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Flash to Video Encoder PRO

Convert Flash (swf) Movies to Video AVI ASF WMV files. Add watermarks, logos and copiright messages to video file. It is easy! simple select your logo from any image or video file and add to video file using Flash To Video Encoder PRO Flash To Video Encoder allows you converts any Macromedia Fla(Added: Thu May 19 2005)

hellomagazine.com launches mini video clip feature

Hellomagazine.com, the online extension to HELLO! magazine, is launching a brand new feature which allows users to view a short video clip, as well as reading about their favourite celebrity. Produced in conjunction with thebiographychannel.co.uk, clips are featured in the profile section on helloma(Added: Thu May 19 2005)

Local businesses to suffer under Brussels’ new worker rule

Local businesses to suffer under Brussels’ new worker rule European Parliament’s plans to remove an employee’s right to work more than 48 hours per week restricts freedom of choice and will hinder both local employees and business, says Steve Piper, managing director of Bournemouth-based staffing(Added: Wed May 18 2005)

SWF Live Preview

This software is aimed to help you preview Flash files using standard Windows Explorer. Once SWF Live Preview is installed you can scan directories and subdirectories for flash files, create and preview thumbnails for SWF files and fetch information such as Flash version, number of frames, shapes, f(Added: Mon May 16 2005)

Panama stops criminal case against Dutch journalist

The Panamanian Superior Tribunal has dismissed a case against Dutch journalist Okke Ornstein for "crimes against the honor" that had been initiated in 2003. The case started after Ornstein had published two articles in local paper The Panama News about San Cristobal Land Development, a real esta(Added: Fri May 13 2005)

DJ GQ gets the N.Y. Co-Sign

Miami, Florida US – May 13, 2005 –Miami’s own, DJ GQ drops his new mixtape “Part Fourteen” hosted by the famed Pee Wee Kirkland and Mr. Cheeks. This is the first time Pee Wee Kirkland has ever hosted and co-signed any DJ mixtape. Exclusive material on the CD includes tracks by Kevin Lyttle, Mr. Che(Added: Fri May 13 2005)

The Ill Answers the Call for Good Music

Miami, Florida US – May 11, 2005 – Newly up and coming group, The Ill, break out with their new single “Magical Glo” b/w “Cold Cold World.” The Baton Rouge, LA based group is expected to drop this 12” single in stores on Tuesday, May 17. Already impacting national college radio and mix shows nationw(Added: Wed May 11 2005)


Celtica Radio is joining the Podshow revolution with four special new music shows a month for www.podshows.com The programmes will feature all new music, and will be exclusive to Podshows. Celtica Radio Managing Director Bill Everatt said, “it has taken us a lot of hard work to get to this stage(Added: Tue May 10 2005)

TatAD.com Brands Human Billboards LIVE at SKYBAR Vancouver popular

TatAD.com Brands Human Billboards LIVE at SKYBAR Vancouver Vancouver Entrepreneurs Give advertising a whole new “SKIN DEEP” meaning Vancouver, BC, May 6th, 2005: TatAD.com the World’s first body billboard advertising community will be hosting Vancouver’s Hottest Advertising Event at SkyBar i(Added: Sun May 08 2005)


Dating Chat Rooms - Online dating chat site resources many free dating chat rooms all around the world including hmong dating chat room,turk dating chat room,thai dating chat room,malay dating chat room,spanish speaking dating chat room,moroccan maroc dating chat room with French and arabic speakin(Added: Sun May 08 2005)

Aruntx Podcasting Wishes Podcast Author Happy Mothers Day popular

NEW YORK, NY May 07, 2005 -- (Aruntx Newswire) The Aruntx Podcast Syndication Network, http://aruntx.com/podcast/shows/, a service of Aruntx Publishing Company, http://aruntx.com, wishes everyone a very Happy Mother’s Day. This annual celebration is especially important to the Aruntx iPodcasting (Added: Fri May 06 2005)

Geoff Tims Comedy Novel is attracting huge attention

Geoff Tims the well known modern poet has written a comedy coming of age novel Titled Who Wants my Virginity, which is arousing huge amounts of attention before it has even hit the shops. Two script writers are currently reading the comedy novel and the reviews from a selected reviewing committee(Added: Fri May 06 2005)

Accessor Pro

Accessor Pro gives a quick access to main Windows functions, folders and documents. What's new in Accessor Pro v.2.0: 1. New Items are added into Main Menu, such as: - Find Files and Folders, - Empty Recycle Bin, - Clear Documents History, - Formatting Floppy Disk. 2. Original file icons ar(Added: Fri May 06 2005)

'Wedding Survey 2005' - Available To Media From The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners

Weddings change every year so the annual UKAWP Wedding Survey, launched on 9th May 2005, is designed to find out more about the highs and lows, good bits and bad bits of wedding planning as experienced by current brides-to-be. The survey is conducted by the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, a growin(Added: Fri May 06 2005)

hellomagazine.com – famous at four!

