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Massive pixel advertising site - 10 cents per pixel, 19 categories

Buy pixels for just 10 cents each and gain traffic to your website. Add your image, website link and text to bagablock and start gaining valuble customers to your site. There are 19 categories to choose from including computing, betting and dvd & video. Minimum purchase is for 100 pixels, just $10. (Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Corporate Web Site Design, Web Page Design, Website Designer, Vital For Promoting Your Brand

Recent evidence shows that using design improves business performance. Recent Design Council research found that a third of the UK’s fastest growing businesses see design as integral or significant, while only 11 per cent of shrinking firms agree. So businesses that undervalue the importance of desi(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Choice Media’s New Service to Augment Profitability

Choice Media’s new service which is the Outsourcing Partner’s Program proved to be a feasible and profitable venture. January 6, 2006 – Choice Media launched a partnership program called Outsourcing Partner’s Program that is aimed to outsource jobs, manpower skills as well as technological capaci(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Eliminating 6 Web Taboos of 2005

The 2005 is a year of a lot of struggling web designers. There have been discoveries of a lot of web design potentials. However, there have been taboos that existed up to the present time. January 6, 2006 – 2005 has marked a good year in web designing. In fact, a lot of stunning and functional si(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Established Website Sells Pixel Ads on Ebay

For immediate release January 5, 2006 Established Website Sells Pixel Ads on Ebay ItsTeens.com is taking pixel advertising to the next level by integrating it on a content based popular website. Toronto -- Canada - ItsTeens.com, a site developed six years ago by a 17 year old young entre(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Will a Pixel-a-bration plus an "All You Can Eat" Advertising Buffet lead to Ad nauseam????? Tew much

The Million Dollar Homepage Phenomena - more equals more? Are you sure this Million Dollar Homepage guy, Alex Tew, isn't an American? I mean, come on now, what could be more American than a Mega Mall of Advertising Banners all crammed together with no apparent organizational planning onto a gian(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Picture Perfect Photos and Images

Change is inevitable, that is. Everything changes. As the clock ticks, change occurs. That is the very reason why pictures keep on changing for the better. Photography gadgets are now ample. They continue to cater to some aberrations for the betterment of photos and images. January 6, 2006 – Man(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Postcard Madness Stays

Postcard, be it printed or electronic carries with it an enigma that touches the recipients soft spot. In fact, the warmth of handing them printed postcards is not disputed. On the other hand, the speedy and efficient E-postcards have already found their niche in global communication. January 6, (Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Business Card Printing’s Hot Discoveries Have Not Yet Turned Chilly

Business card printing made way to the discovery of several features in order to make business cards attention-grabbing and functional. Efforts are not wasted since everyone is enjoying the aftermaths. January 6, 2006 – Milestones in business card printing continue to grow hotter as time passes. (Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Adobe Illustrator CS2 New Features Carry On to Amaze

New features of CS2 Adobe Illustrator continue to amaze photograph enthusiasts and encourage them to rediscover the bliss of illustration. This software from Adobe Systems Incorporated was reinvented to respond to the enthusiast’s needs. January 6, 2006 – Adobe Systems Incorporated, the maker of (Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

Dutch Inventor Creates Revolutionary Form of Internet Advertising

Dutch Inventor Creates Revolutionary Form of Internet Advertising A Dutch entrepreneur aims to finish paying his university fees using a new form of Internet advertising called "Title and Status Bar" advertising. Johan Struijk, 23, is hoping this new form of unobtrusive advertising will chang(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

AdsOnQ - Article Distribution and Syndication On Quikonnex, a leading Internet Advertising Agency, i

AdsOnQ - Article Distribution and Syndication On Quikonnex Announces A Powerful Article Syndication Service That Helps Advertisers Reach More People With Their Offers AdsOnQ - Article Distribution and Syndication On Quikonnex, a leading Internet Advertising Agency, is announcing the launch of its(Added: Fri Jan 06 2006)

New email marketing partnership will help independent restaurants compete with the big boys

Times are hard for independent restaurants: licensing law changes, increased competition and consumer spending doldrums mean that restaurateurs are desperate for smart marketing ideas to boost business. To the rescue come two companies, themselves independent small businesses. Marketing agency e(Added: Thu Jan 05 2006)

Business Newsletter Design, Corporate Newsletter Design, Can Improve Business Performance?

As little as one in six businesses are happy with the wording and presentation of their internal communications they receive from colleagues, according to a recent survey. Internal Newsletters were specifically highlighted as being particularly poor in presentation, generally they seemed dull, f(Added: Thu Jan 05 2006)

Clean Plus® Auto Care “Premium” – € 500.000 per year Agreement confirmed for immediate distribution popular

PARIS, FRANCE (PRWEB) January 06, 2005 -- FALKEN INDUSTRIES LTD –Clean Plus® Product Group today announced that it had reached an indefinite multi-year agreement with a major distribution outlet for the permanent listing of the entire Clean Plus® Auto Care “Premium” line. The Agreement requires a mi(Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

Hostanote.com offers businesses free e-marketing tool - leveraging online photos.

