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UCKG Australia Making The Difference

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) in Australia held in this past weekend, a seminar where hundreds of people could learn how to obtain life-changing results through an intelligent faith in God. "I learned that faith in God should not exist as a synonymous of religiousness, fanaticis(Added: Mon Jun 06 2005)

Nepali people oppose land mines Deaths

Nepali people oppose land mines Deaths Kamala Sarup At least 55 people were killed and dozens more wounded today in Nepal when a crowded bus detonated a land mine planted by Maoists. Maoist are displaying an increasing readiness to use landmines in attacking army and civilians, as well as infr(Added: Mon Jun 06 2005)

Splena: FDA's Bloody Treason, Attys for Tate & Lyle Gag UK Readers on Major Health Site

What a ghastly insane spectacle! A decadent venal bureaucracy created to protect us, consenting to our murder in base bondage to drug pushers. Big drug pushers like Johnson & Johnson. Viox, Celebrex, Baycol, Tamoxifen, statins and aspartame devastate innocent citizens, fill hospitals and grav(Added: Mon Jun 06 2005)

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Eco Tourism India,Tourism in India,Eco hotels in India,Eco travel India

Eco Tourism India,Tourism in India,Eco hotels in India,Eco travel India,Eco Tourism in India,Wildlife Sanctuaries India,Wildlife in India,Wildlife tours India,Wildlife resorts India,Stay in Jungle India(Added: Mon Jun 06 2005)

Air Tickets India,Air Tickets to India,Cheap Flights India,Air fares India

Air Tickets India,Air Tickets to India,Cheap Flights India,Air fares India,Holidays India Tour Packages,India Hotels Bookings and All india Travel Services, India Visa(Added: Mon Jun 06 2005)

War Threatens the Earth

War Threatens the Earth (World Earth Day special) Kamala Sarup On April 22 every year we celebrate the World Earth Day. Every year the Earth Day's Peace Bell ceremony at the UN brings together leaders from countries around the world to promote understanding and choosing the ways of peace(Added: Sun Jun 05 2005)

Don't Make Profit On HIV Drugs

Don't Make Profit On HIV Drugs By Kamala Sarup Asian countries are struggling to cope with the growing HIV/Aids epidemic because they do not have the same access to the new and expensive drugs used in the western countries. In countries where no free drugs are provided, the problem is worse. (Added: Sun Jun 05 2005)

Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal- Making Nepal Unique Kamala Sarup An Eco-Tourism based economy features steady, vigorous competition among those who provide the money and take the risks and benefits of ownership. They buy equipment, goods and labor services to create tourism for sale. "Buy cheap and sell(Added: Sun Jun 05 2005)

Economics Minister Visits North West For Tourism Talks

ON Friday 10th June 2005, Latvia’s Minister of Economics, Dr Krisjanis Karins, is to pay a special visit to the North of England to highlight the links between the region and his country. Appropriately, the venue will be Manchester, a city well known for its booming economy. What’s less well known i(Added: Sun Jun 05 2005)

From Mission Possible Aviation, Save A Pilot Month, Aspartame

FROM MISSION POSSIBLE AVIATION: June is Save A Pilot Month PILOT ALERT: BY Russell Blaylock, M.D., Neurosurgeon In light of the deaths of several American Airline pilots who were heavy users of aspartame ( one had a stroke), Dr. Blaylock has provided this pilot alert. Missio(Added: Sat Jun 04 2005)

One Night in Paris, France: Enjoying the City of Light in just two days popular

Paris, France remains one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The City of Light offers visitors a wide range of sensual delights. Travel writer Joan Fitting Scott captures the sights, sounds and smells in her new travel story for www.Travel-Wise.com - "Where Smart Ttravelers Come First!(Added: Sat Jun 04 2005)

Mexican Handcrafts, Rustic Furniture and Taxco Silver at Mexico Trade Monitor Directory

Mexico Trade Monitor. Making it easy for you to do business with Mexico at Mextrademonitor.com.mx + Get access to hard to find low cost suppliers + Get in touch with Mexican suppliers that you probably won't find on the web. + Suppliers of beautiful and lucrative hand crafted products li(Added: Sat Jun 04 2005)

Bhutanese refugees and the int’l community

Bhutanese refugees and the int’l community By Kamala Sarup Kamala Sarup As Bhutanese King Jigme Singye Wangchuk, chief guest at India's Republic Day function last week, arrived in New Delhi, Bhutanese refugees and rights activists staged a rally at the UN headquarters at New York to draw (Added: Sat Jun 04 2005)

Poverty Eradication Through Media Is Possible?

Poverty Eradication Through Media Is Possible? By Kamala Sarup It is amazing to some people that in the super-rich U.S., millions of tons of surplus food is kept in storage at great expense as a result of farm support policies while people in the U.S. and around the world go hungry. The ration(Added: Sat Jun 04 2005)

War Is Hateful But Is Peace Possible?

