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Advertisers are losing out to information overload.

Added: (Tue Jun 05 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Everyone has been reading recently about the dot com 'bust', and subsequent
revenues falling. Do we need to support advertisers by responding to their
carefully crafted advertisements? And just what is the cause of the

Daily, we all see in excess of 100 'www' addresses in many forms of
advertising from TV, to Mailshots coming through our door and posters
everywhere vying for our web attention. How on earth is everyone expected
to remember the ones we want to see. It is easier to forget them all!

There are also the many times ads are seen at places where people simply
cannot respond. At an airport, reading a newspaper on a train commuting to
work, or even at a music festival or football match. No wonder advertisers
are at their wits end trying to get more responses to their ads.

New technology doesn't really help. You need to have a PC nearby to access
the web just to interact with many ads. We are still waiting for those
superfast phones to become fully available. Even calling an advertised
number with a mobile means you are subjected to a full on sales pitch when
all you want is some information sent on.

So what can we do to help the beleaguered advertiser?
There is a new system on the market. Called 7WAP7. It offers the consumer
the opportunity to respond to an advert no matter where they are. And
without some keen salesman waiting to pounce! All the viewer has to do is
use their WAP phone to visit the publicised address in the newspaper,
poster, or mailshot, and send in their email address. And that's it.
Immediately a specially prepared email is sent to the viewers email box so
that later they can review and respond to the follow up information sent to

This system can work with any printed media. From newspapers publishing web
links and then providing the links in a promotional email. Advertisers
wanting direct responses to ads, employment companies offering a discrete
reply service to a commuter who can respond on a train. To festival
organisers wanting people to pre-register for an event.

So the advertiser is saved. They now have immediate response to their ad.
More traffic to their website. Hopefully more sales. But that is up to

7WAP7 has its own unique WAP server address at GADJT.com And a practical
demonstration can be seen on your WAP phone now at http://gadjt.com/ . The
full 7WAP7 site is available at www.7wap7.com


7WAP7 is owned and run by Confernet Limited (www.confernet.net) Established
in 1997 to support the conference and exhibition industry. It has now
expanded into mobile systems improving cross media applications.
Stuart Wilson
Managing Director
Confernet Limited
141 Sussex Road
GU31 5RA
Tel 01730 269985
email press@confernet.net

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