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Announcing a New Way of Communicating at Dropboard.com

A new website has been created with a whole new way of communicating at Dropboard.com. The originators of the site say a drop is a web-message at its full potential. “Think of it as a window without boundaries,” says Willians Sozzi of Dropboard.com. “A drop will carry on your message, your ideas,(Added: Mon Feb 20 2006)


Surrey, UK, February 15, 2006 – The pixel advertising phenomenon has come a long way since Alex Tew created his Million Dollar Homepage in late 2005. Amongst the many thousand uninspired copycat websites that followed, none produced anything matching the original creativity of Tew’s idea. Now a fell(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

WebSitePulse™ Adds RSS Feed Capabilities And Hourly Data To Its Performance Tracking Reports

WebSitePulse™ Adds RSS Feed Capabilities And Hourly Data To Its Performance Tracking Reports Orlando, FL - (February 14, 2006) - WebSitePulse, a leading provider of global, independent and remote monitoring of web-based systems, e-mail roundtrip- and e-business transactions announced today that(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

Self Growing Web Sites or Article Intelligence

Today web site can be learned to take care of itself: find quality, relevant content on regular basis; use special incentives for search engines to put new content pages into their search results faster; get traffic from search engines and monetize this traffic. Learn how web sites are getting smart(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

New home for those looking to holiday in pixels

Ok, so the upsurge in pixel sites has been swift and somewhat cynical with thousands of dull copies of the original milliondollarhomepage cropping up everywhere. So whats the point, is there anything different out there? Many of the copycat sites (ie those that look exactly like the original with(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

eDevice launches eDindus for better internet connectivity

eDevice of France, a specialist in internet connectivity devices, has launched eDindus – a communications terminal for connecting industrial equipment to the internet over GPRS, PSTN (V90) and Ethernet networks. The terminal’s low cost, DIN rail mounting, wide range of electric power supplies and us(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

All systems GO with ZenPartner Assistec

15 February 2006: ZenPartner Assistec recently provided a much needed solution for Enterprise Trust Glasgow Opportunites. Contracted to Scottish Enterprise, Glasgow Opportunities is a not-for-profit organisation and is one of the largest and most successful enterprise trusts in Britain. They provide(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

The Biggest Domain Name Portfolio Sale for 2006

After years of working feverishly starting numerous online businesses, it's time to relax. Time for me to take a break from the 16 hours of work and startup deadlines. Some of my domain names are great for starting Niche Businesses online and some are great for creating very profitable portals an(Added: Wed Feb 15 2006)

SibSoft released new version of CommuniMail - Perl Mailing List Manager and Newsletter Subscription

SibSoft released new version of CommuniMail. Version 1.2 now have integrated WYSWYG editor and bounce back system! SibSoft CommuniMail is a Perl Mailing List Manager and Newsletter Subscription Script with bounce back system and WYSIWYG editor. It's a program that handles the subscriptions of a ma(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Movie Downloader

Movie Downloader is a tool that helps you to download multiple media files (movie, music, pictures) from your favorite websites. Some websites are really big, they have a huge amount of links, so it takes much time to click all of them and to find something you really need. Then you have to save fou(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

FTP Scanner 1.2 released

FTP Scanner is a useful software which allows you to perform a file search on FTP servers. Here are some key features of FTP Scanner: * Search of files by name, date, size, mask * Search of files in real-time, as well as in a database of pre-indexed servers * Indexation of ser(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

New version 3.2 of nfsAxe - popular Windows NFS Client and NFS server!

LabF, Tampere, Finland New version 3.2 of nfsAxe - popular Windows NFS Client and NFS server! February 13, 2006 For Immediate Release Contact: Petri Litmanen LabF, Finlaysoninkatu 4 B 33210 TAMPERE Phone: +358 3 260 4000 Fax: +358 3 260 4444 E-Mail: sales@LabF.com Web: http://www.LabF.c(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Exquisite and alluring look for prom season with the latest collection of www.shopshop.com

Shopshop.com, a leading Internet store of prom dresses, enhances its 2006 prom dress offering with styles of prom and formal dresses by the leading designer of Italy and France for evening wear. Shopshop.com announces the addition new line in prom dresses and evening wear from the leading Italian (Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Come Take Part in TheMediaExperiment.com

Come Take Part in TheMediaExperiment.com In the wake of the success of fellow student Alex Tew's milliondollarhomepage.com, Russell McGurk has decided to create his own website with a difference. He is carrying out an online experiment in the form of TheMediaExperiment.com. Just what is the expe(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Get an Experts View Before You Buy that eBook or Internet System

Lakeland, Florida, 2/16/06 - So many times it seems that people looking to learn something about the internet are disappointed. They purchase a "How To" eBook or an Internet System only to find that it does not solve their problem or fit their needs. Now you can read objective reviews by a tru(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Conquering the Fear of Do it Yourself Patents!

