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George W Bush and Nelson Mandela support Peace Parks with Goodlot

Goodlot.com/NPL of the Netherlands presents Mandela with Euro 4-million for Peace Parks Foundation 17-07-2003 The Euro 4-million gift is especially significant as it follows shortly on the honour bestowed on Peace Parks Foundation by the US Congress, who last night adopted a resolution supporti(Added: Fri Jul 18 2003)

Former Rumsfeld staffer Karen Kwiatkowski grants very exclusive interview with Michael Corbin on A C popular

Denver, CO -- July 17, 2003 -- The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is characterized by mystery during the unprecidented War on Terror, a war that may never end according to Secretary Rumsfeld himself . Rumors fly about the secrecy behind the develpment and implementation of Middle East pol(Added: Thu Jul 17 2003)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Toronto Canada, July 15, 2003 – Gay!Evolution (g!e), a gay-owned and operated company, today announced their goal to gather one million “coming out” stories to create the world’s largest repository of first-person history. “To further discover where you are, you(Added: Tue Jul 15 2003)

Drinking water for disaster and remote areas

Sistecam S.A. has started a new program to provide potable water to areas and people who can not access equipment or disinfectants for drinking water. The goal is to be able to provide water purifier in a concentrated form to potablize water in these locations at no cost to the communities. Parties(Added: Mon Jul 14 2003)

NATO's Chief Says Relations with Kazakhstan to "Help Stabilize World"

WASHINGTON, JULY 10 - NATO's Secretary General Lord Robertson, on a visit to Kazakhstan July 10, praised the country for the support of the peacekeeping mission in Iraq and said the relations between Kazakhstan and the Alliance can help stabilize the global situation. "I would like to commend Ka(Added: Thu Jul 10 2003)

Kazakhstan Fights Human Trafficking

WASHINGTON, July 10 - President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan signed the amendments into the Criminal Code expanding the legal basis for prosecuting trafficking in humans, a senior administration official announced July 10. Deputy head of the presidential administration Igor Rogov said that (Added: Thu Jul 10 2003)

Experience the Variety of the Western Cape Winelands – In the Lap of Luxury

A luxury travel company specializing in fully customized holidays in Africa is offering four different routes through the famous South African vineyards. London-based Feather Travel is offering a golf route, picnic route, museums and monuments route and brandy route, allowing guests to experience(Added: Wed Jul 09 2003)

The Global Railway, a 21st Century web hub for online reservations

SUMMARY: The Global Railway web hub for online reservations continues to expand its portfolio of outstanding rail destinations. Travellers will soon be able to download (free of charge) the full Journeys 2003 electronic (.pdf) brochure, plan your journey off-line, and then invoke the .pdf brochure(Added: Wed Jul 02 2003)

Volunteer for an Eco-Spiritual Tour of the Himalayan MountainsVolunteer for an Eco-Spiritual Tour of

Press Release Contact Person: Chris Perry, President 561-266-0096; email global@pbglobal.net Volunteer for an Eco-Spiritual Tour of the Himalayan Mountains DELRAY BEACH – July 1, 2003 - Combine parts of the Peace Corps, Earthwatch and New Age Spirituality, and you get Global Eco-Spiritu(Added: Tue Jul 01 2003)

Gaiacomm: Open letter to the People of the United States of America!

Gaiacomm: Open letter to the People of United States of America It is quite apparent by the events that are unfolding worldwide that a more creative approach is required to “shock” the world into a state of awareness. We can write essays, try to contact our senators, business leaders, all forms(Added: Sun Jun 29 2003)

The Bering Strait - a 21st Century frontier? popular

SUMMARY: A special 95-page report issued by THE GLOBAL RAILWAY examines attempts in the last 150 years to cross the 53-mile Bering Strait between the USA and Russia. Since Cold War's end, there is renewed interest in establishing cross-strait relations and cooperation. Flights were inaugurated in 19(Added: Fri Jun 27 2003)

Boom in new cars drives forward China's electronics industry popular

Hong Kong, 27th June 2003 - China is expected to produce over a million automobiles in 2004, almost 2% of the world total, according to business intelligence consultancy Fusion Consulting. The company's China-based Industrial and Logistics practice analysts expect this figure to rise to 1.7 mill(Added: Fri Jun 27 2003)

Save the Lemmings popular

In 1958 DISNEY imported Lemmings for use in the film White Wilderness purchased from Inuit children by the filmmakers. The Arctic rodents were placed on a snow-covered turntable and filmed from various angles to produce a "migration" sequence; afterwards, the helpless creatures were transported to a(Added: Wed Jun 25 2003)

India Tours, Online Travel Agency in India, Travel Agents in India, Tour and Travel in India, Travel popular

Le Passage to India, leading online travel agents in India offer the most economical tour packages to India. On their official website www.lepassagetoindia.com they offer the most convenient hotels booking and packages that complete your tour and travel in India with absolute excitement. The vast la(Added: Tue Jun 17 2003)

New Campaign says: "Paris Transit Strike? You'd Feel BETTER On A Bike!"

