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New home for those looking to holiday in pixels

Added: (Wed Feb 15 2006)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Ok, so the upsurge in pixel sites has been swift and somewhat cynical with thousands of dull copies of the original milliondollarhomepage cropping up everywhere. So whats the point, is there anything different out there?

Many of the copycat sites (ie those that look exactly like the original with no creative input whatsoever) are destined to die rather quickly - the original page is already falling down the alexa list of ranked sites.

Many feel that the only future for pixel sites are those that are aimed at becoming 'hub' sites for niche audiences, and those that offer something more than the tired concept of a small image to promote your business. This is where the site i am going to mention comes in: www.travelpixel.net

Travelpixel is solely aimed at the travel and tourism industry and as such is great as a 'hub' site to cut through the myriad of travel deals, cheap flights and city breaks that attack at every corner when searching for some elusive winter sun.

Travel Pixel is also designed from the ground up without using a script which is unfortunately what a lot of other sites have done; falling into the trap of being too dull. Travelpixel offers the novelty of three different areas of pixel: business, economy and duty free, each with their own features.

The most attractive feature by far is the opportunity to have a 1000 pixel 'superimage' with business accounts. This gets rid of the need to worry about whether your target surfer is long sighted. An excellent innovation and one that should make other pixel sites sit up and notice.

So, in conclusion, the pixel revolution has not died yet, it just needs to be refined somewhat. Travelpixel goes a fair way to doing that.


Submitted by:David Furlow
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