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Added: (Sat Sep 15 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Master the Big 3 of
product, site-selling,
and traffic-building,
and there's simply no way to fail.
Your Web site either makes the sale, or it doesn't.
Ninety-nine out of a hundred sites still don't get the order.

We blame that on suspicious, scared Web-consumers.
Make Your Site SELL! 2002 is about joining the
one in a hundred who sell, really sell, on the Net.
And the newly expanded, updated MYSS! 2002 Edition

shows you how to sell better than ever!

An entire "Internet Generation" of netrepreneurs
is already profiting from the MYSS! original edition.
If you are one of them...


MYSS! 2002

If you are not one of them,
continue down this page instead.

SITE-SELL, No Matter What...
No matter what you offer on the Web, your site must SELL!
Are you selling digital goods like software, video games, or info-products?
Do you sell freezers to Eskimos (to store the ice you sold them), or other hard-good widgets?
Got a store with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of items to sell?
Think there's no way you could sell hamburgers on the Web? Why not use your site to sell visitors on registering for "digital discount coupons" for your "special of the month"?! Just print and present one to the restaurant "nearest you!"
Maybe you're looking to expand regional sales into global distribution?
Or do you want to generate leads for your OEM business?
Are you considering adding an online profit-center to take advantage of your existing offline store's infrastructure (1-800 number, warehouse, inventory, database, etc.)? A no-brainer... if you do it right!
Or... has your own profitable Web site just been a dream until now? Well, everyone's an expert on something!
Think! Brainstorm a little. Can you offer... world-class consulting services on your special area of expertise?
special travel services, like bike tours through the Andes?
unique info-products, based on knowledge from your job or hobby?
Multi-national corporation? Entrepreneur with an idea? It doesn't matter. Here's the bottom line...
No matter what you want your Web site to sell,
Make Your Site SELL! 2002 (MYSS! 2002) shows you how,
like no other book or program ever has.
When you use the battle-proven strategies in this digital book, you will attract motivated, targeted customers to your Web site. Then you will sell them.
If you already have a Web site, MYSS! 2002 will show you how to eliminate all the problems that are killing your sales.
If you don't have a Web site yet, terrific! No errors to correct. MYSS! 2002 will show you how to convert a blank piece of "digital paper" into a site that truly sells.
Click & hold on box below.
"...one of the most significant downloads
of my business life." Les Booth, boothl@vet.purdue.edu -- Communications/Web"Downloading MYSS! will prove to be one of the mostsignificant downloads of my business life ... I am NOTkidding!!I have been involved in marketing for 25 years and havebeen involved with the Web since it began and I haveNEVER seen anyone put the WHOLE picture together withsuch simple clarity.And that's true REGARDLESS of whether one is selling aproduct, offering a service, or, as I do, develop onlinecourses for the Dept. of Basic Medical Sciences at PurdueUniversity."
Click here to see what others are saying about MYSS! and MYSS! 2002.
It's All Under Your Control
Launching a Web business is far simpler than a "real-world business." To succeed in a Web-based venture, you only have to make good on three STEPS, each one directly under your control...
STEP 1 -- Develop a great product -- position it for Web sales.
STEP 2 -- Build a site that really sells.
STEP 3 -- Attract targeted traffic to the site.
If you master "The Big 3," your Web biz must succeed. Why?... Because there are no other variables.
Here are two simple examples of everyday people who mastered the Big 3 by following the original edition of MYSS!...
"We made a few changes...
and were able to save a horse farm..."
Wayne Yeager, President, Websites, Inc.
http://www.trafficology.com/ wbyeager@home.com
Wayne Yeager founded UnclaimedDomains.com, and his Trafficology.com (one of the Web's top 100,000 sites) has been called "the best traffic newsletter around."
I'm a big fan of Make Your Site Sell from way back. My old UnclaimedDomains.com site was a confusing mess until I read your ebook. I built sales up to $30,000 a month. My site eventually became so popular, internet.com acquired it last March for a tidy sum.
Because of that, my wife and I were able to buy a 312 acre horse farm in Kentucky that was about to be bulldozed for a subdivision. Did you ever imagine that your little ebook would have that sort of effect on the world?
-- Wayne Yeager
"Without your help..."
Les McKeown, President & CEO, Deliver The Promise
Our little business took in just under $15,000 last week, and without your help Julie and I would never had achieved that. Here's the important part - without your obvious sincerity and graciousness, I would never have read (let alone implemented) the MYSS! principles all those years ago.