Hellomagazine.com, the online extension to HELLO! magazine, is celebrating its fourth birthday. Since its 2001 launch, hellomagazine.com has become the number one destination site for celebrity and royalty news on the web. The authoritative tone and popularity of the site brings it almost 17 mil(Added: Wed May 04 2005)

Political Animals

The I - Centre Oakham Business Park Mansfield, Notts NG18 5BR Tel: 08700 114 115 Email: press@k9media.net Web: www.k9media.net For Immediate Release If Blair’s a Border Collie, Howard’s a Jack Russell and Kennedy’s a Red Setter What Does That Make Prescott? …Why a Boxer of Course! I(Added: Wed May 04 2005)


Do you want to add Your or your Company Logo to any video? Use VidLogo to modify video files and add logos and video watermarks. Use animated logo or AVI logo for videos like a TV sign in one of the corners of screen. VidLogo support AVI, BMP, JPEG graphic formats for logos. True Alpha in video is f(Added: Tue May 03 2005)

When Media advocates Terrorism

http://peacejournalism.com/ When Media advocates Terrorism Kamala Sarup It was good news for the Bush Administration when the Iranian government closed the Al-Jazeera TV station. Since September 11, Al-Jazeera had been giving one-sided reports and misleading the Arab World. Anti-American(Added: Sun May 01 2005)

How Negative TV affects your Health “Complementary Health TV Series” hosted by Lester J. Robinson FI

TOPIC: Show 34: How Negative TV affects your Health “Complementary Health TV Series” hosted by Lester J. Robinson FICF The interview is with Martin J. Bauer an assistant Professor at N.C.C.C. in communications. The main part of the interview is how negative TV affects the viewer, and how(Added: Fri Apr 29 2005)

Preserve the Soundtrack of Your Youth

Seattle, WA-April 29, 2005 For those of us who grew up listening to vinyl, there's no debate: CDs just aren't the same. They have been remastered, often the playlists have been altered, and they just don't carry the integrity of those old-time grooves. Plus, we have boxes of our favorite classics(Added: Fri Apr 29 2005)

WRN assists Virgin Radio Classic Rock to go Sky-wards

Press release Issued by WRN London, 29th April 2005 WRN assists Virgin Radio Classic Rock to go Sky-wards WRN, one of the leading satellite transmission companies for the UK radio industry, is hosting Virgin Radio Classic Rock on its ‘RADIO’ channel, Sky Digital 934 from Sunday 1st May, 200(Added: Fri Apr 29 2005)

Nuggets recovers TV pot of gold

New software to speed up image processing could save the broadcasting industry millions of euros and could even be used to enable remote surgery, where a surgeon in one country performs on a patient in another country. The Nuggets project successfully created a software layer that will allow real(Added: Thu Apr 28 2005)

Video mp3 Extractor PRO

Video mp3 Extractor PRO is a powerful tool for extracting audio soundtracks from Video AVI, ASF, WMV files. Batch conversion allows you to extract soundtrack from a lot of video files in one click. Simple select your videos and output directory and process. Output audio file is mp3, and you can (Added: Wed Apr 27 2005)

WMA Encoder - Decoder

The new Windows Media™ format by Microsoft® Corporation enables you to utilize audio files smaller than MP3 - and better sound quality. WMA Encoder Decoder® is an ultimate tool for home and office use, which contains everything required for easy and successful operation with WMA format. With the hel(Added: Wed Apr 27 2005)

Emerald acquires International Journal of Logistics Management

25 April 2005, UK – Emerald Group Publishing Limited is pleased to announce that it has acquired one of the world’s leading journals in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The International Journal of Logistics Management is now in its sixteenth year of publication and during that ti(Added: Mon Apr 25 2005)

The End of the Press Release

Does this mean the end is nigh for the good old press release? After reading a many blogs and hearing different PRO's opinions on the future of public relations, it's quite clear that blogging, once it becomes more "mainstream", will play a significant part in communicating businesses to media out(Added: Sun Apr 24 2005)

Move & Relocation of Satellite TV Systems in London

The London Satellite TV Shop

If you are moving, don't leave your satellite system behind! Contact the London Satellite Shop and we will arrange the relocation of your sat tv system. We also offer Sale Supply and Install of Sky digiboxes, digital satellite receivers, fixed(Added: Fri Apr 22 2005)

Sharing Your Videos On The Web Made Easy With My Personal Videos popular

Custom One Media, http://CustomOneMedia.com, is first to market with an integrated streaming video application – http://MyPersonalVideos.com (MPV). "MPV is a one-stop solution that makes sharing your videos online easy and affordable," says founder Brent Oesterblad. "It is the easiest way to uploa(Added: Thu Apr 21 2005)

Video Cutter and Splitter Indepth

Video Cutter and Splitter is a powerfull video editing program that can cut and save a region from any video file, Split the movie file into two parts at a certain scene and save them as two movies, save any frame from the movie as an image (many images formats supported). The program supports (AVI,(Added: Wed Apr 20 2005)

Making video easier to search and find

Imagine a computer system that can automatically search through videos of football matches and pull out all the shots on goal or all the fouls. Creating the elements that make such a system possible is a key result from the IST BUSMAN project. The current generation of computer systems is excelle(Added: Tue Apr 19 2005)
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