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14 December 2000
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e2 Communications, a leading provider of automated, permission-based email marketing solutions, has released details of a new contract that will enable IPC Electric’s e-publishing division, IPC Media, to email individually-tailored New Musical Express (NME) newsletters to on-line subscribers.

The NME editorial team will prepare the content for the newsletters whilst e2 Communications, which operates as an application service provider (ASP), will host all of the necessary hardware and software to support the initiative – including a secure database server and the systems required for automated data capture and message fulfilment.

To receive the latest music news, features and reviews via email, new subscribers are invited to register their email address and preferences at the nme.com web site. As a new and more personalised approach to publishing, the NME online registration page allows users to select their favourite bands and artists and nominate their desired frequency for news – whether it be daily, weekly or ‘as it happens’ updates. Each subscriber can request information on up to ten artists - from a selection of around 300, spanning 14 different charts (e.g. indie, dance, rock, country) and seven genres (e.g. dance, rap, metal). Updates are delivered in either rich text HTML or standard email format.

When interviewed on the new relationship between e2 Communications and the publishers of NME, Jeff Barnes, Vice President Europe of e2 said: “We have a clear understanding of this vision for one-to-one e-publishing and are delighted to be associated with a project of such grand scale and imagination.”

The first custom-made electronic NME newsletters have recently been delivered to people who pre-registered at the nme.com web site. And whilst the initial e-publishing project will focus on the predominantly youth audience of New Musical Express, IPC Electric’s Managing Director, Kevin Kerrigan, says that similar initiatives are on the drawing board for many other titles.

“We have piloted this e-publishing initiative to New Musical Express readers for two main reasons: firstly, NME has a young following, who are generally considered to be early adopters of new Internet applications; and secondly, because music is clearly an area where most people have their own very specific tastes and interests,” said Kerrigan.

About e2 Mail Center™
e2 Mail Center is designed with the non-technical marketing or sales manager in mind and allows them to create and administer their own email marketing campaign from the desktop. Easily configured via any web browser to deliver targeted messages to individual customers, the system’s automatic e-mail response settings and associated message sequencing capabilities can be as simple or as complex as the campaign requires. As a profiling tool, the system can take into consideration factors such as: a web user’s demonstrated preferences; purchasing history; browsing behaviour; and responses to on-line forms.

Adaptive Sequenced Messaging Capabilities
e2 Communications’ patent-pending Adaptive Sequenced Messaging (ASM) software allows companies to create multi-step messaging campaigns that adapt and change based on users’ interests and behaviour. ASM enables companies to send relevant, targeted information to each subscriber, thereby developing true one-to-one relationships with prospects and customers.

About IPC Electric
IPC Electric is the e-publishing division of IPC Media. Focused on five core markets: TV; women; men’s lifestyle and entertainment; home and garden; and leisure, IPC Media is the UK’s leading consumer publisher. The publishing house markets almost 100 different titles with a combined circulation of over 350 million magazines per annum. The e-publishing, or new media, division of IPC is currently active on the Internet, as well as television, WAP and radio.

About e2 Communications
With offices in the United States and Europe, e2 Communications is an application service provider and developer founded with the purpose of making email the most targeted and cost-effective method for companies to communicate with prospects and customers. By combining the immediately actionable power and economics of Internet email with traditional sales and marketing techniques, the award-winning e2 Mail Center gives companies the instant ability to build relationships with customers. Using patent-pending Adaptive Sequenced Messaging software, e2 Mail Center is an integrated closed-loop e-marketing platform that combines data capture, messaging fulfilment, analysis and reporting in a hassle-free hosted environment.

Headquartered at Richmond, Surrey, e2 Communications Europe has already established a strong reputation by servicing of a full range of accounts, including British Tourist Authority, British Standards Institute and Travelscene. More information on the company can be found at its web site, http://www.e2communications.com/.
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