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MAP2K7 For the Newcomers

Added: (Fri Jan 26 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - The supernatant obtained was thereafter used for biochemical analyses. The cleaned stomachs were preserved in 0.1?M phosphate saline buffer (1:4 w/v, pH 7.4) prior to macroscopic examination selleck products and homogenization. Gastric acid output (volume) was determined in the supernatant (2?ml) by titration with 0.0025?N NaOH using Toepfer's reagent as indicator. The pH of gastric juice was determined using a pH meter, while the procedures of Sanyal et al. [21] and Corne et al. [22] were used to determine specific pepsin activity and mucin concentration respectively. Degrees of ulceration in the animals were quantified using the procedure outlined by [23]. Briefly, cleaned stomachs were pinned on a corkboard and ulcers were scored using dissecting microscope with square-grid eyepiece based on grading on a 0�C5 scale (depicting severity of vascular congestions and lesions/hemorrhagic erosions) as presented in Table 1. Areas of mucosal damage were expressed as a percentage of the total surface area of the glandular stomach estimated in square millimeters. Mean ulcer score for each animal was expressed as ulcer index (U.I) and the percentage of inhibition against ulceration was determined using the expressions: U.I?=?[Ulcerated?Area/Total?stomach?area]?X?100.U.I?=?[Ulcerated?Area/Total?stomach?area]?X?100. %Ulcer?inhibition=[U.I?in?control?-? U.I in test]?x?100/U.I?in?control.%Ulcer?inhibition=[U.I?in?control?-? U.I in test]?x?100/U.I?in?control. MAP2K7 Immediately after ulcer scoring, whole stomach tissues were ground with liquid nitrogen in a mortar. The ground tissues (0.5?g each) were then homogenized in ice cold 0.1?M phosphate saline buffer (1:4 w/v, pH 7.4) and the homogenates centrifuged at 2500?rpm for 10?min at 4?��C. The resulting supernatants were frozen at -20?��C to ensure maximum release of the enzymes located in the tissue before being used for the enzyme assay. Activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and level of lipid peroxidation measured in terms of malondialdehyde (MDA) were respectively assayed in the stomach homogenate by the methods of Marklund and Marklund [24] and Devasagayam and Tarachand [25]. Inhibition against ulceration selleckchem was expressed in percentage. Other results were expressed as mean of seven determinations?��?standard error of mean. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) complemented with Student's t-test using SPSS software package for windows (Version 16) for differences between means was used to detect any significant difference (p? Submitted by:

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