-- Les McKeown
Yes, if you master the Big 3, you will succeed. Of course, the "catch" is that you must succeed at all three!
MYSS! 2002 Masters the Big 3
Originally, we intended to market three completely separate books, one for each critical STEP. But it was simply too important that you get all 3 STEPS right. It's just too messy to take one idea from here... and a bit from there.
To truly succeed, you need a comprehensive, cohesive approach that works. So...
We include it all in MYSS! 2002. There was simply no ethical alternative -- think of it this way...
Mastery of any single STEP would be useless without the other two pieces of the puzzle. For example... Got a bad product, but a great sales-site and solid traffic? You'll be a short-lived opportunist, at best.
Or, do you have a killer site and a wonderful product... but no traffic? You're equally finished. No doubt about it...
If you want to generate significant Web sales... ...
you must fit all three pieces together perfectly! You must excel at all three STEPS.
So the MYSS! 2002 package includes it all, mastery of all three STEPS...
Product development, positioning, and testing
Little has been written on this all-important topic. Thoroughly track-tested-and-proven, this digital volume explains it all in simple and practical terms.
"Experts" (writers who've never sold anything) have written books on site design, on technical implementations, and on countless other e-commerce topics. But this is the first and only comprehensive book that says, from actual experience...
"Here... Here is exactly how to make your site SELL!"
There has been a ton of literature on this, most of it wrong or 2-3 years behind-the-times. This book narrows it down to what works, and how to accomplish it in the real world, now. Equally important, it steers you away from all the time-wasting strategies that are so widely marketed.
"That's great, only 3 STEPS to master," you say.
"But exactly how do I succeed at them???"
How to Absolutely Nail the Big 3
First, Develop a Great Product...
Of The Big 3 (product, site-selling, traffic-building), product is the most controllable. You either have a good product or you don't. If your product is poor, or wrong for the Web, you have two choices...
Drop it and get a new one... a great one.
Improve it or reposition it so that it's "right for the Web."
Whatever you do, don't try to get away with selling a bad product on the Web. First, it's just not ethical. But also, your life will be a misery of e-mail bombs and people spreading the word. And it just doesn't spread any faster than on the Internet!
The enlarged 77-page volume on products for the Web covers...
1) Great Products that SELL on the Web
This discusses the highest potential products/product categories. Topics include...
The Best Digital & Knowledge-Based Goods
Hard Goods... Only Certain Kinds
Where to find products?
So What's Selling Now? And what's not?
2) 16-Point Product Evaluation Checklist
Is your product appropriate for sale on the Web? How to evaluate, and re-position, your products for Web-worthiness.
3) How to Develop Your Own Products
If you control your product, you control everything. (And if knowledge is your product, learn how to develop an e-book... one that sells!)
4) Bad Products -- Why Bother?
With endless opportunities out there, why do it wrong? Repeat sales are the key to success. You don't get repeat sales if you sell bad products.
5) Setting the Price...
Your pricing decision can make or break you...
How and Why to Price High
How and Why to Price Low
6) How to Test A Product, Free!
Need a quick and free way to test-market your product on the Web, free? Be sure before launching a full rollout.
7) Ways to scope out your competition!
How to get the dirt on competitors you know about... and gain insights from competitors you don't know about yet. Equally important, how to do it without tipping your own hand. Plus, other business intelligence sources that help you keep detailed tabs on your industry.
8) How to make yourself the product -- an all-new topic
Do you run an affiliate site? A news, entertainment or service site? Learn how to PREsell your visitors, convince them of your judgement and value, and set up the sale without jumping the gun.
And... what if you sell lots of products? What if your site is a store?
New Volume: If you have a storeful of products...
We've added a whole new resource that the original edition didn't have... a completely new volume, devoted to multi-product online stores.
The original book focused on sites that sold one product. The new added volume focuses on stores that sell "everything else"...
Whether you're selling any number of items in a full-fledged online store, or marketing them in an add-on part of your Web site, this essential section will bring you right up to date on what every store owner needs to know.
Here are highlights from this all-new volume's 90 pages...
1) Single-product and multi-product stores are the same, but different
No matter how many items you market, your store is the overall product... to a customer, it's the first thing you need to sell! But to actually get the order, you also need to adjust your techniques a bit.
2) Product sourcing
If you already have a wonderful product line, great! But if you're looking for suppliers to build, expand and improve your inventory... "walk this way."
3) Using and improving your photos
Properly displaying your products makes them shine! Help your shoppers inspect the goods. If you don't have photos, there's an answer for that, too.
