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$5 million windfall for webmasters

Added: (Fri Jun 15 2001)

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June 17, 2001 (e-mews' press release)

$5 Million windfall for webmasters

In a breakaway move designed to accelerate the growth of their search portal's position on the internet, e-mews.com is sacrificing $5 million of its profit to encourage business to place their websites on its database.

'Finding a new website on most search programs is almost impossible.' said CEO, Colin Falconer, in a statement today. 'We want to offer our visitors the very latest content, and we're willing to pay webmasters who add their sites to our database.'

Falconer, whose business successes include 16 years as CEO of the multi-million dollar Ecol Industries group of companies, was referring to the problem found by many new businesses who cannot get their websites listed with the major search portals.

Search portals, like e-mews, are the yellow pages of the Internet. Type in a word or two about the subject you're seeking, and at the click of a button you have a huge list of relevant Internet sites to choose from. Unfortunately, because the public tend to favor websites which are shown in the top ten of these search lists, there is fierce competition among webmasters for, what is referred to as 'Top Ten Rankings'.

This competition has created its own problems. In a bid to have their websites listed in the top rankings, some companies have resorted to 'spoofing', a term related to the submission of false web pages designed to fool search programs into giving the website a priority ranking. The search companies have combatted this spoofing by creating complicated algorithms which vet out the majority of those sites.

Unfortunately, those same algorithms make it difficult for legitimate businesses entering Internet commerce to get any reasonable ranking. This has spawned a whole new industry of Search Engine Specialists who, for an ongoing fee as high as $20,000 per month, will create and submit customized webpages for each search word a visitor might use.

e-mews is one of the new wave of popular pay-for-ranking search portals which are changing the way webmasters now promote their sites. These pfr portals shortcut the conventional vetting process by offering webmasters the opportunity to nominate their site's ranking by simply bidding on key words related to their site's content.

What sets e-mews apart is, they are not only offering free listings, but also a $20 reward for the first 250,000 webmasters who add their sites to its database.

With one of the most informative search portals on the Net, e-mews' plan, 'to become the most popular search portal on the net', seems well within its grasp.

Their International website features an interesting mix of search, reference and entertainment. Its primary program not only searches databases containing over 500 million conventional web and newsgroup pages, it also includes a host of reference resources including: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, libraries, auctions and free downloads. For kids, or the light of heart, there are even online games to play.

The e-mews website is located at http://www.e-mews.com

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