sell Classic Fluorescence Textbook popular

San Jose, CA – December 18, 2006 In order to provide its customers with a broader range of technical support, AnaSpec, a leading provider of integrated proteomics solutions, has added an AnaSpec-Approved technical reference for fluorescence spectroscopy to its line of catalog products. Now in (Added: Mon Dec 18 2006)

ASCB Poster Presents Immunocapture Techniques for Improved MMP Assay popular

San Diego, CA – December 15, 2006 At the annual conference of the American Society for Cell Biology, AnaSpec presented a technical poster documenting improved technology for MMP detection assays. In a previous poster, AnaSpec documented the use of highly sensitive FRET-peptide substrates for MMP(Added: Mon Dec 18 2006)

The Annals of Medical Entomology popular

PRESS RELEASE PROCEEDINGS OF THE SEMINAR OF MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY REPORTS REVEALING RESULTS Recently released as a pdf document on the internet, the Proceedings of the Ist International Seminar of Medical Entomology at Bhopal- 2003 brings many new results on the control of a variety of mosquitoe(Added: Sat Dec 16 2006)

European Molecular Biology Organization announces an option for author-paid open access articles in popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 12 December 2006 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Allison Lang +44 (0)20 7843 4879 European Molecular Biology Organization announces an option for author-paid open access articles in The EMBO Journal and EMBO reports European Molecular B(Added: Tue Dec 12 2006)

Fluorinated Building Blocks Produce Molecules with Enhanced Physiological Activities popular

The substitution of the fluorine in place of hydrogen in building blocks, such as amino acids, has produced molecules with enhanced physiological activities (1-2). Some of these are antibacterial, antihypertensive and antitumoral (3). One reason for the enhanced activity is that fluorine forms a st(Added: Mon Dec 11 2006)

Completely FREE to use Science & Engineering Encyclopedia popular

We have launched a completely free resource on the internet. It contains descriptions of key science and engineering terms, material data, conversions, equations and online calculators. This is a great resource for both students and professionals and has been developed in the UK by a small group of (Added: Sat Dec 09 2006)

Biotech/Pharmaceutical Information portal: BayBiotech.NET popular

PlanetPlans(www.planetplans.com) announces the launch of BayBiotech.NET (www.baybiotech.net) a complete information portal for professionals, college students, general public and investors with an interest in the field of biotechnology and life sciences. We have filtered relevant updates on latest U(Added: Wed Dec 06 2006)

Ghrelin and Obestatin Peptides Linked to Appetite popular

In 1999, Kojima and his group (1) reported the discovery of a growth hormone secretagogue that is involved in the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary through activation of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R). They termed it Ghrelin (ghre from a Proto-Indo-European (Added: Wed Dec 06 2006)

AnaSpec Introduces Line of Assay Kits for Phosphatase Detection popular

Protein phosphatases play key cellular regulatory roles in such processes as differentiation, proliferation and apoptosis(1). As a result, they have received significant attention as potential drug-screening targets. AnaSpec’s range of protein phosphatase assay kits include both fluorimetric an(Added: Wed Dec 06 2006)

Nature Publishing Group announces the launch of two new free Gateways popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 6 December 2006 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Matthew Day T: +44 (0)20 7014 4056 Nature Publishing Group announces the launch of two new free Gateways Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is delighted to announce the launch of two new freely (Added: Wed Dec 06 2006)

Prince of Wales’s labelling applauded by GWA popular

9 Badgers Hill Virginia Water Surrey GU25 4SB www.actagainstbullying.com 0845 230 2560 PRESS RELEASE Media contact: Louise Burfitt-dons 01344 842243/07876 748518 IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6.12.06 Virginia Water Prince of Wales’s labelling applauded by GWA Prince Charles will ad(Added: Wed Dec 06 2006)

Ore Microscopes popular

Ore Microscopes .com is a microscope dealership providing microscopes capable of viewing thick polished rock and mineral specimens. Ore microscopes, also known as petrographic microscopes, have the features of transmitted and reflected polarized illumination. Normal polarizing microscopes only have (Added: Sat Dec 02 2006)

Polarizing Microscopes popular

Polarizing Microscopes .com is a business specializing in providing high quality affordably priced polarizing and petrographic microscopes. These microscopes are used in geology and petrology labs and by students in optical mineralogy for rock and mineral analysis and identification. Transmitted pol(Added: Sat Dec 02 2006)

Video Demonstrating Key Advantages of Self-Extinguishing Fyrquel Hydraulic Fluid Now Available on Su popular

ARDSLEY, NEW YORK — Have you seen the superior fire protection that Fyrquel products offer? Supresta announces a new online video demonstrating the key advantages of Fyrquel hydraulic fluids that are both fire-resistant and self-extinguishing. Log on to www.supresta.com/selfextinguish.php to see the(Added: Fri Dec 01 2006)

New Walther P99 Police Training Pistol popular

Real Action Paintball (www.rap4.com) is proud to announce the release of the Walther P99 Paintball Pistol. The RAP4 P99 is a 1 to 1 scale replica of the world famous compact handgun, the Walther P99. Photo of P99: http://rap4.com/images/P99/P99_Black.jpg The Walther P99 features a sleek body w(Added: Fri Dec 01 2006)

Metallurgical Microscopes popular

Metallurgical Microscopes .com is a company specializing in providing metallurgical and metallographic microscopes and related microscopy accessories. Their selection includes upright metallurgical microscopes, inverted metallographic microscopes, field-portable metallurgical microscopes, and forens(Added: Thu Nov 30 2006)

Lopic Emissary’s World Class Revelation Puts New Spin On An Old Thought popular

The Lopic Revelation is an unprecedented, world news event of global proportions, affecting all citizens of every nation. It reveals that all creation, including human experience, is the effect of the spirit-body-soul interaction. Every thought exists in the principality of soul, as an infinite c(Added: Tue Nov 28 2006)
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