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A new option in online advertising forms from ebaygoogle.net

Added: (Mon Feb 13 2006)

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"Rarely have I seen any really great advertising created without a certain amount of confusion, throw-aways, bent noses, irritation and downright cursedness." --- Leo Burnett.

Advertising On-Line – A new option in online advertising forms from ebaygoogle.net………

Oklahoma: Everything is in readiness after all the throw-aways, bent noses, confusion and irritation – M.L. Grier, entrepreneur and owner of GrierWorld has succeeded in putting together the peerless concept and powerful tool to empower the online advertising industry with non-perpetual pixel advertising through his new venture – ebaygoogle. This only and first ever advertising concept is positioned to replace pay per click form of advertising that seems to have managed to get a strangle hold over the online marketing industry. As the name suggests – it aims at lending the marketability of eBay and popularity of Google to small business websites.

Promoted by GrierWorld, a successful web hosting provider with an exposure to retail sales through their group’s shoe store in Oklahoma City, ebaygoogle is all set to go online on 14.02.2006, Valentine’s Day. The launch plan includes offers to put up your paid advertisements for a maximum of 3 months and free advertisements with backlinks for a period of 12 months. The advertisements have a shelf life to enable and encourage small and medium business owners to have maximum short time exposure within their limited budgets and discourage large businesses from buying out the space and de-motivating GrierWorld to market ebaygoogle.net.

The costs have been fixed at single sale ROI estimates. Small businesses can recover their advertising costs at ebaygoogle by getting just one sale from the advertisement. All the more reason to advertise with ebaygoogle is to get free exposure for the rest of the period; after all there is no medium of online advertising that cannot bring you one sale in 3 months if the advertisement is right and appealing.

Ebaygoogle is slated to be advertised on all online platforms – all search engines and pay per click platforms. This means that the exposure of any advertisement with ebaygoogle will go a long way in getting a small online business, search engine optimization and exposure. Ebaygoogle is also planning a host of other networking strategies to give a small business the exposure he needs at a much lower cost than pay per click advertising and thus driving more targeted traffic to advertised websites.

Mr. M.L. Grier said “We are inspired by the MillionDollarHomepage of Mr. Alex Tew, whose plan was to advertise his site until he got a million dollars. Our goal is to provide a way for new web blogs all the way up to large corporations like coke and apple to promote their websites, new products, generate traffic, and enhance goodwill in the public eye. Like all other pixel advertising websites, we will never offer lifetime advertising because we do want to lose interest in advertising our very own ebaygoogle”.

Submitted by:M.L. Grier
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