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Respirtek, Inc. Joins ContractLaboratory.com popular

ContractLaboratory.com - The Laboratory Outsource Network! is pleased to announce that Respirtek, Inc. has joined it's premier Laboratory Outsourcing Network. RespirTek, Inc is an established biological consulting and commercial research laboratory. The corporation specializes in toxicity/treata(Added: Mon Mar 26 2007)

Acomplia Kaufen Rimonabant popular

Acomplia ist eine Anti- Korpulenzmundverordnungdroge, die als sein Hauptbestandteil with Rimonabant ist. Rimonabant wurde durch ein französisches pharmazeutisches Unternehmen, Sanofi- Aventis entdeckt und hergestellt.
Die Empfänger CB-1 fanden im Endo-cannabinoid System regulieren Nahrungsmi(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Byetta amylin Lilly popular

Byetta, fondly referred to as “lizard spit”, seems to reverse all of these negative diabetes 2 processes and treatments quite handily. It is quite similar to GLP-1 having been altered slightly to be able to patent the molecule. There are other unique features that make it quite safe. It acts to,
(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Acomplia Online Pharmacy Rimonabant Drug popular

Acomplia (rimonabant) has not yet become a licensed product for smoking cessation in the UK. Whilst during clinical studies the drug clearly demonstrated a reduced craving for nicotine in patients the drug has only at the moment been approved as an obesity treatment. As this is a prescription medica(Added: Thu Mar 22 2007)

Winning Team Launches The Renewable Energy Centre popular

A website launched this week is the first of its kind in the UK is set to lead the way as a primary source of information and reference for renewable energy. The website, www.therenewableenergycentre.co.uk has been established by the winning team already responsible for one of the UK’s busiest (Added: Thu Mar 15 2007)

Green Roof Resource Takes Action To Expand UK Knowledge Base. popular

Livingroofs.org, the independent organisation committed to furthering the development of green roofing in the United Kingdom, launch a web forum intended to aid information exchange and facilitate discussion on all aspects of this increasingly significant topic. Since its establishment in 2004, Liv(Added: Wed Mar 14 2007)

Bristol academics claim Branson's prize popular

Scientists at the University of Bristol have cracked climate change. Less than a month into Richard Branson's five-year competition, academics will take their winning idea to Virgin Earth and walk away with a cool $25 million. The solution, published online by The Journal of Unlikely Science, is(Added: Sat Mar 10 2007)

New Additions to AnaSpec’s SensoLyte™ MMP Product Line popular

As one of the industry’s most sensitive, brightest, and longest wavelength MMP assay kits, the SensoLyte™ (formerly EnzoLyte) 520 line of MMP Assay Kits is one of AnaSpec’s most popular products. AnaSpec has announced a number of new developments to expand the scope and applications of the SensoLyt(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

Position avalible popular

Position available as assistant professor in a prestigious University situated in a park like campus for Virologists Applicant needs to have a PhD degree in microbiology or related field and three years of postdoctoral experience. The position requires Mandarin language in teaching and research in t(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)

NPG launches networking website for scientists popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 28 February 2007 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Sara Abdulla + 44 (0)20 7843 4587 NPG launches networking website for scientists Nature Publishing Group (NPG) announces the launch of Nature Network (http://network.nature.com), a new fre(Added: Wed Feb 28 2007)

Lost Ark of the Covenant discovered at last! popular

In no way does the writer or his/her affiliates endorse the use of scheduled substances without the supervision of a registered doctor of medicine nor the manufacture thereof. The Ark of the Covenant as it is constructed in the Bible, with the ingredients that were used, was a vat used to cook es(Added: Fri Feb 23 2007)

Discovery on the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant popular

In March 2007 the Truth about the Shroud of Turin and the Ark of the Covenant will be Revealed as one man's search uncovers the ancient truth in a tale as exciting as Raiders of the Lost Ark... Following years of painstaking research and thousands of miles travelling across the globe internatio(Added: Thu Feb 22 2007)

AnaSpec Makes In-House Fmoc & Boc Amino Acids Available to Public popular

AnaSpec, one of the world’s largest suppliers of custom and catalog peptides, has made its own line of standard and unusual amino acids publicly available. These are the same amino acids that used daily to provide custom and catalog peptides to pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research institu(Added: Wed Feb 21 2007)

PREMIER Biosoft and PamGene International B.V. form an alliance. popular

PREMIER Biosoft International today, February 15, 2007, announced an alliance with PamGene International B.V. to develop a software product for designing custom MLPA® oligonucleotide probes for use with PamChip® microarrays. Palo Alto, California—February 15th 2007. PREMIER Biosoft International,(Added: Tue Feb 20 2007)

gis1@mail15.com popular

geology geophysics hydrodynamics geophysical research hydrodynamics research oil & gas wells oil & gas pool development well development (Added: Tue Feb 20 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces 99 New Antibodies popular