4) How to shop for your shopping cart
Options for small stores, other options for large. And a checklist of sales-maximizing features every store's software or service provider should have.
5) Writing and organizing words that sell, sell, sell.
No, not the pushy kind of "sell, sell, sell." Your words need to make the products intriguing. They have to act like a personal salesperson. That includes knowing when to "walk up" to the customer, what to say (and how much). How to nurture customer interest. And everything else it takes to close the sale.
6) Design and usability
Confused customers don't buy. Learn how to optimize your site's navigation to make it flow to the sale! Recognize obstacles and remove them, present more product, and avoid the sales-killing screw-ups that even some major marketers make. Remember, ultimately your store concept is your product! Make it easy to use.
Which brings us to the next Big Step...
Once you've got a great product, it's time to build a site to SELL it...
Second, SITE-SELL...
Click & hold on box below.
"You put me on the cutting edge of Internet sales." David Too, dtoo@sprint.ca -- Executive"Ken, just a short note to thank you for writing MYSS!.I'm a sales and marketing exec at a mid-sized company,a high-tech company in Eastern Canada.While I understand the technical aspects of the Webperfectly, your book has become my absolutely invaluable"one-stop-shopping" reference source for how to marketand sell on the Internet. From "site-selling" to"traffic-building" to "power-email," I feel like yourpractical, in-the-trenches approach has put me on thecutting edge of Internet sales and service.Thank you."
Click here to see what others are saying about MYSS! and MYSS! 2002.
OK, you've developed a great product. And let's assume for a moment that you can attract targeted traffic to your site. What's the difference between success and failure?...
... your Web site! It's the "make it or break it" step.
MYSS! 2002 is jammed with battlefield-proven, deeply tested strategies for making your site SELL! No "shoulds" or "coulds" by authors who've never sold a thing on the Web.
MYSS! 2002 works! It doesn't matter whether you work at Microsoft or out of your clothes closet while in your pajamas, this book will drive your site's sales power. It will convert visitors into buyers.
MYSS! 2002 covers it all... everything. Here are just a few of the most important topics, expanded and updated to include the best resources and data from the field right now...
How to set your Most Wanted Response
Developing Trust and Likeability
How to write powerful, compelling sales copy, starting with your biggest gun
Building a tight, simple-to-use, easy-to-navigate site
Two critical sales-builders -- designing testimonial and guarantee pages that convince
Digital fulfillment -- selling downloads such as e-books, reports, data, music, with ease and security!
The "how to" for other important sales-builders -- forms, music, graphics, javascript, FAQs, etc., etc., etc.
How to structure an irresistible path to your "Closer Page," and close that sale... NOW!
And MYSS! 2002 doesn't stop once you're about to get the order. Your relationship with your customer is really just beginning. There's still so many other factors to get "just right" if you want to grow your biz into the "big leagues."
So, to complete the job, you'll become expert in the ins and outs of...
The nuts and bolts of getting paid... includes detailed, practical, in-the-trenches info on how to get a merchant credit card account, get paid, and avoid chargebacks/frauds. Practical ways to get paid without a merchant account. And how to take cards without getting taken.
Setting backup responses -- always have a backup plan for getting the order!
How to set up and run a newsletter single-handed... including building the all-important quality subscriber list
How to constantly experiment your way to large sales increases -- includes a checklist for quadrupling your sales, no matter how much you're selling now!
Using "Power E-mail" to close the sale
The critical secrets of great after-sales support. How to delight your customers, so they rate you "10-out-of-10." Customer Relationship Management software? Learn where to find it. And why it's no substitute for building customer delight by hand.
Simple, cheap ways to automate and still stay personal... at the same time!
Case-study analysis of great sites that sell -- "borrow" from the best!
Advice from other entrepreneurs succeeding in the real world
Bottom Line? When you finish reading this book, you will know how to make your site SELL!
Naturally, once you have a great product, and a super site that SELLS that product, all that's left is traffic-building. Easy, right? Nope!... but definitely "do-able"...
Click & hold on box below.
"If you're so smart, how come it's so cheap? ;-)" Denis Goutier, goutierd@home.com -- Entrepreneur"Wow, what a great product, this is definitely neededby millions of web site owners around the world. Verythorough, detailed, practical how-to info. A course initself, this will be my blueprint for Web success.Congratulations Ken, you must have spent a lot of timemaking this happen. Nothing on the Web can compare. Youhave developed a Gold mine for those who want tosucceed on the Web. People like me! :-)But if you're so smart, how come it's so cheap? Seriously,I would have paid many times more just for your step-by-step traffic-building strategies alone! When I readyour common-sense approach, it's obvious you've actuallydone this stuff and succeeded. And what's moreimportant is that I *KNOW* I can do the same."
