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ASTRONICA: Blessing or Nightmare for Astrology?

Added: (Fri Mar 15 2002)

Pressbox (Press Release) - An absolutely new outlook on cosmic influences has been found! The discoveries of modern science have opened a new approach to a very old topic: the influence that the surrounding Cosmos has on our local environment, as well as how it affects our personal existence. It is the new information produced by today's astrophysics, the data brought forth by our modern observatories, space-probes and satellites, what Astronica uses to produce a contemporary interpretation of sidereal influences.

Although it's not its main purpose, Astronica has disclosed the reasons why classic Astrology, which is based on a long-ago discarded astronomy model, produces readings that, unfortunately, are wrong most of the time. However, the true aim of Astronica is to provide a proper way of locating, interpreting and making good use of the conditions activated by the diverse components of our local Cosmos. Astronica is what Astrology would have been, had yesteryear's scholars had access to today's scientific knowledge.

Indeed, Astronica will prove to be a boon for all astrologers and forecasters that truly wish to be of service to those that consult them. Once these well-meaning and laborious astral counselors understand the reasons why they should strive to refine their present methods, most of them will surely want to modify their outdated procedures. Still, alas, Astronica may become a nightmare for all those that insist on sticking to an obsolete way of surveying the heavens. It's just a question of time for their followers, once they become aware of the inaccuracy of their advice, slowly but surely, will take leave of their presence. Immodest as it may sound, the passage from Astrology to Astronica can be likened to the switch-over from a bygone and imprecise astronomy to today's proven and very accurate astrophysics. As History has proven, progress and truth wait for no one.

Test Astronica's efficiency for yourself! Crank-up internet, go to WWW.ASTRONICA.ORG and request a FREE Partial Astronical Analysis of your own inborn nature. Or see what today's overall cosmic influences (what science now calls "Space Weather") awakens in all of us. Or read about the basic premises that sustain the Astronical Theory, and perhaps subscribe to the (free) Astronical eGazette after visiting Astronica's "Sono-Chromatic Circuits."

"The astronomer knows where the clock is, but doesn't know how to tell the time;
the astrologer knows how to read the time, but hasn't been able to find the clock.
With Astronica, both talents come together."

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