Dallas Texas, February 16, 2006 – "You Invent It,.. We Protect It!" conquers the feared subject of “Do it Yourself Patents”! with special guest Don Debelak author of "How to Bring a Product to Market for Less than $5,000" and Entrepreneur Magazine’s "Bringing Your Product to Market." Every I(Added: Tue Feb 14 2006)

Optenet S.A. and WebWhile, Inc. launch new site for the Optenet PC Parental Control Web Filter

Feasterville, PA and Madrid, Spain. (February 15, 2006) –More and more news stories are exposing the dangers of surfing the Internet unprepared. The simple internet content filters that manually index lists of websites are becoming more and more obsolete, as the Internet continues to grow at astrono(Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

Immitating ideas of Milliondollarhomepage?

Selling a piece of "land" on the Internet is a very old-fashionable idea but Tinh Tran still wants to look for any chance left behind the most sucessful stories. Thousanddollarlogo.com is selling its space for business logos and trademark for the next 45 years till Tinh Tran dies. He aims to get (Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)


Web host provider FlexiHostings (flexihostings.net) announced today it has unveil a new Web Front (www.flexihostings.net) to simplify and assist existing customers and potential customers select the relevant product the company has to offer quickly. This new web front lets visitors identify which(Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

Asia Pacific to hold 44% of WiMAX market by 2009

The leading cellular service provider and mobile handset manufacturing company Alcatel is taking various measures to consolidate its position in the Indian handset market. Alcatel is going to utilize its wireless technology for providing high-speed telecommunications all over the world. It is also g(Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

A new option in online advertising forms from ebaygoogle.net

ebaygoogle.net – Press Release For Immediate Release "Rarely have I seen any really great advertising created without a certain amount of confusion, throw-aways, bent noses, irritation and downright cursedness." --- Leo Burnett. Advertising On-Line – A new option in online advertising forms (Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

The New LoveOnALeaf.com Gives Gardeners an Opportunity to Grow

MALVERNE, NY, February 8, 2006 – The creators of TheCelebrityCafe.com proudly announce the introduction of the new LoveOnALeaf.com. The site offers useful information for anyone with a green thumb – from the novice gardener to the established professional. Visitors communicate with one another via(Added: Mon Feb 13 2006)

Tecnick.com goes Open Source.

Tecnick.com company today announced that all its products are now available under an Open Source License. Quartu Sant'Elena (CA), ITALY, February 15, 2006 -- Tecnick.com S.r.l. [http://www.tecnick.com], a leading provider of award-winning Web Software, today announced that all its products are no(Added: Sun Feb 12 2006)

Reprint-Content.com launch - free reprint content article database provides copyright free material

Kaizen Publishing Inc. is very pleased to announce the launch of its free reprint article directory - http://www.reprint-content.com. This newest addition to its family of virtual properties provides users with fully searchable access to a rapidly growing selection of free to reprint articles. Wh(Added: Sun Feb 12 2006)


In the recent time we have seen the rise of various programs performing search of documents in various formats, information in DBMS and informational systems, email messages and other data stored both on the hard drive of a personal computer or in the local network of an enterprise, as well as in ot(Added: Fri Feb 10 2006)

Donaldson Resources Launches ProSportWatches Website

Hudson, OH – Donaldson Resources, a full service web design firm, recently introduced a new website for ProSportWatches.com, an online retailer offering Timex and Garmin sport watches, GPS watches, heart rate monitors and clocks. “Our goal was to create a site that showcased the selection of produc(Added: Fri Feb 10 2006)

Ace Internet lowers ADSL pricing.

PRESS RELEASE 10/02/06 FOR IMMEDIATE USE ----------------------- PRESS RELEASE 10/02/06 FOR IMMEDIATE USE ----------------------- Ace Internet lowers ADSL pricing. --------------------------------- Ace Internet have today lowered pricing on both their 1MB and 2MB ADSL connections. (Added: Fri Feb 10 2006)

The Directories are Dead: Long Live Business Portals!

Wednesday 25th January 2006: Webevents Europe Ltd., the specialist internet marketing company, is delighted to announce the first release of their WebFindaLocal portal, specifically designed for smaller companies seeking online presence and awareness of their national and international competition. (Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

Mequoda Group Announces 2006 Media Website Design Award Winners

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact: Kim Mateus, Managing Editor Mequoda Group 121 Boston Post Rd. Sudbury, MA 01776 (800) 901-3556 Kim@Mequoda.com Mequoda Group Announces the 2006 Media Website Design Award Winners Sudbury, MA—February 9, 2006— Mequoda Group announced(Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)

Avoiding the ‘Google death penalty’

Avoiding the ‘Google death penalty’ The news that the internet giant has banned the German BMW site from its search results for alleged dubious search engine marketing techniques, shows how important it is to work with and understand search engines. The North East Regional Portal (TNERP) marketin(Added: Thu Feb 09 2006)
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