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KRATON Polymers to celebrate a momentous year at K2001

Added: (Wed Jul 04 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - KRATON™ Polymers to celebrate a momentous year at K2001

Messe Dusseldorf Trade Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany
25 October - 1 November, 2001

Visit the KRATON Polymers Business in the Raw Materials Hall No 4, Stand Number B/40

LONDON (4 July, 2001) - Plastic product manufacturers and key decision makers can meet representatives from the KRATON Polymers Business, the world's leading producer and supplier of styrenic block copolymers (SBC), face-to-face at the forthcoming Dusseldorf tradeshow, K2001, 25 October - 1 November 2001.
While focusing on the added performance and manufacturing benefits that its portfolio of products brings to a broad range of plastics based products, the KRATON Polymers Business will also highlight its plans for future development.
“2001 is a landmark year for KRATON,” said Steve Wood, Chief Executive Officer at KRATON Polymers. “While celebrating our inaugural year under the ownership of Ripplewood Holdings LLC, a New York- based private equity firm, we are also taking the opportunity to reflect on our heritage as the original inventors of SBC technology.”
“KRATON’s pioneering discovery of SBCs in the 1960s has had a profound effect on the plastics and rubber industry over the last four decades, and it gives us a unique platform on which to build. K2001 provides us with the perfect opportunity to remember the successful milestones of the past and to demonstrate our future commitment to our customers and to the industry.”
KRATON polymers are a range of high performance thermoplastic elastomers that, engineered with other ingredients, can improve the appearance and performance of an extensive range of products. With more than 100 grades available globally, the KRATON Polymers Business is strongly positioned to build on its heritage and continue to develop innovative material design solutions worldwide.
For more information on the KRATON Polymers Business visit the team in the Raw Materials Hall No 4, Stand Number B/40 or you can use the global email address: info@KRATON.com for further product details and literature.

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KRATON its logos and associated images are trademarks

KRATON™ Polymers

The KRATON™ Polymers Business comprises a group of companies operating world-wide. This truly global business pioneered styrenic block copolymer (SBC) chemistry more than forty years ago, and remains committed to the industry and its customers all over the world.
By responding to customers needs, the KRATON Polymers Business has established itself as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of SBCs. High quality product is manufactured in six countries world-wide: in Brazil, in Europe in sites in France, Germany and the Netherlands, in Japan and in the USA. There are well-established research centres in five countries: in Europe at sites in Belgium and the Netherlands; in the USA in Houston, Texas; in Japan; and in Brazil. An international workforce of employees service customers in over 120 countries, and successful sales, marketing and distribution networks operate globally. The companies of the KRATON Polymers Business are owned by US-based private equity investment firm Ripplewood Holdings LLC.

What are KRATON™ polymers?
KRATON™ polymers are high-performance elastomers engineered to enhance the performance capabilities of products and applications within a wide spectrum of end-uses. There are currently more than 100 grades of KRATON polymers and compounds within the product ranges: KRATON D polymers, KRATON G polymers, KRATON LIQUID™ polymers and KRATON IR polymers. KRATON polymers and compounds with an unsaturated rubber mid-block constitute KRATON D polymers (styrene-butadiene-styrene, SBS and styrene-isoprene-styrene, SIS). KRATON G polymers have a saturated mid-block (styrene ethylene/butylene styrene, SEBS and styrene ethylene/propylene, SEP). KRATON LIQUID polymers and KRATON Isoprene Rubber (IR) polymers complete the KRATON polymers product portfolio.

What are the key benefits of KRATON™ polymers?
Both KRATON D and KRATON G polymers are elastic and flexible. They provide when processed with other ingredients a wide range of properties, which can help improve the performance of the products and applications in which they are used. E.g. superior adhesion and tack in adhesive formulations, formulation flexibility and ease of processing in commonly used thermoplastic processing technology, enhanced performance benefits when used to modify bitumen for road and roofing applications. KRATON polymers also have good dielectric properties and are reprocessable.
KRATON G polymers enhance oxidation and weather resistance, higher service temperatures and increased processing stability.
KRATON LIQUID™ polymers are a family of developmental products made available for the first time in commercial quantities in 1995. KRATON LIQUID polymers are reactive liquids that have been designed to offer formulators and synthesis chemists a number of key benefits, including flexibility and toughness in a wide variety of applications.
KRATON IR polymers are polyisoprenes characterised by their high level of purity, transparency and resilience. KRATON IR polymers have been used in speciality fields such as skin or food contact and a variety of adhesives applications.

Where are KRATON™ polymers used?
The versatile KRATON polymers product portfolio adds value in a wide range of areas, and brings benefits to peoples’ lives whenever and wherever it is used. KRATON polymers distinctive molecular structure can be precisely controlled to perform in specific applications.
Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings - KRATON polymers can provide improved all-round performance for pressure sensitive and contact adhesives used in a variety of tapes, labels, plasters, sealants, coatings and road marking paints.
Compounds, Alloys & Polymer Systems - KRATON polymers can be compounded to produce materials which enhance the grip, feel, appearance and convenience of a diverse range of applications including toys, hygiene, packaging, automotive, sports, construction and moulded and extruded technical goods.
Footwear - Shoe soles containing KRATON polymers can be longer lasting and more comfortable.
Roads and Roofing - KRATON polymers can significantly enhance the performance of bitumen(asphalt) used in road, runway, race-track and roofing applications e.g. improving life expectancy and reducing maintenance levels.

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