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alternative energy popular

Alongside global warming, other challenges have become just as pressing. Worldwide Renewable energy demand is growing at the higher rate. Over-reliance on energy imports from a few countries. Renewable energy technologies vary widely in their technical and economic maturity, but there are a range o(Added: Wed Dec 26 2007)

Paranormal Group Herts!!! popular

Experienced Paranormal Investigator, looking for people with a keen interest in the paranormal to form investigative group based primarily in the Herts/Essex area. If anybody is interested please contact me at: spooks200@hotmail.co.uk.(Added: Mon Dec 24 2007)

Monkeys and college students as good at mental math popular

The research from Duke University follows the finding by other researchers that young chimpanzees perform better than people at memory games. (Added: Mon Dec 24 2007)

Porous Materials, Inc. unveils new Multipoint Simultaneous Pore Structure Analyzer popular

Porous Materials, Inc. (PMI) is proud to announce the production of the Multipoint Simultaneous Pore Structure Analyzer. This machine is a type of porometer that allows for multiple tests of a sample to be run simultaneously. This is done by running a specified length and width of the sample throu(Added: Wed Dec 19 2007)

Plug Into a Clean Future at Green Energy Summit 2008 popular

2008 Summit Will Turn the Page on Green Energy. Align Yourself With the Decisive Movement of Our Time. Inaugural Conference, Expo and Awards Coming to Bangalore. Call for Participation is Now Open. Bangalore, India, December 19, 2007 -Green energy and clean technologies, firmly positioned in t(Added: Tue Dec 18 2007)

A Unique Rat popular

It is a unique case in the 21th century that new mammal species was discovered. In the forests of Indonesia, a giant rat was found to become one of the smallest marsupials in the world. (Added: Tue Dec 18 2007)

Time Travel - is it really possible ?! popular

Time Travel - is it really possible ?! Time-travel, for long a favorite subject of science fiction, is currently emerging as a serious prospect. Some top-flight scientist in the USA and Europe are at work to send subatomic particles back in time, encouraged by Eisteins theories which - so far -(Added: Tue Dec 18 2007)

Celebrities Dying of Cancer popular

More celebrities are dying of cancer than ever before. Actors, actresses, singers, screenwriters, talk show hosts, news anchormen and women, politicians. Most of them succumb to their cancer after routine conventional care which involves chemo, surgery and radiation. Most of them are never informed (Added: Mon Dec 17 2007)

Scientific Editing Company Staffed by Senior Researchers popular

Biorevise Scientific Editing, LLC provides English-language editing services for scientists hoping to communicate their data as effectively as possible. Biorevise offers editing of scientific manuscripts, grant proposals, and all other forms of scientific communication. Our editors are native Englis(Added: Thu Dec 13 2007)

American Gem Society | Precious Sapphire Coral Birthstone Gems popular

American Gem Society | Precious Sapphire Coral Birthstone Gems LivWire News: Yash Sinha while selecting and analyzing gemstones for www.retailord.com website addressed to the audience “The birthstone gems effect on your entire life and situations cannot be denied as it gives you the opportunity t(Added: Tue Dec 11 2007)

Choice Of Vastu Cures Plans Essentials Vs. Feng Shui popular

Choice Of Vastu Cures Plans Essentials Vs. Feng Shui LivWire News: Insisting on necessity of including new section at www.retailord.com David Gere said ”Most of our newly made consumers are from India and china so we have opened up new section entirely dedicated to popularity of vastu and feng s(Added: Tue Dec 11 2007)


Premier Brumby today officially opened Ferguson Plarre’s new environmentally sustainable bakehouse in Keilor Park. Mr Brumby said the new bakehouse would supply the 106-year-old family business’ 33 stores across Melbourne. “It is heartening to see a Victorian business that has been operating f(Added: Fri Dec 07 2007)

PREMIER Biosoft International joins Microsoft in the BioIT Alliance. popular

PREMIER Biosoft International announced its acceptance into the BioIT Alliance enabling the company to leverage its expertise in providing powerful solutions to accelerate life science and biomedical research. Palo Alto, California—Nov. 30, 2007. PREMIER Biosoft International, a leading bioinform(Added: Wed Dec 05 2007)

NEW Energy Matters Solar-Port – power at your fingertips - popular

The Energy Matters Solar-Port is the ideal portable power source for use in the Great Outdoors. Be it for camping, exploring, boating – anywhere you need to have instant power on the go. The Solar-Port converts in a matter of seconds from a sturdy suitcase to a self supporting solar power un(Added: Tue Dec 04 2007)

Re-launch of Academici.com. The biggest global Web 2.0 Knowledge Network popular

Birmingham. 3 Dec 2007. - With 20,000 members in about 200 countries Academici, the professional social network of academics, scientists, knowledge workers, people from industry, venture capital, business angels, media and publishing marks the high end of Web 2.0 networks, both in terms of me(Added: Mon Dec 03 2007)

wind power popular

keywords: Solar electricity, solar energy, wind power, alternative energy, solar, solar power. The Energy Matters Solar-Port is the ideal portable power source for use in the Great Outdoors. Be it for camping, exploring, boating – anywhere you need to have instant power on the go. The(Added: Mon Dec 03 2007)

