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Footskins and Mouth

Added: (Wed Mar 28 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The present foot-and-mouth epidemic has not been all doom and gloom for all businessess. For one North West business at least it has proved to be the driving force behind the successful development of a brand new patented range of products...footskins.
Mr Stephen Royle, MD of Ultrasafe Int. Ltd. a successful disposable latex glove company had already invented and patented footskins, a kind of disposable latex 'glove' for feet. The company needed to diversify its product range and whilst searching for compatable products it became obvious that no similar latex products existed for feet, a kind of latex overshoe or disposable wellington boot. Upon further research it also transpired that no suitable product existed at all for the feet of animals such as horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and the like. Animals feet suffer many problems caused by disease, bacteria, infection, mud, wet and the cold and they needed protection.
The invention of footskins, latex coverings for human shoes and animal hooves, was born. Using his own stretched personal resources, the idea was further refined and a worldwide patent successfully applied for. Whilst the idea was good, rapid development was restricted due to high initial investment costs. The project needed added impetus and this came in the form of the present foot-and-mouth disease.
Working flat out with selected Malaysian latex glove manufacturers the footskins were rapidly progressed from ideas on a drawing board to finished products. The first half a million human footskins will arrive in the UK mid April and the first half a million horse and cattle footskins will arrive early May. Marketing opportunities are endless, not just here in the UK but worldwide. All footskins will be available in a range of sizes either in black or natural colour.
Mr Royle comments " Whilst we appreciate this awful disease has meant misery for many, we at least have played some part in providing protection not only against this disease but we now have got a range of products which will benefit countless numbers of people and animals for many years after the disease has been forgotten". It will at least be some comfort to know that when you put on a pair of footskins to protect your shoes and feet whilst watching some future grand prix, pop concert or whatever event held in a muddy field, then it was a useful by product of the present foot-and-mouth disease.
Further details of footskins can be obtained from Footskins Limited on 0161 429 6131 or from the website www.footskins.com .......ENDS.

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