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PCDJ PHAT Mixes Two Audio or Video Files Simultaneously

Added: (Thu Dec 02 1999)

Pressbox (Press Release) - PCDJ PHAT Mixes Two Audio or Video Files Simultaneously; PHAT Empowers Consumers to Play MP3 or Windows Media

CLEARWATER, Fla., Dec. 1 / -- Visiosonic, Ltd., a market leader in music software for professional DJs and home music enthusiasts, today announced that PCDJ PHAT, unlike its major competition, is uniquely capable of playing or mixing two audio or video files at the same time without the stuttering or gurgling associated with typical jukebox audio players. (www.PCDJ.com)

"PCDJ PHAT is admittedly a brilliant DJ tool, but it does the job so well, why not use it just to play music or videos?," says Laura Betterly, President of Visiosonic. "Audiophiles will appreciate that PCDJ PHAT is built upon powerful music engines that automatically maintain the priority of the software above all else, making sure your music comes first.

With this new release, Visiosonic will incorporate the Microsoft Windows Media format into PCDJ PHAT. Windows Media Audio delivers CD-quality audio in files half the size of MP3. With Windows Media included, Visiosonic's PCDJ PHAT enables users to listen to Internet radio broadcasts and streaming audio.

PCDJ PHAT allows one to play and mix audio and video files, play and mix audio CDs, and even mix between an audio track and a video. Users may easily set-up a play list for auto play and PCDJ PHAT will cross-fade between tracks for a smooth blend. Plus, it comes with a fast CD ripper to make your own digital music from your CD collection.

The PCDJ PHAT player takes clear aim at both MusicMatch and RealJukebox whose jukebox software barely can play one audio file smoothly much less mix two audio or video files like PCDJ's PHAT.

Beginning today, PCDJ.com beta tests for a broadcast of a hand-selected stack of tracks for one of the most kickin', cutting edge music radio stations on the Internet. The station will play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with non-stop beats. Users can tune in at www.PCDJ.com.

Audiophiles can download PCDJ PHAT from Visiosonic's Web site at www.PCDJ.com. Users who download the product will receive free updates for life. Simply click on the free update button on the player to automatically update to the latest version.

About Visiosonic, Ltd.

The Visiosonic company is a collection of musicians, programmers and DJs working together, under one roof, committed to one thing -- developing the best music software on the planet and getting it in as many hands as possible. For more information, visit http://www.PCDJ.com.

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