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Swapping is the new Shopping!

Added: (Thu Sep 28 2000)

Pressbox (Press Release) - SwapServe.com is a new website which allows the easy swapping of things you don’t want for things you do. It uses the reach of the Internet to allow members to swap and sell their stuff locally, or if they wish, anywhere in the UK. Members can add swaps, make offers and negotiate deals online - all without leaving the comfort of their own home!

Swapserve.com is the only UK site that allows you to search for stuff in your area and negotiate the deal online! Members can search for swaps local to their home or their workplace and can even request to be automatically ‘Swap Alerted’ by email when local swaps are added which match their interests.

Swaps of all types can be handled on the site. One major category is the huge market for computer games. Millions of gamers have titles they have ‘played-out’. These are virtually worthless as trade-ins at gaming stores which offer little in return for games with an original price of £30-£40. This new site allows gamers to exchange games with each other at no cost. This will be of great benefit for younger members, who are typically on a limited budget and want to change games regularly.

Swappers can negotiate multiple offers for a swap at one time, accepting only those they want without feeling under any obligation. Confidentiality is maintained throughout and swappers are not under any pressure to agree to swaps.

On making a deal, email addresses are exchanged and swappers can then arrange to meet face-to-face or agree to a postal exchange. They can even use the Central Swap service by posting their swaps to SwapServe.com who will handle the exchange on their behalf. Registered post is used at all times. Use of the site is completely free unless the Central Swap service is used, when a small handling charge is made.

Swapserve.com is available now at www.swapserve.com and new members get the chance to win a personal CD player or a £50 GAME voucher in the monthly draw. There is also a further prize of a Playstation 2 in our October draw!

Information for Editors

SwapServe.com has been developed from idea to implementation in 4 months by Gary Johnston (38) of Chester and Steve Oldfield (35) of Warrington, who have worked in their spare time to produce their first website. Swapserve.com is growing steadily and they are now looking for backing to make SwapServe.com the UK’s national swap shop.

Press enquiries:
Steve Oldfield on 01925 860125/07747 033386 (steve.oldfield@swapserve.com) or Gary Johnston on 01244 381555/07977 412883 (gary.johnston@swapserve.com)

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