Discovering your DNA Ancestral Origins popular

DNA Solutions has launched an innovative insight in to an individuals ancestral origins. Spanning back some 150,000 years ago, DNA Solutions will accurately determine where ones ancestors began their life and the journey they took. The history and migration of your group has been worked out by hu(Added: Mon Nov 26 2007)

The Untold Story: How one small disc delivered a giant message to the Moon popular

November 24, 2007 — Within a few feet of the first boot print made on the Moon, under the ladder on which a U.S. flag was stowed and a commemorative plaque is still attached, lies a small white cloth pouch. Inside that bag, next to a couple of embroidered emblems, medals and a gold olive branch, is (Added: Sun Nov 25 2007)


For immediate release BRIGHTMINDS ENCOURAGES GIRLS TO TAKE A BRIGHTER VIEW OF SCIENCE The latest brochure from educational toy specialists, BrightMinds, features over 400 new products, each carefully selected to stimulate the minds of children aged between 5 and 14. One of the biggest c(Added: Fri Nov 23 2007)

Applications to License/Re-License Nuclear Reactors popular

For Release 9 a.m. MST November 23, 2007 Applications to License/Re-License Nuclear Reactors Design certification and process certification DENVER — November 23, 2007 — It is critical to understand the regulatory issues surrounding nuclear energy power plant management, how they have changed i(Added: Thu Nov 22 2007)

Take more holistic view of energy efficient innovation, popular

(SILVERSTONE, November 2007) The UK motorsport industry has added its voice to the call for a more sophisticated approach to environmentally friendly transport. Research commissioned by Motorsport Development UK (MDUK), and conducted by Experian, has revealed that the industry – well known as an inn(Added: Thu Nov 22 2007)

ADHD: Your Children Are Mentally Ill!!

Is your child easily distracted? Or perhaps he talks excessively, or can become impatient? Most, if not all, parents would perhaps answer yes to these questions, as they are, what many of us believe to be, normal expressions of child behaviour. Not so, according to Psychiatry. It could be that your (Added: Wed Nov 21 2007)

New evidences of Atlantis’s catastrophe popular

For 8,300 years, in the Eastern Mediterranean New evidences of Atlantis’s catastrophe One old flood in the Eastern Mediterranean, that according to some could to be origin of legend of Ark of Noah, according to investigator Jaime Manuschevich is reaffirmation once of plus his theory, since thi(Added: Mon Nov 19 2007)

1000 Reasons why we cannot save the planet popular

There are more than a 1000 reasons why we cannot save our planet, but it takes a small amount of effort from us all to actually make a change. Gillian Speke has collected together some of the best thinking and ideas in a single volume which is on sale now. Gillian Speke does not refer to herself(Added: Mon Nov 19 2007)

Space pictures popular

Kevin W. Kelley is an artist, best-selling author and entrepreneur with an abiding passion for creating new world perspectives. Thehomegalaxy.com encourages you to browse and enjoy on entirely different perspective, one that aims to get away from the route everyday life and take a look at earth and (Added: Mon Nov 12 2007)

The Automation and Analytical Management Group (AAMG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry announces de popular

The Importance of Indoor Air, London, UK on the 13th & 14th December 2007 Manchester, UK, November 1st 2007 - The Automation and Analytical Management Group (AAMG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry today announces details of its Christmas meeting for 2007. In keeping with the sequence of successfu(Added: Tue Nov 06 2007)

Daiichi Sankyo & Lilly stall two prasugrel trials popular

Daiichi Sankyo and Eli Lilly and have suspended enrolment and administration of the oral antiplatelet agent, prasugrel, in two Phase II studies until protocol amendments can be agreed. The changes are being made in the light of preliminary results from pharmacokinetic analyses involving patients an(Added: Mon Nov 05 2007)

Chrysallis organization to participate in the kick-off meeting of “How to talk to be understood” pro popular

Chrysallis – Close to Disability will participate in the kick-off meeting of “How to talk to be understood” project that will take place on 03-04 November 2007 in Krakow, Poland. The “How to talk to be understood” project is funded by the Life Long Learning (Learning Partnership) programme. The ult(Added: Wed Oct 31 2007)

DNA Solutions PTY Ltd opens in Lebanon popular

DNA Solutions PTY Ltd. is delighted to form a strategic alliance with BeiINP, based in Beirut, Lebanon. BeINP a diagnostic company has officially agreed to collaborate with DNA Solutions & its core products. "DNA Solutions continues to offer and operate our services in to new & emerging markets, we'(Added: Tue Oct 30 2007)

Windows Restoration Software popular

Data recovery software for windows restores all lost files information and undelete deleted audio, video, songs and movies. Restoration application restores all erased important documents, digital pictures, images etc. Using recovery software user can recover Microsoft office word, excel, power poin(Added: Thu Oct 25 2007)
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