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Parasite Cleansing and Intestinal Cleansing Online Shop Reports Ten Fold Increase in Sales

NutriDirect enjoys rapid growth since November 2005 NutriDirect, the new natural health website and online shop which specializes in parasite cleansing and natural health remedies, reports a ten fold increase in sales since November 2005. “Apart from the excellent and rapid service we provide (Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)

Noise Reduction Cabinet Becomes the Cure for CMS Medical Visualization Systems

GizMac XRackPro2 Rack Mount Enclosure Cabinet Now Part of CMS 3-D Radiation Planning Solutions Torrance, CA – March 16, 2006 – GizMac Accessories LLC, designer and manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for rack mount systems, partners with CMS, Inc. to reduce noise of computer equipment in(Added: Wed Mar 15 2006)

How Poway, CA Chiropractor Dr. Kip Rode is Helping Back Pain Sufferers Get Out of Pain

Poway, CA chiropractor, Dr. Kip Rode, discusses the benefits that chiropractic can provide Americans. It is a tool that can treat back, neck, and shoulder pain without needing surgery. Finally, a solution for your chronic back pain. So says Dr. Kip Rode, a chiropractor from Poway, CA who has trea(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Shaklee NutriFeron™, U.S. Ski Team® and

Pleasanton, Calif., March 14 2006 - Many U.S. athletes brought more than focus and determination to Torino - they brought Shaklee nutritional products. The U.S. Ski Team® and U.S. Snowboarding™ wouldn't think of hitting the slopes without NutriFeron™ from Shaklee, a leading provider of natural nutri(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Himalayan GoJi Berry Juice The Best Keep Secret of The Himalayas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/14/2006 Himalayan GoJi Berry Juice The Best Keep Secret of The Himalayas The headline should capture your ideal readers' attention and include your best keyword. America's #1 Killer....200,000 New cases of Cancer daily. I received a call from Tom Bateman in Oklahom(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

El metilfenidato puede causar dependencia.

Medicamentos como el Ritalín, Concerta, Tradea y el Aderall cuyo ingrediente activo es el metilfenidato, pueden causar dependencia. Estos medicamentos son utilizados para tratar a los niños con Trastorno de Déficit de Atención con o sin Hiperactividad, TDAH. Así lo reconoce la página web del gob(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Dr. Fred Blumenfeld DC Teaches How to Prevent Headaches Before they Start

Dr. Fred Blumenfeld DC Teaches How to Prevent Headaches Before they Start According to the American Chiropractic Association, nine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Dr. Fred Blumenfeld, D.C. and Dr. Albert Jerome, D.C., two local West Palm Beach, FL chiropractors, are using chiropracti(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

How to lose weight and gain health

Obesity is a growing problem in North America. In the United States alone 34 people die EVERY HOUR as a result of obese related causes. Treating the overweight has become BIG business in the U.S with 33 Billion dollars in sales annually. One man wants to chronicle his struggle to lose 100 pounds(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Revolutionary New Treatment Gives Hope to UK’s 3 Million Brain Disorder Sufferers

Embargoed to 15th March 2006 The Brain & Spinal Injury Charity (BASIC) is set to revolutionise the recovery process of brain disorder sufferers, with the opening of the country’s first Assisted-Exercise Therapy (AET) Centre. For many of the UK’s 3 Million brain disorder patients, exercise is o(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Woodford lifestyle centre FREE SEMINARS

The Better Living Series, a continuation of our Health and Happiness Weekend is being held between the 10th – 26th March 2006 on Fridays 7pm Saturdays 6pm and Sundays 6pm. Come and hear about the cancer prevention diet, how to stop smoking, how to Live Longer, Stress free living and many other int(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Rhinoplasty—when to go for it? By Dheeraj Bojwani

Dheeraj Bojwani---is consultant to NRI patients who want to come to India for treatment.He has provided consultancy and services to more than 500 patients from 15 different countries.A doctor and a healthcare manager by profession—he has first hand extensive knowledge Of all the Hospitals and specia(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Generic Drugs- Consumer's Delight

Every product in this world is developed or manufactured keeping the consumer in mind. Just as consumer satisfaction remains the priority of the seller, similarly a well developed product has always been the cause of consumer’s delight. Another factor which has always attracted consumers is the (Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

How to determine a good Weight Loss pill?

With the pharmaceutical industry rapidly developing new weight loss drugs and medications, the consumer – an overweight and over-confused person – looks ignorantly like a child and attempts to make out a difference amongst range of pills. Today, there are numerous weight loss products available i(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Modes, Methods and charecteristics of Online Pharmacy

Health care revolution in the present day world is at its best. Along with an upsurge in the field of technology, there has also been increase of diseases among the people. The fast-track lifestyle has also made long treatment procedures and regular visit to the doctor’s clinic a difficult propositi(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Clinical Trials at UK done by Veeda Clinical research

The 15 billion dollar world of Clinical Research has a major new player in its fastest growing sector, that of phase I clinical trials. Veeda Clinical Research(www.veedacr.com), known as Veeda CR, brings together the highly respected UK CRO Phase 1 CTU Ltd, ClinSearch Labs Pvt. Ltd. of Ahmedabad (Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

