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Animal Testing Exposed popular

Animal Testing Exposed Greed is Driving Force Behind Animal Experiments (LOS ANGELES) One-half of the money invested in healthcare research in the United States is spent using animals as models to study human disease. Or, as Doctors Ray and Jean Greek would say, one-half of the money investe(Added: Fri May 31 2002)

TherapeuticAdvances - 29th May popular

LeadDiscovery.co.uk is a company founded by industrial researchers for the drug development sector. Our panel of pharmaceutical scientists produces TherapeuticAdvances, a twice-monthly bulletin of cutting edge scientific research with therapeutic potential. Selected research is fully analyzed in Dis(Added: Thu May 30 2002)

Seeing The Light… popular

Displays That Could Replace Light Bulbs And Be Used As Wallpaper The rise of low-cost, flat, flexible information displays and their potential to revolutionise our environment has been widely predicted. Oxford-based technology innovator, Opsys brings this closer to commercial reality. The comp(Added: Fri May 24 2002)

TherapeuticAdvances: May 15th popular

This week's edition of TherapeuticAdvances highlights 14 recent publications selected by our editorial panel on the basis of their therapeutic and industrial potential. Log on at the above address for access to abstracts and our editorial review of these publications. Oncology generally features he(Added: Thu May 23 2002)

Opsys' Dendrimer Materials Make World's Most Efficient Solution Processed OLEDs popular

Scientists sponsored by display technology developer Opsys Limited have developed high efficiency bi-layered green organic light emitting diode (OLED) devices. A maximum efficiency of 40 lm/W at 400 cd/m2 was recorded for the OLEDs, which contain a solution processed light emitting dendrimer layer.(Added: Thu May 16 2002)

Stress-Resistant Technology is Feasible - and Vital, popular

For: Weinschenk Consulting, PO Box 226, Edgar, WI 54426. Contact: Susan Weinschenk, (800) 236-2599, susan@weinschenk.com. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Stress-Resistant Technology is Feasible - and Vital, Says Usability Psychologist Susan Weinschenk; Can Even Save Lives in High-Stakes Situation(Added: Wed May 08 2002)

LEK Polska Implements Scala popular

Eastern European pharmaceutical leader selects Scala due to its solid experience in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide 16 April 2002: LEK Polska Sp. z o.o., has signed a contract to implement Scala’s standard ERP software package in Poland in order to maintain the company’s furthe(Added: Tue Apr 16 2002)

A scientific look into the paranormal popular

PRESS RELEASE British based television production company Galaxi Television, have found a novel way of funding their new programming, by inviting TWO GUESTS to "holiday" with them on a series of paranormal investigations around the world! The two places, available on the forthcoming trips to S(Added: Tue Mar 26 2002)

Gaslok: Reaching the Summit of Innovation popular

"Gaslok", the brainchild of Cambridge-based AB Technologies will be demonstrated before world environmentalists and industrialists at the Earth Technologies Forum in Washington DC. Its inventor, David Peall, will himself give a major address at the summit next week on the vital importance of the (Added: Tue Mar 26 2002)

New Aurora Borealis Book popular

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: MARK WEBER 20 March 2002 MARKETING DIRECTOR The Alaska Geographic Society PHONE: 907-562-0164 FAX: 907-562-0479 E-MAIL: mweber@akgeo.com WEBSITE: www.akgeo.com New Book Explores Mysteries of the Northern Lights The dramatic celestial fire of the aurora bore(Added: Wed Mar 20 2002)

ASTRONICA: Blessing or Nightmare for Astrology? popular

An absolutely new outlook on cosmic influences has been found! The discoveries of modern science have opened a new approach to a very old topic: the influence that the surrounding Cosmos has on our local environment, as well as how it affects our personal existence. It is the new information produce(Added: Fri Mar 15 2002)

Brand New International Web Hosting Company Nemonics Networks popular

Unique and quality web hosting for everybody around the globe. Nemonics Networks, http://www.nemonics.net/ , was founded November 2001, as a international private virtual web host, by A. Oytun Gokhan, Ankara, Turkey. The idea was to create a new brand to the hosting industry with a unique name an(Added: Tue Mar 05 2002)


What did Albert Einstein win the Nobel Prize for in 1921? Which metal is the best conductor of electricity? Which year saw the Challenger shuttle and Chernobyl disasters? This week, 11-16 year old students up and down the country have been answering these questions as part of a trial run for th(Added: Tue Mar 05 2002)

Youki The wound Healer popular

Youki - the wound healer, is a recent scientific breakthrough in accelerated wound healing. It has been developed by the innovative Sujata Jolly (included in the International Who’s Who for outstanding contribution to cosmetic industry) and is the first treatment of its kind. Youki is a wound he(Added: Tue Feb 26 2002)

Hitting cancer where it hurts: Mixed opioid/somatostatin ligands as tomorrow's anti-cancer target? popular

Between 1970 and 1994, well over 1 million people died as a consequence of breast cancer in the US alone. Consequently the search for new approaches to treating this disease remains intense. New targets should be able to slow the growth and spread of tumors while at the same time be able to maintain(Added: Mon Feb 25 2002)