War Is Hateful But Is Peace Possible? By Kamala Sarup, On the abolition of war, the 20th century was the bloodiest ever. Then why think that peace loving efforts will make it any better in the 21st or 22nd century? From all the evidence, Game Theory, the League of Nations, the Declaration (Added: Sat Jun 04 2005)

Failing Memories, Stolen Secrets

Why you need to switch on your memory to keep your personal details secure How strong are your computer passwords? How safe are your data files, your emails, your internet banking details? How easy would it be for a thief to guess your new Chip and Pin number? Unless you're extremely careful in yo(Added: Fri Jun 03 2005)

Nepal safeland for tourists and volunteers

My name is Gary Rogers and I arrived in Kathmandu from England a week ago, to spend four months as a volunteer teacher for VSN. I was aware of the political events accruing in Nepal before I arrived and have seen plenty armed police and military since being here. However, I have spent to many Nepal(Added: Thu Jun 02 2005)

Independent Musicians merge for successful collaborations in 2005 and 2006.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Independent Musicians merge for successful collaborations in 2005 and 2006. Paradice Music began as the personal music label of Louis Lamp in March of 2004. Paradice Music is now involved in promoting works from Jimmy Caterine, Louis Lamp and Michael Jordet. Why the (Added: Wed Jun 01 2005)

Real Estate and Property listings now streamed through RSS

www.4rentinnyc.com and www.4saleinnyc.com now offers RSS syndication of property listings for the New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia area. Syndication was developed by Link u Realty(www.linkusystems.com) and NetSolutions(www.netsolutionsgroup.net), for 4rentinnyc.com and 4saleinnyc.com. RS(Added: Tue May 31 2005)

"Lost" Folio From Battle Of Stalingrad Surfaces After 61 Years

A precious folio, housed in an exquisite carved walnut box and presented to the chief swordsmith of Wilkinson Sword in 1944 has surfaced in the UK. It was presented by the citizens of Stalingrad to the legendary Tom Beasley who crafted the renowned "Sword of Honour" The folio, one of only a fe(Added: Tue May 31 2005)

yeminlitercuman.com tercüme çeviri ANKARA İSTANBUL İZMİR popular

yeminlitercuman.com tercüme çeviri ANKARA İSTANBUL İZMİR Translation in all languages in Ankara, Turkey www.yeminlitercuman.com Tel: 0312 430 53 01 Fax: 0312 430 53 04 ae@yeminlitercuman.com ++ (Added: Tue May 31 2005)

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi to Turn 60 Under House Arrest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi to Turn 60 Under House Arrest “Candles for Burma” Campaign Lets Supporters Send Birthday Greetings to World’s Only Imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize Winner (San Francisco, CA) Ethical Traveler and the Burmese American Democratic Alliance (BAD(Added: Mon May 30 2005)

island at the bottom of the world

Odyssey a story of indelible might When I climbed the Alps last year it wasn’t long before I found myself climbing in the Himalayas- from modernization in some of the most beautiful parts of the world that I have seen to the tingling glaciers in words gone by- But what is so special ab(Added: Mon May 30 2005)

BC Provincial Parks: Hiking on top on the world at Cathedral Lakes in Canadian Rockies

Cathedral Provincial Park in British Columbia is one of the greatest natural locations to tour in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. ""It's like being on top of the world!" pronounce Jane and Brent Cassie, as they take their final steps onto the rim trail where their panoramic sights included distant sum(Added: Sun May 29 2005)

Conservation Award Recognizes Heroism in Congo Basin

Conservation in Times of Conflict Abraham Award to Recognize DRC’s Heroic Wildlife Protectors NEW YORK, May 27, 2005 –– The Congolese Institute for the Protection of Nature (ICCN), the Alexander Abraham Foundation and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) present the annual Abraham Conservati(Added: Fri May 27 2005)

Villa Holiday or Package Holiday

Villa Holiday Versus Package Holiday Everybody knows someone who has been on one and an awful lot of people have been on one themselves. Yes we are talking about the age old Package holiday. The safest, most common holiday. Package holidays have been around for years and I am sure everyone will k(Added: Fri May 27 2005)

Guaranteed Canadian credit card approves all Canadians for secured MasterCard in Canada popular

A new secured Mastercard from HorizonPlus - a division of Peoples Trust - is guaranteeing Canadians throughout Canada approval on their credit card application. This Canadian secured credit card is perfect for any Canadian resident, older than 19, who has bad credit or no credit h(Added: Fri May 27 2005)

Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!

Deliverance at the Revelation of Jesus Christ “Go on rejoicing . . . that you may rejoice and be overjoyed also during the revelation of his glory.”—1 PETER 4:13. JEHOVAH has enriched his Witnesses with many gifts. As our Grand Instructor, he has enlightened us with a fullness of knowledge con(Added: Fri May 27 2005)

Jehovah's witnesses and the UN

In 1991 one of our legal corporations registered with the United Nations as a NGO (non-governmental organization) for the sole purpose of getting access to the extensive library of the United Nations. This enabled a writer who received an identification card, to enter their library for research purp(Added: Thu May 26 2005)
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