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New STEM Video Proves Stephen Hawking Wrong On Discoevry Channel Special

Added: (Thu Oct 01 2015)

Pressbox (Press Release) - According to a press release issued last week, internationally noted research and development engineer Marshall Barnes has produced a STEM educational video that proves an error by Stephen Hawking from his Discovery Channel special, "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking". The error involved the issue of whether or not a wormhole to the past would remain stable or instead, as Hawking suggested, self-destruct due to energy fluctuations traveling through the wormhole in a closed loop that would create a feedback effect so intense that the wormhole would be destroyed.

In the video, titled, "Stephen Hawking's Feedback Mistake" (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdbbXEMkov4 ) a boy named Daniel introduces the production and explains that Marshall has discovered more mistakes that Stephen Hawking has made than anyone else in the world. The problem is described by a computer narration that sounds like Hawking but lower thirds indicate that it's not. Marshall and two student helpers appear and demonstrate what Hawking said about how feedback can happen at a "rock gig" while Marshall plays the role of the "band" with his guitar and the helpers operate a microphone and an amplifier/mixer.

In the second section, Marshall explains via narration how there is an alternative geometry aside from the one cited by Hawking. That the sound, or the energy in the case of a real wormhole, could form a spiral and not a closed loop which would result in feedback. To prove his point, Marshall has his helper, Mdizzle, change the sound while LiL' Heart runs the mic.
The result is that Marshall's guitar gets louder without feedback and he whips into a jam on the guitar that leads to a barrage of screaming riffs, proving his point.

"The geometry Hawking cites is not the only one possible and further more it violates the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics which says that you only get one outcome per measurement and this geometry would allow for more than one such result in a single timeline, so of course it would destroy itself but why would nature cause such a geometry?" he commented. "The answer is it wouldn't. The proper answer is that instead of a closed timelike curve it would be like an open spiral with each new turn leading to a parallel universe.We got such a geometry between the signal coming from the guitar, going into the mixer/amp, coming out of the speaker and going into the mic and looping back through the mixer/amp and coming back out of he speaker. The key is that the mic wasn't so close that it closed the loop, which would have produced feedback".

Marshall has written an entire book about the errors of Hawking and how Hawking, he feels, is the most overrated physicist in the history of physics. The book, Space Warps and Time Tunnels (see http://www.blurb.com/user/zanegmedia ) and Michael Lemonick of Time magazine would seem to agree. Last year he wrote an article for Time in the February 3 issue, called "Hawking:Is He All He's Cracked Up To Be?". Lemonck cocluded that the answer was 'no'.

Submitted by:Sheila Fincher
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