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Challenges and Solutions to Lawn Maintenance

Added: (Sun Feb 25 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Are you having a difficult time with maintaining your lawn? Do not worry because Central Florida lawn maintenance got your back.
There are common challenges that homeowners face that hinder them from achieving their desired lawn. The following are some of the challenges and solutions that will help you maintain your lawn perfectly.
Lack of Sunlight
Some grasses and plants may not do well in the dark corners of your yard. Therefore, it is important to effectively prune trees to prevent shade effect on the grass and plants. Gainesville fl lawn maintenance include pruning and trimming services at affordable prices. Alternatively, you can replace the grass with shade-tolerant plants that are not affected by minimal exposure to sunlight.
Invasion by Crabgrass
Crabgrass is common weed that attacks the lawns. This weed is drought tolerant, so it is likely to attack your grass during summer. It affects the beauty of your grass because it changes the color of the grass. It also weakens the roots of the grass cover.
This problem can be solved by applying chemical herbicide to kill the crabgrass. Lawn maintenance Gainesville fl experts will provide you with the best herbicide solution to deal with the weed. Consequently, during summer, it is important not to keep the grass very short because it will attract this weed. Maintaining the grass at three and a half inches will take care of this problem.
Patchy and Thin Grass
This problem is mainly associated with the status of your soil. If you notice this problem with your yard, you can contact the Central Florida lawn maintenance experts for a soil test. Through this, the experts will be able to recommend the best solution that will improve the nutrients and the soil pH. It is important to have an annual soil test to keep checking the soil pH and nutrition value.
Grub Sightings

These are the milky-white beetle larvae that eat the grassroots. This leads to dead spots on your lawn. If not controlled, Alachua County landscaper can case to drying of the grass making your yard uneven.
If you see signs of dead spots in your yard, as the Alachua County lawn care service providers for the best treatment. If the right measure of pesticide is not applied, these larvae may not die. It is always beneficial to seek guidance from an expert for effective results.
Final Word
Once you see any signs of unhealthy attacks on your yard, contact the lawn maintenance Gainesville fl for professional guidance.

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