This week AnaSpec, a leading provider of integrated proteomics solutions, added ninety-nine (99) new antibodies to its growing collection of catalog antibodies. The targeted researchers areas for these antibodies include apoptosis, signal transduction, cancer research, and a host of other applicati(Added: Thu Feb 15 2007)

NPG launches a new web publication – Nature China popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 14 February 2007 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Jason Wilde +44 (0)20 7843 4879 NPG launches a new web publication – Nature China Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and AstraZeneca are delighted to announce the launch of Nature China (www.(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces One of the World�s First Collections of Synthetic Phytochelatin Peptides popular

Because the availability of plant-related catalog peptides has traditionally been minimal to non-existent, the only way to obtain synthetic plant peptides has been through a significant investment in custom peptide services. Recognizing the growing need for quality, on demand peptide solutions, Ana(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Symbiosis 2007, the 13th European Congress on Biotechnology, set to address humanity�s great chall popular

Symbiosis 2007, the 13th European Congress on Biotechnology, set to address humanity�s great challenges Through the theme Science, Industry and Society, leading international scientists will tackle the great challenges to humanity and how cutting edge science can best be applied to benefit soci(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces Fifty-Five New Catalog Peptides popular

This week AnaSpec, one of the world�s largest providers of custom and catalog peptides, introduced fifty-five new peptides for drug discovery research. Peptides/Amyloid Peptides Beta-Amyloid (1-15) (Cat# 61798) Sequence: DAEFRHDSGYEVHHQ Sequence (3-Letter): H-Asp-Ala-Glu-Phe-Arg-His-Asp-Ser-(Added: Thu Feb 08 2007)

American Sign Language Alphabet popular

Sign Language Secrets brings you How To Learn Sign Language In 47 Days Or Less. Designed for beginners as an inexpensive way to get started with ASL. (Added: Thu Feb 08 2007)


GENERAL PRESS RELEASE new website from SwitchtheLightsOff.com help them save the planet Switch the Lights Off and actually make money. In the home that can be �100 or more, businesses and companies can save thousands, local authorities possibly millions of ��s. Why waste it? (Added: Tue Feb 06 2007)

AnaSpec Introduces Suite of Flow Cytometry Products popular

During the past several years, the research arena has witnessed a substantial growth in the use of flow cytometry as a valuable cell characterization tool. Unfortunately, while the need for high performance flow cytometry reagents has grown, the cost associated with these reagents has remained inco(Added: Mon Feb 05 2007)

Bird flu - Stress therapy for the indoor bird popular

PRESS RELEASE 04/02/07 Stress therapy for the indoor bird AS fears grow about the spread of bird flu, animal therapist Adam Rogers, pictured below, will be taking stressed birds under his wing. The 23-year-old, of Trowbridge Wiltshire, is advising bird owners on how to ease the fears birds (Added: Sun Feb 04 2007)

Michael Weber launches "Dogology - The Science of Canine Communication" popular

Dog lovers and owners around the world get the benefit of exclusive dog training and health audio courses. Early this week, Michael Weber, launched Free Dog Books - a free membership site intended to guide novice dog owners and experts alike in having the happiest, healthiest, most well behaved d(Added: Thu Feb 01 2007)

AnaSpec Makes In-House Line of Peptide Synthesis Accessories Available to Public popular

Since 1993 AnaSpec, Inc. has been a major provider of custom and catalog peptides to researchers throughout the world. During this time, AnaSpec has developed a range of effective tools uniquely designed for peptide synthesis. AnaSpec is now offering the same accessories used daily in its US-based(Added: Mon Jan 29 2007)

press release 29.01.07 - mckinley resource MD discusses plans for 2007 popular

press release 29.01.07 – mckinley managing director discusses plans for 2007 “business is a conversation hence a change in our normal press release approach. whilst I’m not entirely sure that raising my own personal profile is always beneficial to the development of the business a number have p(Added: Mon Jan 29 2007)

British Scientists kill 99.9999% of airborne test virus to combat $2 trillion Worldwide Threat of H5 popular

LONDON: A new biotechnology air purification system kills 99.9999% of airborne test virus in minutes and is 100 times more effective than any method of decontamination currently available, according to its British scientist inventors, to offer protection against the airborne spread of viruses and ba(Added: Fri Jan 26 2007)

AEgis Technologies Group Announces Release of acslXpress Version 2.3 popular

Huntsville, Alabama – January 25th, 2007. The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc., a leading supplier of simulation software, training, and engineering services to the international modeling and simulation community, announces the release of version 2.3 of the acslXpress environment for execution and an(Added: Fri Jan 26 2007)

How to convert avi to zune - convert avi to zune popular

Alive Zune Video Converter can help you to convert DVD movie to Zune supported MP4 formats and transfer to Zune player, then you can enjoy DVD movie with Zune player. Alive Zune Video Converter is a Zune converter to convert avi to Zune or MPEG-4.How to convert avi to zune with Alive Zune Video Con(Added: Wed Jan 24 2007)
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