Canadian Coast Guard use ASL Ice Profiler popular

Canadian Coast Guard use ASL Ice Profiler ASL Environmental Sciences of Sidney, BC Canada have received an order from the Canadian Coast Guard for a real time Ice Profiler instrument for use in monitoring ice drafts in the St Lawrence River in Quebec. In a related contract with the Canadian De(Added: Fri Feb 22 2002)

Photonics Conference Set To honor Nobel Laureates popular

NOTED PHOTONICS CONFERENCE TO HONOR NOBEL WINNERS Washington, DC: The Optical Society of America, IEEE/LEOS and the American Physical Society, co-sponsors of the upcoming 22nd annual Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics and Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (CLEO/QELS 2002), have (Added: Tue Feb 12 2002)

ASL Designs Sediment Transport Measurement System

Press Release February 2002 ASL Environmental Sciences of Sidney, BC Canada has received an order from the Geological Survey of Canada (Pacific Geoscience Centre), for the provision of a custom sediment transport measurement system for deployment in the Fraser River delta foreslope area of the(Added: Mon Feb 11 2002)


The need to carry a mobile phone or pick up a TV remote control to switch channels could soon be a thing of the past due to an innovative fabric, which has propelled a Brunel University inventor into the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards to be held in London on 7 February. Textile Design(Added: Wed Jan 30 2002)


A Leicestershire woman has developed a chemicals detection system, which could make her the British Female Inventor of the Year 2002. Analytical chemist Joanne Bone, a finalist in The Patent Office sponsored event on 7 February, has invented Universal Detection for Liquid Chromatography for use (Added: Tue Jan 29 2002)


A woman who has developed a non-toxic biodegradable paint and varnish stripper could win the British Female Inventor of the Year 2002. Gloucester Chemist, Ithiel Mogridge, who has produced the Safe Paint & Varnish Remover as a safer alternative to products already on the market, is a finalist in (Added: Fri Jan 25 2002)


NEWS RELEASE The countdown has begun to the British Female Inventor of the Year Awards 2002 event on 7 February at Café Royal, London, where female inventors of a broad range of products and processes compete for top honours. There are a variety of inventions up for the Patent Office sponsor(Added: Tue Jan 15 2002)

I want a divorce on New Years Eve popular

What a way to start the New Year Divorce-Online the UK online divorce service reports a customer purchasing one of their divorce packages at ten to midnight on New Years Eve. The customer who was from Wales carried on a tradition that has happened very year since the service launched in 1999 o(Added: Tue Jan 01 2002)

Able Seamen? Purse Seines Caught 80%-90% of Vulnerable Salmon popular

Research indicates that purse seines caught 80%-90% of the vulnerable migrating salmon present in Johnstone Strait during what were commonly 48- or 72-hour fishing openings: In British Columbia, Canada, salmon purse seiners line up at fishing access points, forming well defined queues. These que(Added: Sat Nov 24 2001)

Technics launch 30th anniversary legacy website popular

---BEGINS--- This year Technics, the renowned audio sub-brand of Panasonic celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over the last 21 years, Technics has been at the epicentre of musical culture, with its SL1200 series of turntables being the favourite of DJ's since scratching and spinning began. The a(Added: Tue Nov 13 2001)

Global Warming and Ozone Loss are Natural popular

Global warming and ozone loss are natural claims environmental author Chris James. In his new book "Jagged Environment" (http://www.jaggedenvironment.com/) he maintains that "Global warming and ozone loss are part of an interdependent, cyclical process, and since global warming is independent of(Added: Tue Nov 13 2001)


An outstanding collection of aviation history from the archives of Westland, one of the longest standing names surviving in British Aviation has been released by Archive Britain. The CD-ROM traces the progress of Westland from its foundation by the Yeovil firm Petter Oil Engines Ltd during the F(Added: Wed Nov 07 2001)

UK’s ANGLE Technology to develop first bioinformatics incubator in Fairfax County, VirginiaUK& popular

UK’s ANGLE Technology to develop first bioinformatics incubator in Fairfax County, Virginia UK-based ANGLE Technology has been chosen by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority in northern Virginia, USA to design and run that region’s first incubator that targets a segment o(Added: Fri Nov 02 2001)

Another AUV Application for ASL’s Ice Profiler™ popular

Dr. Fukamachi of Hokkaido University, Japan has ordered a modified version of ASL Environmental Sciences’ Ice Profiler™ for installation aboard an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) owned by KDDI Corporation and manufactured by Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co, Ltd. of Tokyo. T(Added: Thu Nov 01 2001)

ASL Goes "Over-the-Top" popular

ASL Goes "Over-the-Top" ASL Environmental Sciences of Sidney, BC, Canada, is preparing the physical environmental portions of the Environmental Impact documents for the proposed marine-based gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to a landfall site on the Canadian coast of the Beaufort Sea (the Ov(Added: Wed Oct 24 2001)
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