NERCC -- National Equal Rights for Cyclists Campaign www.CycleMedia.org 760-528-0528 (USA) ercc@cyclemedia.org PRESS RELEASE -- for immediate distribution Contact: Ms. Lauren Cooper, Director 760-753-2531 (US Pacific Time) ================================== New Campaign s(Added: Mon Jun 16 2003)

India Hotel Reservation, India Hotels, India Discounted Hotel Bookings, Online Hotel Bookings in Ind popular

ERCO Hotels now offers easy hotel reservation in India for the most relaxed accommodation. With convenient online hotel bookings in India it is also possible to search for economical hotels to suit your pocket and make your holidays absolutely memorable in India. Discounted hotel bookings are made a(Added: Mon Jun 16 2003)

India Travel Agents, India Hotel reservations, India Tour Operator packages, Airfares within India,

Explore India, the vast land of opulence and splendor with the leading Indian travel agents, Trans India Holidays on their official website www.transindiaholidays.com. You can find easy online hotel reservations in India at the most appealing prices with the most economical India tour operator packa(Added: Mon Jun 16 2003)

Mission peace in India- a reality? Get the real picture on www.peace4world.org popular

Will the coming days see an ‘azad’ Jammu & Kashmir? India and Pakistan’s dispute over Kashmir has been an on-going battle for both the countries since the past 55 years. Many innocent have been mercilessly slaughtered over the Kashmir conflict. Are you tired of biased opinions from the Indian govern(Added: Mon Jun 16 2003)

How to Secure A Second Home in New Zealand

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, June 16, 2003 – A key supplement to the #1 selling report on living, working or investing in New Zealand, as ranked by leading internet information provider Clickbank-Keynetics, has just gotten better. The supplemental report entitled "Making New Zealand Your Second Home (tm(Added: Wed Jun 11 2003)

Wahhabis: Media Has Not Portrayed Us AccuratelyWahhabis: Media Has Not Portrayed Us Accurately

Wahhabi Scholars and Speakers Answer Accusations Made Against Wahhabism Wahhabis are not mentioned in a fair light, because they do not organize themselves to counter claims that are made in the media, says the author of “The ‘Wahhabi’ Myth.” Haneef James Oliver, a histor(Added: Tue Jun 10 2003)

The dream is for sale.... popular

Gites-in-France.co.uk - the French Holiday rentals site - are announcing the launch of their Gites for Sale section. Following the recent upsurge in interest of Gites, the site now publishes a good selection of gites and gites complexes. These properties offer a "French" lifestyle with income.(Added: Mon Jun 09 2003)


In response to the humanitarian need and to protect evidence, forensic scientists are working in Iraq while hostilities continue. The team from the Bournemouth University-based Inforce Foundation, led by Professor Margaret Cox, includes 8 forensic scientists covering geophysics, anthropology, archae(Added: Sun Jun 08 2003)

Teaching English in Japan: Myth, Magic, or Mistake? popular

For Release 9 a.m. CST June 4, 2003 Poppular Publishing founded to print and distribute Teaching English in Japan: Myth, Mistake or Magic? Book written to help recent college graduates to decide whether they should pursue any of the thousands of teaching positions available in Japan. GREE(Added: Thu Jun 05 2003)


The Russell Bedford group of CPA firms has continued the expansion of its North American coverage by welcoming a new member firm in San Francisco, California. The new member is Pohl, McNabola, Berg & Company LLP (PMB), consultants and certified public accountants. PMB was founded in 1986 and i(Added: Wed Jun 04 2003)

CarRentOnline launches its online car rental booking system, giving customers an option to book a ca popular

CarRentOnline, a US company, has recently launched www.carrentonline.com to enable all travellers search for a car at their desired location and book it safely via Internet online. CarRentOnline is actually not a newcomer to travel industry. For a few years, this company has already operated as(Added: Sat May 31 2003)


Introduces Emergency Office Support For Business Consultants Traveling In Europe PARIS, May 30, 2003 - Weary, English-speaking business travelers can rest easier now that MotionTemps, LLC, today has announced new services that will provide emergency support to busy consultants who find themselve(Added: Fri May 30 2003)

Petrified Wood bathtub popular

Mega Gem Sarl Petrified Wood Bathtub Mega Gem Sarl is pleased to announce that it has completed a bathtub made from a single tree trunk of Petrified Wood. This unique bathtub, believed to be the only one of its kind in the world, was created with the highest quality standards in mind and will be (Added: Wed May 28 2003)

Antolini Luigi & Mega Gem Sarl popular

Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.A Exclusive Distribution agreement June 01, 2003 -- Mega Gem Sarl is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement for our Semi-Precious Stone Slabs with Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.A. Mega Gem Sarl Manufacturer of Semi – Precious mineral Slabs, Tile(Added: Wed May 28 2003)

Mad Cow Disease in Canada Stampedes Beef Consumers To Buy Wild Game & Exotic Meat popular

CANADA - The alarming discovery of Mad Cow Disease in Canada has beef eaters everywhere in North America worried about the health hazards. As a result, many beef consumers are turning to wild game and exotic meats such as northern elk as a safe alternative to eating BSE-tainted meat. The Mad C(Added: Mon May 26 2003)

Immigrating to Canada? Obtain a Canadian secured VISA Credit Card popular

ATT: IMMIGRANTS – NEW TO CANADA If you are planning to immigrate to Canada from Great Britain, the United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia or any other parts of Europe, South America or Asia, you will need to establish your Canadian credit history in your new homeland. Unfortunately, you w(Added: Mon May 26 2003)
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