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New Operating Theatre Light Ceiling Arm Released

Brandon Medical are pleased to announce the launch of a new ceiling arm system for their Galaxy Ultra operating theatre lights. This new arm system has been built around the same criteria to which the Galaxy Ultra lamp heads were originally designed – what do surgeons & theatre staff actually want (Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Relation between Web Marketing And Online Pharmacy

Web marketing is immensely beneficial in promoting online pharmacy business. An online pharmacy helps consumers in many ways. Consumers can order through online pharmacy and receive drugs and refills at their residence.

The wide array of consumer friendly services as well as the privac(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Travel safe with exclusive Travel-Wise products for the smart traveler

Arrive fit and relaxed at your destination with right approach to your travels

Christmas is the time for fun, family and feasting. It's also the one of the most stressful times of the year, especially if you're traveling any distance to see friends and relatives. The last thing (Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

What you Believe, and don’t even know it, is killing you! Cellular Memory may be the culprit and The

http://www.the-healingcodes.com states that there are two kinds of pictures: a memory or a picture created through imagination. Recall a painful memory or a worry you have about something. Can you see it? Feel it? Taste it? Touch it? Hear it? Experience it? If you dwell on it long enough don't you s(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

80% Of Americans Risk Not Have A Living Will

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 15/12/2005 80% Of Americans Risk Not Have A Living Will Research continues to suggest that 4 of every 5 Americans do not have a Living Will, and that around half of Living Wills have been so hastily prepared that they would be ignored by medical professionals. (Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Syn-flex Glucosamine Formula Now In Higher Strength and Additional Flavour!

Syn-flex Glucosamine Formula Now In Higher Strength and Additional Flavour! While most glucosamine products available today are in capsule or pill form, Syn-flex is a liquid glucosamine formula that provides maximum glucosamine absorption that helps to reduce osteoarthritis and articular joint pa(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

GENETICS OR STRESS? The Healing Codes may provide the answer

What makes the difference? Almost every expert says it is either genetic tendency, or stress. Research from the Institute of Heart Math and Stanford University shows that stress produces genetic change. Yet two people exposed to the same stressful situation are affected differently. So what is it - (Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Women Only Boot Camp New Years Resolution Secrets - Two Old School techniques to create more Fat & W

To do this one needs to master two basic skills, says Molli & Tony Rathstone of http://www.InlandEmpireBootCamp.com – self-nurturing and setting effective limits. Self-nurturing is the ability to check our feelings and needs throughout the day in order to know and honor ourselves and better meet our(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery Facts Surprises Patients Thinking About Getting An Abdominoplasty

Are Tummy Tuck operations beyond the reach of most people? A new survey from http://www.tummy-tuck-secrets-revealed.com revealed - Over 56% of tummy tuck patients who responded to the survey claimed that it would be practically impossible to finance the operation unless there was a payment pla(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Diet Can Be Successfully Combined With Nutritional Supplements

Exercise Melts Body Fat If you want to reduce your body fat, focus on increasing the amount of exercise you get rather than decreasing your food intake. A recent national study was done using two groups of sedentary men, one group in their 20's and the other over age 65. A lot was lea(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Local Councilor Lends support to CCHR Birmingham Campaign

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Birmingham has supported the campaign against the proposed £37M secure Mental Hospital in Bordesley Green yesterday by attending the 3rd of 4 public consultation evenings, armed with a petition signed by hundreds of local residents claiming that: “Psych(Added: Fri Dec 16 2005)

Parasite cleansing for human parasites now available

www.NutriDirect.co.uk offers easy parasite cleansing home programs NutriDirect is a new natural health website which specializes in human parasite control and natural health remedies that aid general health and vitality. Human parasites are everywhere and they are very easy to contract from ou(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Colon Cleansing and Intestinal cleanse programmes improve digestion and nutrition

The use of Colon Cleansing greatly affects the way food is digested and how much nutritional benefit is obtained from the food we eat. A colon cleansing or Intestinal cleanse program can greatly increase the way the body processes and extracts food nutrients. A bloated, stuffy colon and small in(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Salt lamp and Rock salt lamps - cleans air and helps with breathing difficulties

Ionizing effect cleans the air and reduces the harmful effects of emissions from electrical devices in the home and office Wealden Natural Health offers an effective method of cleaning the air we breathe and protecting us from harmful emissions from electrical devices in the home and office. The(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Unborn Babies are Affected by Iodine Deficiency

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 16/12/2005 Unborn Babies are Affected by Iodine Deficiency The headline should capture your ideal readers' attention and include your best keyword. The World Health Organization is becoming increasingly alarmed by the increase in Iodine Deficiency worldwide. In most pa(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

