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Top 10 Cool Season Edible Flowers

Added: (Fri Jan 26 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - If you keep picking the roses, your plant is going to keep blooming for you.We have a nice little dwarf rose bush in our garden and we love it. The petals are edible and have a variety of uses like making essence of rose.

7. Petunia

Petunias make great ground cover plants. We have quite a few of them during throughout our yard and one of my favorites is called the sugar daddy petunia. Yes, they are edible flowers. They look awesome in a salad, You can sugar coat them, candy them (like we’ll talk about later on down the list) and so much more!

They have a very beautiful trumpeting bloom that makes an incredible garnish. It taste just like a salad; yet it has a little bit of sweetness to it and a fun indescribable flavor.

6. Lavender

We grow these in out in our front yard and the HOA loves them! Now the trick to growing these flowers is: Cool Season, Full Sun. If you have it in full sun in the cool season it will produce a nice full set of blooms. With Lavender I don’t eat them just straight off the plant, What I usually do is I take those flower heads and I mix them in with the lemonade. That's my favorite way to eat this particular edible flower.

5. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is going to start blooming typically a little bit later. We grow these in full sun and we eat them while they are in the bud stage. There are dwarf varieties that produce beautiful little florets that we adore and some of these are even early bloomers.

4. Dianthus

Dianthus is another great one. I like throwing these in our salads. There’s more about these flowers that we can give to you if you click this link. This is a low growing flower with a beautiful pink hue that is a great splash of color for your garden.

They have a bit of a peppery flavor to them and we really only eat the petals. The back part of that flower we usually don’t eat, we just pull off the petals and toss them into our salad.

3. Viola

So the viola and really anything in that same family is a great add to the garden. It actually has some natural antihistamines in them, so if you’ve got the sniffles a viola is a great thing to grab! They come in a few different colors; I have some yellows and blues. They are similar to a pansy, but a little bit smaller than that.

These guys can be candied and used on cakes. Actually we used these guys on our gingerbread house this year. We got to bring some garden elements to that little tradition. We put some pansies on the roof and made a few little broccoli trees. We made it as part of a little competition and thought we’d win, but the world wasn’t quite ready for our candied viola gingerbread house, but we loved it and it’s a fun little add!

2. Hibiscus

If it is still sunny enough for you to be able to grow this guy there are actually a couple varieties. Now the top edible flower for the cool season is one that we keep around especially after considering its medicinal value.

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