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The Nature Wallpapers & Pictures

The nature wallpaper murals bring the resplendent beauty of the outdoors, indoor. They come in a variety and include murals depicting jungles, gardens, the sky, forests and waterfalls. They create breathtaking images of the landscapes and impart a refreshing look to the interiors. The nature wallpap(Added: Thu May 01 2008)

The Enchanting World Of Mogli And Baloo

Crouched and unmoving, in the dappled shadows, as the light filters through the leaves and branches making patterns on the jungle floor that match his coat.If your heart pounds at the sight of a wild beast,if open jeep and mighty elephant is your kind of ride,if you dare to encounter the tiger in hi(Added: Thu May 01 2008)

PREMIER Biosoft International Releases SimGlycan 2.51, with Glycopeptide Analysis.

Palo Alto, California – (30 th April), PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the release of a new version of its innovative MS/MS data analysis tool, SimGlycan. With this release, SimGlycan can now analyze glycopeptides in addition to released glycans. SimGlycan matches the MS/MS spectra (Added: Thu May 01 2008)

University of Florida Researcher Investigates Dogs that Know when Their Owner Comes Home

Canine researcher, Dr. Clive Wynne is exploring whether animal cognition may extend further than previously imagined. While he remains skeptical of psi phenomena such as telepathy, Dr. Wynne believes further research into the dog-human bond is necessary to better understand this phenomenon. D(Added: Wed Apr 30 2008)

Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg 2008

Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg http://www.gi-forum.org/ The Sound of GIS in Salzburg The beautiful world cultural heritage city of Salzburg is the setting for the second Geoinformatics Forum (GI_Forum) symposium from July 01-04, 2008 at Salzburg University Centre for Geoinformatics (ZGIS), Au(Added: Tue Apr 29 2008)

Clinical Research Organizations Need Document Control Software

Independent clinical research organizations fall under FDA regulations. Their need for document control is paramount when registering volunteers, tracking results, and contracting with pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Norwich, Connecticut — April 28, 2008 — Independent Clinical Resea(Added: Tue Apr 29 2008)


Professor Ben Zablocki, world-renowned expert on the sociology of religion, who currently holds the chair in Sociology at Rutgers University, USA, will give the keynote speech at a seminar presented by The Family Survival Trust* in London on Wednesday 30 April. He will seek to show that bra(Added: Mon Apr 28 2008)

Aviation Earth

Aviation Earth is an aviation database that hosts information, pictures, videos, and specifications on commercial, military and experimental aircrafts. There is also a extensive database of aviation theory and manufactures. Farrhad Acidwalla, Webmaster and Owner has his fingers crossed. The 14-year (Added: Sun Apr 27 2008)

Endependence.info, Endeavors To Find Local Solutions to Energy Challenges

Auburn, California, April 22nd, 2008 -- Endependence, a Local Action Network that attempts to find local solutions to Energy Challenges has launched a new website where issues like Energy Security, Rising Energy Costs, Global Warming and Energy Challenge Solution Technology will be addressed. End(Added: Sat Apr 26 2008)

Iberia = Atlantis: "the Island of Atlantis", "Island of the Bulls", and "Island of the Metals"

Iberia = Atlantis: "the Island of Atlantis", "Island of the Bulls", and "Island of the Metals"

Georgeos DĂ­az-Montexano, 2008

New palaeographical and linguistical evidences they point that Iberia could be known by the ancient Phoenicians as "Island of th(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

Iberia = Atlantis. "la Isla de Atlante", "Isla de los Toros", y la "Isla de los Metales"

Iberia = Atlantis. "la Isla de Atlante", "Isla de los Toros", y la "Isla de los Metales"

Georgeos DĂ­az-Montexano, 2008

Nuevas(Added: Fri Apr 25 2008)

IFIS to launch new version of FSTA Direct database

The International Food Information Service (IFIS) is pleased to announce the launch of their new online database interface, FSTA Direct v2, in May 2008. FSTA Direct v2 offers a new and improved way to search the FSTA – Food Science and Technology Abstracts® database. FSTA – Food Science and Tech(Added: Wed Apr 23 2008)

Brain exercises from MindFit brain gym software are scientifically proven to improve cognitive skill popular

Oxford, UK – Brain aging experts and leading Alzheimer's Disease scientists at the eight International Alzheimer's Disease/Parkinson's Disease Conference in Salzburg, Austria were presented with evidence that MindFit brain training PC software improves the cognitive functions of people over 50, ofte(Added: Mon Apr 21 2008)

MindFit brain training software achieves highest score in Wall Street Journal brain aging experts re popular

Oxford, UK - MindWeavers Plc brain training software company comments upon results from Wall Street Journal review of 6 major brain gym software offerings by a panel of brain aging experts. MindFit, the brain training system offered in the UK by the Oxford based MindWeavers company, scored highest (Added: Fri Apr 18 2008)

GreenFacts Digest on Agriculture and Development - New pressing challenges identified by internation popular

The unequal distribution of food and conflict over control of the world's dwindling natural resources present a major political and social challenge to governments and policy makers. The new report launched today by the International Assessment on Agricultural Science and Technology for Development(Added: Tue Apr 15 2008)

