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Silverline Europe Unveils Collaborative Applications for Financial Services and Engineering Sectors

Added: (Wed Jun 27 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Warwick, UK and Piscataway, NJ, USA – (June 25, 2001) – Silverline Technologies Limited (NYSE: SLT and SLT.Pr), an international software development and integration services firm, announced today a partnership with Intraspect Software, Inc., the c-businesssm leader, to provide clients with collaboration software based on Intraspect’s technology platform. Silverline Europe also announced that it had built a number of Intraspect-based collaborative software applications for the Financial Services and Engineering sectors.
Using Intraspect’s collaborative platform, Silverline has designed a number of applications targeted at specific vertical sectors—Virtual Deal Room, for managing investment projects and Virtual Engineering Studio/Virtual Programme Office for managing complex software and engineering projects. These applications are based on Silverline’s consulting experience in the financial services and discrete manufacturing and engineering sectors.
The partnership underscores an increasing trend toward enterprises collaborating with external constituents—suppliers, customers and partners—as they pursue day-to-day business. Traditional collaboration tools, however, are proprietary and limit the groups with which one can collaborate. People have to work around these limitations, by conducting business in face-to-face meetings or teleconferences. The Silverline applications use Intraspect’s web-based collaboration system and do not have those restrictions, making business easy-to-conduct for almost anyone with a browser.
For example, with Intraspect, users can post a document to their ‘collaboration group’, inform each member that the document is available and what format it is in—whether it is a word processing document, drawing or some other form. The system can notify each member in a variety of ways, including eMail or weekly notification reports. Group members can then discuss the information in an online forum.
Silverline has deployed Intraspect’s software throughout its European operation to collaborate on business development and client project implementation. Silverline delivers its services through a global network of software development centres—this means that effective collaboration is essential for quality service delivery.
“Since our relationship with Intraspect began, we have already seen results with our own internal applications,” said Chris Baker, Managing Director, Silverline Technologies Europe. “The Intraspect system is an excellent platform for sharing information, building knowledge and collaborating. By building our own packaged applications on the Intraspect platform, we are able to offer our clients effective collaborative software that provide compelling business returns.”
Intraspect’s relationship with Silverline is one of series of partnerships—each targeted at a specific vertical or business sector. According to Dan French, European Vice President, Intraspect Europe, “For financial services and engineering sector clients, Silverline’s Virtual Deal Room, Virtual Engineering and Virtual Programme Office applications will help reap the benefits and competitive advantage from Intraspect’s collaboration technology.”
Silverline’s Virtual Deal Room application is aimed at investment banks or venture capitalists that need to respond to investment requests. The Virtual Deal Room creates an environment for businesses, their clients and their partners to establish a secure digital workspace, quickly and easily, to collaborate around specific transactions—saving time and leading to better investment decisions.
The Virtual Engineering and Virtual Programme Office enable and enhance complex product introduction. By providing a collaborative environment for the people involved in this process, Silverline’s Intraspect-based solution reduces time-to-market and helps enhance product quality. All those involved, such as project managers, finance directors, engineers and designers, have access to a central collaborative group memory, where they can discuss, share and create components related to the design process.

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