United Therapeutics Ovarian Cancer Drug Closer to Commercialization

(Source: StockInterview.com) United Therapeutics Ovarian Cancer Drug Closer to Commercialization SARASOTA, Fla., March 13, 2006 (Pressbox)— Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, Chief Executive of ViRexx Medical (AMEX: REX; Toronto: VIR), told StockInterview, “This is a study where the drug has(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

New Whole Food Desk Reference

The FDR™ will teach you that you have, “safe choices”, tested by time and experience not the published findings of a research lab, funded by companies with an agenda to increase stock values for its share holders with the latest, hottest, scientific “miracle break through” discoveries of cut, burn a(Added: Tue Mar 14 2006)

Celebrating 23 Years of Far Infrared

Anaheim, CA, March 13, 2006 - EZe Products is proud to announce its 23rd anniversary celebration since founding the far-infrared industry in the United States. In honor of this momentous occasion, EZe Products will include a plush gift with every order taken online as a token of its appreciation. (Added: Mon Mar 13 2006)

Hangover patch cure on-sale today

SoberX – Lose the hangover not the fun on St Patricks Day An estimated 70 million people world-wide can claim Irish heritage. On the 17th March people will be a enjoying a good drink. But this year with a new product which is already popular in the US people can wake up with a clear head. The (Added: Mon Mar 13 2006)

MOTHER'S DAY: A good time to adjust your own life balance?

We all have a mother and a father and, of course, most of us remember them especially on their special days. But now it could be time to go beyond cards and flowers. We all owe a deep debt of gratitude to our parents for creating us in the first place, then for giving us roots in a secure environme(Added: Mon Mar 13 2006)

Better Living Series FREE SEMINARS

The Better Living Series, a continuation of our Health and Happiness Weekend is being held between the 10th – 26th March 2006 on Fridays 7pm Saturdays 6pm and Sundays 6pm. Come and hear about the cancer prevention diet, how to stop smoking, how to Live Longer, Stress free living and many other (Added: Mon Mar 13 2006)

Unique knee surgery for Briton in Chennai

A Partial Knee replacement substitutes the worn out cartilage in one half of the knee with a prosthesis. It provides excellent pain relief to middle aged people and extends the prosthetic life of the knee to about 30 years instead of the usual 15-20 years with a total knee replacement It is less in(Added: Sun Mar 12 2006)

We are open in Canada, Distributors Needed

Welcome Canada! We are pleased to announce that The Wholefood Farmacy is now open for business in Canada. The Wholefood Farmacy is your one-stop-shop for all things healthy and uplifting. Convenient, nutrient-dense whole food meals, snacks, farinas, soups & more. All of our foods come ready-to(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

Chinese backcare therapist in Bristol

Chinese exarmy doctor,(TCM doctor)specialises in lower back pain relief (eg.sciatica),adopting acupressure massage therapy and acupuncture,he worked in China army hospital over 20 years as medical practitioner. Dr Zhentong Han.Chinese medicine practitioner(UK) MB.(1985China),MATCM.(UK) Worki(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

Herbal Cure For Heartburn Blog Is Now Finally Published

Is there a site that contains information, articles and resources that concerns about herbal cure for heartburn. The answer is a loud yes, according to Jed Baguio author of the newly published blog Natural Cure For Heartburn Blog. You can visit http://herbal-cure-for-heartburn.blogspot.com Words (Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

Workshop Offers Personalized Plan For Success With Detoxification, Disease Prevention, Weight Loss a

A special series of drop in style workshops have been announced that will help individuals learn more about how their specific body can stay on the path to lifelong health & wellness. These workshops, sponsored by the wellness and lifestyle club Life Enriched, are completely free of charge and can m(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

"Stop whingeing and moaning about your bad relationship and either mend it or end it!"

Seltzer Cole, author of 'I Love You, I Love You, I Hate You So Much!' has thrown down a challenge to warring British couples. The former journalist-turned-counsellor, claims that far too many couples are making themselves miserable by being too demanding, inflexible and selfish. He believes tha(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

Chronice Bad Breath Cure?

"The Bad Breath Report" is complete, step by step and all natural home remedy for bad breath. For the first time it's never easier to have a chronic bad breath cure. Finally, a chronic bad breath cure is at hand. And breath sufferers from around the world are now feeling good and curing themselve(Added: Sat Mar 11 2006)

Local health store set to energise the INTERNET

Boots Herbal Stores 5 Castle Walk Newcastle Staffordshire Tel: 01782 617463 Fax: 01782 636098 Email: bootsherbal-press@yahoo.co.uk PRESS RELEASE: 13th March 2006 Local health store set to ENERGISE the INTERNET Natural health store Boots Herbal Stores(Added: Fri Mar 10 2006)

FramesDirect.com Links with LinkConnector for Affiliate Marketing

Houston, TX (PRWEB) March 10, 2006 -- The founders of Houston-based eyewear company FramesDirect.com ( http://www/framesdirect.com ) have announced a new affiliate marketing relationship with LinkConnector. The program, featuring LinkConnector’s Naked Link Technology™, makes setting up an affilia(Added: Fri Mar 10 2006)
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