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PR Agencies should have knowledge about Digital Marketing

Added: (Mon Jun 12 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - We live in an age of digital media, hence change is inevitable. Today, more and more business groups regardless of their size and nature are upgrading to digital media. PR agencies are no exception. PR, media relations and media management companies are now getting well versed with this change and have therefore witnessed a great transformation in the past decade. If you are still not convinced as to why your PR agency should have the knowledge about digital marketing, check the following reasons for the same:

You're directionless: The PR agencies without digital marketing strategies fail to have clear strategic objectives for what they are keen to achieve online in terms of getting new clients or building better relationships with the current ones. Hence if you lag behind in having proper goals, you are not likely to allocate the best resources to reach out to your targets. In this way, you will fail to evaluate through analytics whether you are achieving your goals or not.

You will fail to know your online market share: The customer demand for online services will be undermined if you fail to research this. More importantly, you will fail to understand your online marketplace. Remember the dynamics will be different to the traditional channels with diverse kinds of customer profile and behavior along with propositions, competitors and marketing communications.

Your competitor will gain higher market share: If your PR agency is unable to adapt digital media, you end up losing your market share to your competitor. Your competitor Companies will snatch away all your business by treading the path of digital media.

You will not know your customers: The digital media is regarded as the most measurable medium ever by the experts. The Google Analytics will only be able to give you volumes of data of the visits and not the emotions or mindsets of the people visiting you. You would need advanced digital media strategies like using the feedback tools properly in order to identify your weaknesses and then address the same.

You're wasting money and time through duplication: Even if you do have enough resources, you will end up wasting the same. This is often the case of big PR companies where you can find different parts of the marketing organization buying a number of tools or relying on a number of agencies for carrying out similar kind of online marketing tasks.

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