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Dog Owners Voice Concern Over High Vet Fees

Added: (Mon Mar 26 2001)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A recent poll, conducted by the dog website; K9 Online.com, has revealed
that British dog owners feel their vets are charging them to much. The
survey also showed that dog owners were aware of veterinary practices
charging different fees for the same procedures depending on where they were
located in the country.

The survey, which polled more than 12,300 U.K. resident dog owners over a
six month period, was conducted to expose the opinions of dog owners about
the quality of service they received from their vet, how much an average
trip to the vet was costing and whether or not they were happy about the
amount of money they were expected to pay to keep their dogs healthy.

The results of the poll showed that 90% of the dog owners questioned were
completely satisfied with the quality of service provided by their vet,
whilst the same proportion of owners, 90%, felt their vet was overcharging
them for the services provided. 31% said they would be prepared to change
their vet on account of the high fees being charged rather than the quality
of service their dogs received.

K9 Online.com's survey also revealed that Scottish dog owners were paying
82.33 on an average trip to the vets compared with Midlands residents, who
paid 49.89 with the U.K. average being 62.01.

One of the most revealing elements of the poll was the fact that 95% of the
dog owners questioned were fully aware of vets charging different fees
depending on their location. In response to this, K9 Online.com contacted
veterinary practices in every region of England, Scotland and Wales to
discover if inconsistent charging by vets was taking place as suspected by
dog owners.

K9 Online contacted a total of 214 veterinary practices asking for a price
to have a 4 year old Labrador bitch spayed and a booster vaccination
administered on a 13 month old Jack Russell. This survey un-covered price
differences in excess of 200 for the spaying procedure and 26 for the
booster vaccination.

One Veterinary practice in Cheshire quoted 300 to perform a spaying
operation on the Labrador in comparison to the 90 quoted by a vet in Essex.
The same was true of the booster vaccination prices. One Veterinary surgery
in Essex quoting 12 as opposed to the 38 being asked for by a practice in
Kincardinshire, Scotland. A difference of 26. The survey even revealed
major price differences from vets within the SAME area with two practices in
Kent providing prices ranging from 92.50 up to 230 to perform the spaying
of the Labrador.

When challenged about the difference in prices, one veterinary nurse, from
a practice in Essex, even told K9 Online.com; ''Vets are allowed to charge
what they want. They are not governed by anyone to regulate their fees. They
are a law unto themselves''. This is a word for word quote.

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of the survey contact:
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The full results of this poll are available at the website www.k9online.com

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