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New Branding Agency in Europe

Added: (Wed Mar 28 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Brand DNA, a true Branding and strategic creativity laboratory, speeds up the process of development for brands’ marketing.

London, March 2001.

Bruno Asselin, former president of Branding Agency Arnell Group in New York, Carlo Giordanetti, former creative president at Swatch, and Emma Fric, former director of Cato Consulting in London have come together to create Brand DNA. The new agency has offices in Paris, New York, London and Geneva following swiftly. Brand DNA is a strategic creativity laboratory, based on three areas and skills: a powerful expertise in Branding, a creative team able to project and visualize a brand and its future, and processes of action that are already successful.

The concept of Brand DNA was born out of two realizations. Firstly, European Marketing is too often reduced to the notion of advertising, without integration of the brand and all its dimensions (i.e. Points of sales, products, etc…). Secondly, there is often a distortion between the projected idea of the brand (its vision) and the reality of the market (its perception). Brand DNA offers a solution to both these problems, by using two products. The first, “DNA” identifies the brands particular DNA and thus its potential. It projects that vision using tools that articulate and enable those objectives. The second, “Coherence”, is an answer to the need to accelerate the process of change within companies, the need to spread the message to everyone in charge of implementing new strategies, and the need to communicate it to the market.

Each brand has its own and unique value. This value is the essence, the personality of the brand. Brand DNA starts its activity by clearly identifying this DNA, and making sure the different actors of the brand share the same vision, understand the same message, and share the same codes in a unified and synergistic way. Cohesion and homogeneity of this whole reinforce the brand, and its impact on the consumer.

Brand DNA’s clients, such as Calvin Klein Watches - one of the agency’s first - are companies with a modern vision which prefer management that inspires and surprises and not management by imposition. Inspiration management’s success is based on the understanding of and the anticipation of the consumers’ needs. Brand DNA links the vision and promises of a brand with the needs and wants of the markets.

“We use Design to visually express a marketing strategy, explains Carlo Giordanetti, partner and creative manager. This allows us to be highly practical and concrete. With our DNA process, and thanks to the multicultural experts in our teams, we are able to define, and translate the vision of a brand into tangible actions, with direct results.” According to Bruno Asselin, partner and strategic manager, “Brand DNA is able to help a CEO to speed up the implementation of their vision within their company. We translate this vision into tools which will enable the whole company to subscribe to and appropriate this vision, which gives a tremendous energy to the company, and speed the development of the brand”.

For more information, please contact in London:
Ms. Bernadette Cava
Phone / Fax: +44.208.871.28.71
E-mail: info@brand-dna.net
Website: www.brand-dna.net

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