Click here to see what others are saying about MYSS! and MYSS! 2002.
Third, Build Traffic...
Once you've got a great product, and a killer sales site, it's time to attract targeted, motivated traffic...
There are hundreds of books related to Web sales -- I own 'em all. I also subscribe to every imaginable Web marketing/promotion and Web sales newsletter and e-zine.
I tried more ways to bring targeted traffic to my first site than I care to think about. Most of what is written in those books is, to be kind, extremely time-inefficient.
OK, OK, let's be blunt...
Most of the strategies were...
... huge time-wasters.
Don't get me wrong. Through time-sucking trial-and-error, I did manage to build traffic to a few thousand hits per week. This was the only way to discover what works... and what does not.
Luckily, you won't have to do that! Because, starting from scratch, I have just about tried it all. Once I discovered what worked, I added my own original wrinkles, and perfected the process.
That's when traffic really started to soar. From struggling along at 3,000 hits per week, traffic rocketed to 50-60,000 hits per week... with a quarter of the effort it took to reach the 3,000 hit plateau.
What's more, my process has staying power... That first site of mine still generates 50,000 hits per week, even though I have long since stopped doing any work on traffic!
Sales, of course, increased proportionately, because my methods attracted only targeted customers... people with an interest in what I was selling.
And what about our own site, here at SiteSell.com?
Within months, SiteSell.com was receiving more than 1 million hits per week. Within a year, it was broadly acknowledged as the Net's #1 site on our subject, and traffic continues to grow. (As you'll see, "hits" and "visitors" are different, but we use the widely quoted "hits" stat for consistency -- either way, it's heavy traffic!).
How'd it get so big, so fast? Simple... just followed my own advice from the book. MYSS! 2002 is not theory -- it really works.
This traffic-building book reveals it all. You'll discover how to build targeted traffic in the most time-and-money-efficient ways possible.
It covers all of the most effective online methods for building traffic. And it targets the best "bang-for-your-buck" offline ways, too.
I devote special attention to the single most important traffic-building method of all...
... the Search Engines. This digital book shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to attract motivated, interested customers to your site...
... and in such a way that even the most sensitive, stringent Search Engine won't object.
Actually, they'll love the way you do it.
When I wrote the first edition, I had originally planned to cover it all in a booklet of 40-50 pages. But the original edition's Traffic volume grew to almost 200.
Now, the Internet provides so many traffic-building opportunities that this volume -- at 451 pages -- is twice as large as before!
It's so crammed with absolutely essential traffic-building information, that I just couldn't edit it down. It's a book in itself, and, as several "beta-readers" have remarked...
... "it alone is worth many times
the price of your entire package!"
Many readers still think I'm nuts not to sell it separately. But I wanted to complete the Big 3 (product, site-selling, traffic-building) ... give you everything you need for Web success.
Here's a quick look at just a few of the traffic-building topics...
Search Engines (SEs)
It amazes me -- 90% of what you read about keywords and SEs will be just plain wrong -- and another 9% will only be partially right! When I view the source code of 99% of all Web pages, I am stunned to see how badly they structure their pages.
The SE chapters discuss in detail how to generate keywords and how to use them to drive targeted traffic to your site. Forget the "theory" -- this is full of nitty-gritty "how to" info. I even include an example of a fully engine-optimized page, HTML code and all!
I guarantee that you're not doing any of these techniques. Or that the sly stuff your nephew suggested a few years ago doesn't cut it with Search Engines anymore (maybe never did), and could even be hurting you now!
What you need to know -- about theme-based rankings, pay-per-inclusion, pay-per-click, how to get an affiliate site listed, directories, the latest methods of keyword brainstorming and placement... you'll soon know what all these mean to your site, and how to make them work for you -- because all this and more is covered in MYSS! 2002.
Master this info and you will join the 1% who know how to work with the SEs to build traffic.
Getting evaluated by Yahoo! is easier these days, IF you pay them $200 (although, as MYSS! 2002 shows, there are still some ways to get listed free).
But that also makes it easier to blow $200. Why? Well, for one thing, paying Yahoo! still doesn't mean they will list you. And for another, if you don't like your listing, it's still practically impossible to get it modifed.
Actually, we have managed to convince Yahoo! to modify a listing, and in MYSS! 2002 I show you how. But one thing about Yahoo! is the same as ever -- it's far, far (far) better to do it right, from the very start!
