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Pulling RFID out of the Freezer - Ship2save deploys RFID solution for Atlas Cold Storage

Jan 9th 2006 – Ship2Save has provided Atlas Cold Storage with a RFID system specifically developed to enable this premier Cold Storage Third Party Logistics’ provider to offer RFID services to its customers across North America. Hugh Cope, Chief Information Officer at Atlas Cold Storage: “Atl(Added: Tue Jan 10 2006)

Bioluminescence Detection Program by AgroMicron popular

New process of Detecting E. Coli and Salmonella and other Pathogens in Food and Water for use in the shipping industry. AgroMicron’s Nano Bioluminescence Detection spray will prove to add a great amount of controls within the shipping industry and possibly even prevent forms of bioterrorism. “We(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Australian Mining Industry Cannot Fill Mining Vacancies popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4 January 2006 Australian Mining Industry Cannot Fill Mining Vacancies According to a recent report by the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, the resources industry in Australia is currently facing a skills shortage that has seen vacancies for skilled trade(Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

Quantum Entangled Communication popular

It has been shown previously by Michael E. Thomas that controlling and monitoring the exchange of electric fields, electromagnetic fields, electrostatic fields, UV photons, electrons, and displacement of the central nucleus of the ferroelectric molecules on a disk, tape, drum or plate will allow the(Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

MD Biosciences nominated for Scottish Annual Life Sciences Award: Most Promising New Life Science Co popular

Glasgow, Scotland – MD Biosciences has been nominated for the Scottish Enterprise Annual Life Sciences Award in the category of Most Promising New Life Science Company. MD Biosciences is one of three finalists in this category. Awards will be presented to recognize outstanding achievements of new li(Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

Looking Back At The Year End Reflections

Effective and meaningful reflection is done deliberately. It is done with a conscious effort. You don’t accidentally reflect on something about which you are very interested. Positive change does not occur without deliberate reflection. It is very important that you both reflect on something and (Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

See how powerful your mind is?

The mind is an infinite wonder. It has the fantastic ability to transmute your desires into their physical counterparts. You can do anything that your mind can conceive, as long as you have the belief and will power to back it up. Take the case of cancer patients who were given placebo pills. Th(Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)

3 Key Tips To Help You Get Everything You Want in 2006!

The New Year is upon us, and its time to decide what this year will bring for you. What do you want from 2006? Maybe a new car? A new home? The start of a successful business or career? Or maybe you are just making it a priority to enjoy life more... travel... and do the things you've alwa(Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)


The Plato's Atlantis not was totally and completely destroyed. Paleographical proofs.

Added: (Sun Aug 14 2005)

The(Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)


Plato's Atlantis. New Paleographical Evidences Demonstrates that Not Was 9000 Years Before Solon.

Source: Scientific Atlantology International Society (Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)


Babylonian and Greek Old documents affirm that the Iberians were the same Atlanteans from the Plato's Atlantis.

UFO Cult Predicts Apocalypse In July 2006 popular

January 2, 2006 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. Phone/Fax: (216) 320-9528 stang@subgenius.com, jesus@subgenius.com UFO CULT GATHERS IN NEW YORK FOR APOCALYPSE CLEVELAND, Ohio, January 2, 2006: The Church of the SubGenius has announced that the end of the wo(Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)

Zirconium - facts and fun? by GETi popular

Zirconium - facts and fun by GETi Facts AND fun? I’m not so sure about the fun bit for this article. Having researched this on the internet all I seem to come across is a load of boring facts and figures, but here goes. Zirconium - symbol : Zr, Periodic table number (just in case you haven’t r(Added: Sat Dec 31 2005)

Change Your Lives Today Start Living Tommorrow

Success has been an elusive term since the beginning of time. How do we change habits that are so strong and set so deep inside of us. For ages, men and women have pursued that which would make them happy and fulfilled. At the same time they have tried to determine that which would make them feel a(Added: Sat Dec 31 2005)

How You Can Prevent Your Dog From Aggression, Destroying Furniture, And To Avoid Stress

There are many reasons for teaching proper dog behavior, and teaching such behavior has many benefits for both the human and canine partners. Dog behavior training is vital to such life and death issues as preventing aggression, controlling dog on dog aggression problems and teaching dogs to intera(Added: Thu Dec 29 2005)

Stock Market Timing … How to Play the Stock Market … How to Buy and Sell Stocks … How the stock mark

Stock Market Timing … How to Play the Stock Market … How to Buy and Sell Stocks … How the stock market works .- BY ProfitableStockMarket.com The stock market can present you with a lot of hot stocks every day. Many of them are new technology stocks that come from the nanotech, biotech, voip,(Added: Thu Dec 29 2005)