January 4, 2006 Edmonton, Alberta. Blackstone Corporation today announced the release of its new hostanote product under a unique sponsorship model. Hostanote.com is an online photo sharing site, to which a Sponsoring company can distribute an unlimited number of free memberships. Members upload (Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

Rich Ad Freak’s New Stupid People’s Guide, Reveals Million Dollar Secrets To Placing Ads In Newspape

The "Rich Ad Freak" is helping thousands of Entrepreneurs To Make Huge Amounts of Cash in Newspapers. The "Rich Ad Freak" has caught the attention amongst such marketing gurus, such as Kevin Lewis, Lance Groom, and Trina Gerg, because of its simple to understand but yet legendary insider secrets (Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

MillionDollarNoticeboards™ Launches the First and Largest Network of Micro Advertising Websites toge

In October a small financial magazine called Money Week published an article about student Alex Tew’s MillionDollarHomepage. From that article the idea of MillionDollarNoticeboards™ was born. Founder, Peter Culpin, noticed that Alex Tew referred to his website as a ‘noticeboard’, and, immediately(Added: Wed Jan 04 2006)

Australian businesses for sale

Businesstrader.biz offers one of its kind Australian businesses for sale. This site provides not just comprehensive information, it also provides excellent links to businesses for sale by owners and brokers in Australia. Cost effective This site provides a cost effective way to know the pulse of(Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)

Ten Billion dots need to be filled

After hearing the hype about pay per pixel advertising, abilliondots.com decided to take this new form of ad space to the next level. Instead of the standard of 1 million pixels we decided to go bigger, 10 billion to be exact. We settled on this huge number after searching for the largest images o(Added: Tue Jan 03 2006)

SurveyBounty Launches Australia Surveys Section

SurveyBounty.com is pleased to announce the addition of an Australian online surveys section to the SurveyBounty.com website. The addition of an Australian section stems from the demand of those living in Australia, who are presently unable to find unique survey panel opportunities for their reg(Added: Sat Dec 31 2005)

2006 the PR year of blogs and podcasts predicts David Davis

In his 2006 Predictions published today on www.askdd.com David Davis, the industry’s “agony uncle” says: 1. Blogging and podcasting will become the norm rather than the exception in the 21st century PR tool kit; 2. PR and press cuttings agencies will clash with the Newspaper Licensing Agen(Added: Wed Dec 28 2005)

How about of our world in lacquareware & craft

I'm kyawthuya i 'm also shipping export / import worker. and then forwder pls my email iis kyawtyy@gmail.com] (Added: Tue Dec 27 2005)

Pixel Ad Mall :: The Best Place to Buy Pixels.

Hey, Check Out http://www.pixeladmall.com/, the site has some great offers to offer, Also check out http://www.pixeladmall.com/topsites/, a FREE to Join Pixel-Site Top List, a guide for buyers to search for pixels of value, promote your pixel sites here for free.(Added: Tue Dec 27 2005)

Leading European creative guru brings creative brainstorming course to the UK

Leading European creative guru brings creative brainstorming course to the UK In early December, marketing agency Red C became the first in the UK to participate in an innovative creative brainstorming workshop. Led by sought-after author and creative innovation expert Mario Pricken, 20 of the a(Added: Thu Dec 22 2005)

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Announces Year-End Advertising Bonanza

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine creates incredible online advertising package for companies marketing to parents and home educators. Dandridge, TN – The homeschool marketplace is now a billion dollar opportunity for companies who market products and services to parents and educators. Organizations (Added: Wed Dec 21 2005)

unit9.creative.production's GREEN SANTA for Matsushita

Matsushita are one of the world's biggest electronic manufacturing companies (Panasonic, National, etc.) unit9.creative.production has created and launched a National Matsushita promotional micro-site for its ECO logical products and standards. On the site children and grownups are invited t(Added: Wed Dec 21 2005)

Houston Based 123InterFace.com Expands Press Release Copywriting, Optimization, Branding and Marketi

(Houston, TX) December 21, 2005 ¨C Houston copywriting and creative marketing agency, 123InterFACE.com, is dividing into focused sites to provide to a greater audience, and expanding capacity to fill growing need for creatives. From the time of its inception, 123interFACE.com has had creative as(Added: Mon Dec 19 2005)

Giftware Review Magazine appoints RSA Direct for list rental opportunity

Leading UK based list, data and direct marketing consultancy RSA Direct has announced a brand new to the market Giftware Review Magazine (UK). Giftware Review is the number one product finder magazine in the market place. It reviews over 400 products including anything from gifts, collectible(Added: Mon Dec 19 2005)

Using Smaller Online Auction Sites to Make Profit on Larger Auction sites.

A lot of auction sellers seem to be missing out on untapped merchandise to sell for profit. They seem to be forgetting the smaller online auction sites out there. There are literally 100’s if not 1,000’s of smaller online auction sites out there such as http://coolbidz.com or http://auctionfire.co(Added: Sun Dec 18 2005)
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