5 Simple Steps to Eliminate Back Pain

Eliminate Back Pain Quickly Without Harmful Medications or Dangerous Surgery 5 simple steps for ridding yourself of back pain Millions of people suffer from back pain unnecessarily when there is actually a very simple solution, according to Jesse Cannone, certified personal trainer and back pain s(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Women Only Fitness Boot Camp Offers Five Tips to Prevent Broken Fitness Resolutions, Avoid Failure a

Http://www.InlandEmpireBootCamp.com Five Tips for Succeeding with your New Years Fitness Resolution: 1. Begin Today. Eliminate excuses that prevent the start of your exercise commitment. Too often people make commitments for, "next week," "next month," or the "New Year." There is no time like the(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Online Fitness Magazine Subscription Delivers The Truth Using TV, Radio, and Print

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/16/05 Online Fitness Magazine Subscription Delivers The Truth Using TV, Radio, and Print Beverly Hills, California - December 16, 2005 - Frustrated, often mislead, health and fitness enthusiasts are fighting back. With all the different health, fitness and nut(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

New AllergyReliefSource.com Site Makes it Easy and Fast to Find Resources and News on Allergy Relief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/14/2005 http://www.AllergyReliefSource.com launches its web site providing news and resources from around the world for allergy relief products and services for anyone suffering from allergies. BODY Recently AllergyReliefSource launched its new website, http://www.(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Find out What You Really Want from Life

Find Out what You Really Want From Life How do I get what I want from life? A lot of times we can't see what we really need we can't touch what we really want. Some people refer to this is unanswered prayers or we are not ready for it yet. But we are life it is simple it is not complex. Most(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

After Divorce Happiness Levels Decrease and May Never Completely Rebound

Research shows that, on average, people do not bounce back from a divorce. A study published in the December issue of Psychological Science finds divorce leaves a lasting effect on our satisfaction levels. A person’s happiness level drops as she or he approaches divorce and gradually rebounds ov(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Dog Owners Agree That 2006 Will Be The Year Of The Dog

Dog Owners Agree That 2006 Will Be The Year Of The Dog According to the Chinese calendar 2006 will be The Chinese Year Of The Dog. Those born under this sign are said to be honest, quiet, intelligent, generous, stubborn, loyal and faithful to those they love. For some dog lovers that's ho(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Internet parents’ plagiocephaly support group extends petition deadline

Members of Plagio UK (http://groups.msn.com/PlagioUK), an online support group for parents of babies with plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, have extended the deadline for their national petition. The petition calls on the NHS and other child health bodies to review and change the advice given t(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Organic personal care

***THE ORGANIC MARKETPLACE IS BOOMING - PLEASE READ BELOW ABOUT A UNIQUE & VERY ETHICAL BUSINESS THAT IS POSITIONED LIKE NO OTHER TO CAPITALIZE ON THIS FAST EMERGING TREND*** I appreciate you taking the time to look at the information on the international organic business we are expanding glo(Added: Wed Dec 14 2005)

Hoodia Review- Many Hoodia Products On The Market Contain Little Or No Hoodia At All.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Many Hoodia Products On The Market Contain Little Or No Hoodia At All. The majority of non-prescription diet pills are not regulated by the government, which has lead to a lot misleading information about the contents of the diet pills on the market today. The wei(Added: Tue Dec 13 2005)

10,000th CEREC 3 for a UK Dentist

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/12/2005 10,000th CEREC 3 for a UK Dentist The 10,000th CEREC 3 machine has been purchased for the patients of Dr Julian Perry in Fleet Street, London. Patients will benefit from one-visit dentistry using superior materials. “British Dentists have always lead th(Added: Tue Dec 13 2005)

AlwaysNutrition Supplement Store

Herbs, Vitamins, Enzymes, Diet & Weight loss and Nutritional supplements on discount prices by Source Naturals, Now Foods, Natrol, Planetry Formula, Jarrow Formulas, Rain Tree and other national brands.(Added: Tue Dec 13 2005)

A drug for dealing premature orgasm in women

Pfizer, the maker of erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Viagra is on its way to produce a new premature orgasm pill for women. This medical advancement is going to change the sexual life of women forever.

Orgasm is a moment of most intense pleasure in sexual i(Added: Tue Dec 13 2005)

Information on the types of impotence

Impotence is a common ailment experienced by most of the men at some point of their life. It's the men's inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. It includes the failure to get an erection as a result of lack of sexual stimulation or losing o(Added: Tue Dec 13 2005)

5 Christmas Tips for Children with ADHD

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/14/2005 (Washington, D.C.) December 15, 2005 -- Parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often cringe during the holidays. The expectation of presents and chaotic busyness can turn already energetic children into spinning tops. Celebr(Added: Tue Dec 13 2005)
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