Barley Genome Sequencing expected to complete by 2012

Alexandria, Egypt, April 9: Scientists working on barley genome sequencing are aiming to complete it by 2012. Prof Andreas Graner, Acting Director of the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research in Germany, said that the International Barley Sequencing Consortium (IBSC) consis(Added: Wed Apr 09 2008)

Expert Uncovers Evidence That the Jews Involved During The Exodus Were All Egyptians

Dr. Goldberg's research revealed that Moses was an Egyptian priest from Heliopolis named Osarseph. The source of this was from the writings of Manetho, a 4th century B.C. Egyptian Priest and historian whose kings list forms the basis of our knowledge. Woodland Hills, CA , April 07 2008 -- Dr. Bru(Added: Wed Apr 09 2008)

Used Laboratory Equipment

Rhys International are a World wide supplier of new and used laboratory equipment, in addition to supplying quality scientific equipment, we also offer packages to laboratories and business' alike looking to relocate or even refurbish their exisitng facilities. We are also always on the look out (Added: Tue Apr 08 2008)

UK scientific software development Company becomes European reseller of Comply’s Skyline statistical

Thame, UK – Aitken Scientific Ltd, a leader in process control and automation, has recently become the European reseller of Comply’s Skyline product, making advanced process monitoring available to an increasing number of industries. Skyline is widely applicable to anyone who needs statistical monit(Added: Sat Apr 05 2008)

Cirrus to launch the CR:260A series of sound level meters

Cirrus Research plc, the UK company which specialises in the design and development of noise measurement equipment for health and safety applications, has introduced the CR:260A series of sound level meters. Suitable for a wide range of applications, from noise at work assessments to vehicle noise t(Added: Fri Apr 04 2008)

National Blood Service maintains quality with NWA SPC and analysis software popular

Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) and Northwest Analytical's (Portland, Oregon) Quality Monitor and Quality Analyst products are helping The National Blood Service to achieve prescribed quality levels and protect its reputation. With 15 regional centres and a worldwide reputation, the National(Added: Mon Mar 31 2008)

Trevigen Launches LDEV Free Basement Membrane Extract popular

Trevigen launches LDVE Free Basement Membrane Extract within its Cultrex® product line of Cell Differentiation and Angiogenesis products. Basement Membrane Extract (BME) can be used for promotion and maintenance of a differentiated phenotype in a variety of cell cultures including primary epitheli(Added: Thu Mar 27 2008)

The PatchStar Micromanipulator from Scientifica

After extensive research, Scientifica UK developed an ultra stable, versatile and electrically silent micromanipulator. Called the PatchStar, it is the ideal choice for Patch Clamping, Sharp electrode recording, Microinjection, Stretch testing and other procedures requiring delicate and long term po(Added: Wed Mar 26 2008)

Manufacturer & exporters of Laboratory Equipments. popular

Manufacturers & exporters of High Pressure Reactors,Stirred Pressure Reactors,High Pressure Laboratory Autoclaves,High Pressure Laboratory Reactors,Laboratory Autoclaves,Leaf Filters,High Pressure Stirred Laboratory Reactors,Sparkler Filters,High Pressure Autoclaves,Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters,(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

Trevigen Launches Cultrex® 24 Well Cell Invasion Assay Kits popular

Trevigen launches Cultrex® 24 Well Cell Invasion Assay kits to quantify the degree to which invasive cells penetrate either basement membrane extract, collagen I, collagen IV, or laminin I, in vitro. The kit uses Calcein AM to assay invasive properties of cells in response to stimulators or inhibit(Added: Fri Mar 21 2008)

FIZ AutoDoc with new document supplier and enhanced order options

ACS now pay-per-view supplier / INIST delivers PDF documents / Order with DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Karlsruhe, March 2008 – In February 2008 the American Chemical Society (ACS) became a new FIZ AutoDoc document supplier for the pay-per-view option. It is now possible to order and downlo(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Carbon Footprint Can Be Reduced With Help From Engine Remetalizing Oils popular

Carbon Footprint Can Be Reduced With Help From Engine Remetalizing Oils Engine re-metalizing oils have been around since 1985. Every engine wears out as a result of friction during start up and normal operation. This friction causes wear in the cylinder walls which leads to compression loss and(Added: Wed Mar 19 2008)

Waste Savings, Inc - Solid Waste and Recycling Cost Reduction Services popular

As part of its client-specific service offerings, WSI performs waste stream analysis to see if further recovery of recyclable materials can be achieved to increase waste diversion and reduce costs for WSI clients. Phoenix, Arizona, March 14, 2008 -- Waste Savings, Inc. (WSI), is a national cons(Added: Fri Mar 14 2008)

Daring To Commit To Corporate Sustainability by Going Green popular

Three-day strategic business forum will focus on how corporations can successfully implement environmental strategies to improve profitability, increase productivity, and build brand image. San Francisco, CA, March 11, 2008 -- From Capitol Hill to China, multi-national companies are under press(Added: Thu Mar 13 2008)


Summary: The hair extension tool is one of the most beauty adding material to the hair. It carries out the function of a lock of hair to be extended so that the extension made looks very similar to the original hair. Some tools involved in this technique are the poly extension, hai(Added: Thu Mar 06 2008)
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