The Free Online Chemistry Research Assistant popular

So, what does ChemRefer do for you? Well, ChemRefer finds journal literature (full text) that is relevant to your research, saving you time and possibly money as well. For many research queries, ChemRefer will be able to find primary chemistry literature. Remember that all this is completely free. (Added: Wed Dec 28 2005)

Einstein and Tesla untruths spawn new book

Einstein and Tesla Depending on which way you GOOGLE it, Einstein and Tesla, or Tesla and Einstein your search will show the numerous theories and so-called facts about the working relationship between Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Most of them point to Project Rainbow, most commonly known (Added: Tue Dec 27 2005)

When do children really understand what „Adoption“ means?

When do children really understand what „Adoption“ means? Today most Scientists & Adoption Agents are of the opinion that parents should inform their adopted children as soon as possible about their status. The issue should thereafter be discussed more often at various points in time to give the(Added: Tue Dec 27 2005)

Change Your Thoughts and You Will Change Your Life popular

No person can become prosperous while he really expects to remain holding the poverty thoughts, keeping in touch with poverty producing conditions will discourage prosperity. Before a person can lift himself up in his life he must change his thoughts. They will have to learn to master their th(Added: Fri Dec 23 2005)

Alien invasion imminent? popular

A paranormal radio show has been told that numerous "UFO experts" around the world are predicting an alien invasion! Now THAT'S Weird which broadcasts on the Internet at www.net-talk-uk.com has interviewed numerous experts recently who have stated that they cannot rule out the statement and that (Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

How A Web Design Professional Or Creative Print Designer Can Improve Business Performance? popular

Investment in creativity and design has a positive impact on business performance, according to a new report from the Department of Trade and Industry. The report, published in December 2005, highlighted that successful companies invest in design as a key input into their business, and see a rate(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Source of the Gravity of the Earth has been discovered

Nuclear scientist Mehran Keshe says a double magnetic field provokes gravitational effects in stars and planets, like Earth. Earths center contains a small sphere filled with hydrogen, acting like a semi-fusion plasma reactor. Inside currents create a basic magnetic field which is super-imposed by t(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

The Birth of a New Science – CTP Energy popular

Dateline: December 15, 2005 ... Orlando, FL Contact Name: Martha Jette, PR, CTP Energy Corporation & CTP Club Web Address: http://www.ctpenergy.com ORLANDO, Florida – December 15, 2005 – Have you ever wondered about the true science behind paranormal phenomenon such as ghosts, astral travel, E(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)


La Atlantida de Platon Descubierta. El Libro de la Atlantida de Platon. Teorias-Cientificas.

Fuente: Atlantis-News.sytes.net/ Madrid. 12-13-2005 Nuevos datos paleográficos cuestionan el gran tama(Added: Mon Dec 12 2005)

La-Atlantida-de-Platon-Descubierta-El-Libro-de-la-Atlantida-de-Platon-Teorias-Cientificas. popular

La Atlantida de Platon Descubierta. El Libro de la Atlantida de Platon. Teorias-Cientificas.

Fuente: Atlantis-News.sytes.net/ Madrid. 12-13-2005 En el Magazine Italiano, "Hera Magazine" (Magazine(Added: Mon Dec 12 2005)

Nature goes back to the sixties popular

PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 9 December 2005 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Laura Brown Nature Publishing Group +1 212 726 9204 Nature goes back to the sixties Another decade of Nature issues has been added to the online archive at www.nature.com/nature/archive. (Added: Sat Dec 10 2005)

Dan Jensen Shows How to Increase Gas Mileage (MPG) While Reducing Emissions!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/7/2005 Dan Jensen Shows How to Increase Gas Mileage (MPG) While Reducing Emissions!! Dan Jensen and Extreme Research are proud to announce the newest technology in the automotive world, Enviro-Max Plus. A revolutionary fuel catalyst endorsed by racing legend Johnny R(Added: Thu Dec 08 2005)

World's First Patient-specific Pluripotent Stem Cell Company, Utilizing RGI`s Patient-somatic Cell R

Tokyo, Japan.-Chicago based RGI and Japanese Cell Therapy company JIG establish Asclepius Therapeutics, to develop and commercialize the breakthrough gStembridh Platform Technology, the Worlds first success in Somatic cell reprogramming technology to create genetically matched pluripotent stem c(Added: Wed Dec 07 2005)


Far from showing global leadership, mixed messages from the UK Government have led to confusion, the International Institute for Environment and Development has warned as politicians gather in Montreal for the second week of the UN Climate Change Conference 2005. Far from showing global leadershi(Added: Mon Dec 05 2005)
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