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ClientReps.com Launches SearchMine Online Research Service

Added: (Sun May 13 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - 2001-05-14 (Newscast) London
ClientReps.com™ Launches SearchMine™ Online Research Service

ClientReps.com™, the online Customer Service Provider (CSP) with globally networked operations, announced it has launched SearchMine™, an online research service offering human-edited, web-based fact finding searches.

"We are proud to announce yet another first," says Sunil K. Kajaria, CEO of ClientReps.com™ in Salt Lake. "This is a way for us to enhance our service offering to existing clients. The expansion from customer relationship management into knowledge management is a natural fit with our core competencies, since we can utilize our existing human resources and client base to provide this service."

"Let's say you wanted to find out everything there is to know about widgets," says Michael Feigin, Marketing Director for ClientReps.com™. "Your ClientReps™ could do the search for you and present all the results in the SearchMine™ format, categorized by domain and relevancy for your quick perusal, making it easy to share the knowledge with co-workers as well."

"Search engines are wonderful, but they can also be a waste of valuable time," comments Toby Godwin-Brown, Regional Director of ClientReps.com™ in London. "SearchMine™ is for the people who would rather have somebody else do the search for them, like a virtual assistant. Plus, SearchMine™ continues where search engines leave off. Let's say you needed to do a price discovery of each and every company producing widgets. You could instruct your ClientReps™ to send off emails to find the pricing, and then have it compiled as part of the SearchMine™ results."

"I think SearchMine™ is a highly valuable resource in the corporate world," says Illy Chakrabathy, Financial Analyst with Deutsche Bank in London. "Nowadays, the biggest problem managers face is not the lack of information but rather the overabundance of information. Being able to access top quality research assistance at the price of a cup of coffee, is definitely a great bonus in today's overworked corporate environment."

ClientReps.com™ is an online Customer Support Provider (CSP) with globally networked operations.

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