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New Aurora Borealis Book

Added: (Wed Mar 20 2002)

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20 March 2002
The Alaska Geographic Society
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New Book Explores Mysteries of the Northern Lights
The dramatic celestial fire of the aurora borealis has intrigued mankind since ancient times. Secrets of the Aurora Borealis, a new book from ALASKA GEOGRAPHIC® investigates the science and history behind the magic light of the aurora offering a comprehensive look into one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena.

Author S.-I. Akasofu, director of the International Arctic Research Center, is a world-renowned aurora expert and has studied the northern lights since 1958. In Secrets of the Aurora Borealis, Dr. Akasofu explains the solar-driven electromagnetic forces that produce the phenomenon, concisely sums up the state of auroral science today, and ponders aspects of the aurora still not understood.

Secrets of the Aurora Borealis tracks the evolution of auroral knowledge and discusses the speculation and investigations of scientists and philosophers from Ben Franklin and comet discoverer Edmond Halley to contemporary researchers at the forefront of cosmic science.

This book also presents indigenous peoples’ fearful and poetic reactions to the lights and early northern explorers’ awe-inspired descriptions.
Photographs of the most magnificent and enchanting occurrences of the northern lights illustrate Secrets of the Aurora Borealis along with woodcuts that depict the wonder of our ancestors. Explanatory diagrams, charts, and satellite photographs reveal the complex physics behind the dazzling curtains of light.

Secrets of the Aurora Borealis lists resources for further inquiry and includes a convenient index and a glossary to explain the technical language of auroral studies.

Secrets of the Aurora Borealis (ISBN 1-56661-058-3, 112 pages), is available from The Alaska Geographic Society for $23.95 plus $3.00 postage and can also be ordered through bookstores and online book retailers. Contact us for postage outside the U.S.

ALASKA GEOGRAPHIC®, the most comprehensive series of books available on Alaska, is published by The Alaska Geographic Society, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to improving geographic understanding of Alaska and the North. Founded in 1968, The Alaska Geographic Society has a worldwide membership.

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