Affiliate Programs
How and when to use an affiliate program. This is not for everyone -- but if your product is "right for it," a well-designed, fair program will shoot your business through the roof. As author of what has been called "the single best affiliate-support e-zine on the Net" I know a few things :-) about this subject, and I've expanded this section... so you will know them, too.
Viral Marketing
Its effects grow fast -- geometrically -- epidemically! What is it, exactly? It's hard to do perfectly, that's what. While many people try to come up with a truly effective viral marketing technique, few people achieve it, and there are no guarantees. But learn the Five Pivotal Principles of viral marketing, and you'll do pretty well at it. And nearly perfect is sure better than... all wrong!
Other Online and Offline Traffic Building Winners
Again, hard experience and original experiments will show you how to build traffic online and off. There are methods here that have not been revealed before ... anywhere!
Absolute Time-Wasters
Read about the absolute time-wasters and save yourself months of poorly spent time. There's no point in you going down the same dead-ends that I took!
There is so much "theoretical information" out there. Most of it sounds good. But your time-spent will not justify the negligible, low-quality traffic increase.
I explain why these are boondoggles... for any product.
The traffic-building book completes the package. From developing a great product, to building a site that SELLS, to bringing targeted traffic into your site, you will be in complete control of your Web destiny.
Click & hold on box below.
"It is astonishing -- definitely intense stuff." Don Fenn, fenn@efni.com -- Entrepreneur"You have gone beyond the basics and provided not $400worth of information, but rather a business marketingprogram that would be the envy of any college oruniversity media professor.You know where you say to "overdeliver"? Well, youhave certainly listened to your own advice -- this ismuch, much better than what I expected that any book onWeb sales could deliver!It is astonishing -- definitely intense stuff."
Click here to see what others are saying about MYSS! and MYSS! 2002.
So What Does MYSS! Cover, Exactly?
Not sure whether MYSS! 2002 can really show you how to sell on the Net?
Here's everything that's in the revised MYSS! 2002 volumes....
Product, Table of Contents -- how to develop and position products for the Web.
Make Your Store Sell!, Table of Contents -- the new volume, specifically about multi-product online stores.
Site-Selling, Table of Contents -- how to make a site that convinces visitors to buy.
Traffic-Building, Table of Contents -- how to attract targeted traffic to your site.
"How Can You Deliver
So Much For so Little?"
Do you know when we receive this question? After people buy! Sure, people think it before -- but they e-mail us that question after!
It's my favorite question!
The answer is simple -- I love to share what I have learned. I have taught medical students and lectured trauma surgeons... coached baseball players and a golf pro... even mentored a startup toy manufacturer in Hong Kong. Here's my biography.
Up to now, I have mostly worked one-on-one with extremely talented individuals. This time is different. This time...
My goal is to put original, practical, top-quality information into the hands of as many motivated people as possible. Why? Because, for the foreseeable future, the average person can still succeed on the Web.
We're in the midst of a unique time in mankind's history. Never has it been so cheap and so possible to build your own business and change your life.
Sure, if I were to sell MYSS! 2002 for $500, it would still be worth every penny (read the testimonials -- readers say that it's worth 20 times its cost!). But a $500 price tag would restrict it to those who probably do not need it...
... those who already have the money to pay such large sums without blinking.
That's not what motivates me. I deeply want you to grab the biggest entrepreneurial brass ring that this world has ever seen. Do it... do it now... in just a few short years, the cost of entry will be much, much higher.
Take Full Advantage of the Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee...
Everyone agrees...
You simply won't find a more
hands-on, effective, total approach
to selling on the Web at any price.
And it's only CAD$39.95, which is well under US$30!
(Exact conversion on next page).
The Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee is my personal promise...
Just ask, and I'll refund you immediately. So...
Don't procrastinate...
Don't "bookmark us to come back later"...
Click here to download MYSS! 2002
right away!
OR, if you're still not sure...
Avoid the paralysis of procrastination by
taking full advantage of the Guarantee!
Here's how...
Click here to order now.
(Usability experts have called it "an awesome onscreen read."
Marketing gurus?... "the ultimate digital Web sales reference book.")
Within minutes, you'll be downloading. Review it...
If it's not everything that you hoped it to be,
just ask for your money back. Yes, really.
Yes, you can ask for your money back anytime.
But if you do it right away,
the credit will cancel out the charge,
so it won't even touch your cash flow!
After all, isn't that what a guarantee is for?
Click here to make the single best
and most important decision you will make this year.


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