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Kettlebell Trainer Certification Now Available Through Russian Kettlebell.com

Personal Trainers Become Kettlebell Instructors Through Certification Courses 02/15/07 - Personal trainers looking to include kettlebell training into their repertoire of workout methods available to clients may now obtain kettlebell instructor certification through Russian Kettlebell.com (htt(Added: Thu Feb 15 2007)

Static food grains production spells danger for the country of 1120 millions

The second week of February, 2007 brought forth more or less disastrous news on the agriculture front, which should no longer remain relegated as a State subject –which it is now under the Constitution- and it is time the Prime Minister seeks to stage in right earnest the "second green revolution" h(Added: Thu Feb 15 2007)

Know the Medicine you Need without another Physical Examination

Are you depress, having anxiety, in pain, or felt something that made you uncomfortable? Lot of Medicines are around and we do not know exactly what we need and what we should take. Visiting a doctor usually cause embarrassment because of all the questions asked by our physician which will only led (Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Internet receives wake up call from Pro Plus®

Klaxons were sounding this week as Bayer Healthcare unveiled the new ProPlus website, revealing a complete new look with a True or False Challenge and Downloads section. ProPlus is a caffeine tablet that can help relieve tiredness and fatigue, and is the equivalent of having a strong cup of coffe(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Humor Your Tumor

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life A managed care consultant dies and goes to Heaven. Frankly, he can’t believe his good fortune in being there, given the life he has led. But St. Peter checks the records and says, “There’s no mistake, you’re supposed to be here. See, it sa(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Kathryn Whittaker, Top-Selling Author of “Stop Acid Reflux Now”, Announces the Release of her Free A

Esher, Surrey, UK, February 13, 2007 – Top-selling author Kathryn Whittaker announced today that due to the great success of her e-book “Stop Acid Reflux Now”, and the positive response to her Stop Acid Reflux Now blog, she would like to introduce her Free Acid Reflux Newsletter, which provides acid(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)


Golden Threads, The desire of being young and attractive are strictly related to the entire woman’s life. When the traditional methods of a body rejuvenation stop working the plastic surgery seems to be the only way out. However, there are some methods which enable us to avoid a medical scalpel. (Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Another Feather in the Cap – Wockhardt Hospitals, India Performs World’s First Awake Coronary Bypass

Another chapter in the history of heart surgery across the world was written in India by the Bangalore-based Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute, recently. Dr Vivek Jawali, chief cardiovascular surgeon along with his team at Wockhardt Heart Institute have set a global benchmark by performing the fi(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Hoodia: Revolutionarising the Lives of Obese Worldwide

Nature is bountiful and so is its benefits offered to mankind. One of such benefits provided to mankind by nature is Hoodia. Hoodia is an all natural appetite suppressant which can benefit obese lose their weight. Senior marketing executive at Buy Hoodia Diet Pills, Mr. Neville Benfield says, “The d(Added: Wed Feb 14 2007)

Revital Health Education Centre - Free Places Promotion

The Revital Health Education Centre at 22 Wigmore Street, Central London, opened in November 2006. Since the grand opening the Centre has proved very popular and we have a number of interesting events lined up for 2007. To celebrate the new programme and the success of our training events we hav(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

weight loss surgery

There are many weight loss surgeries are available in market for example bariatric surgery, lap band surgery etc. All these surgeries have there own properties, advantages and disadvantages. If we consider all these three points then found lap band surgery is really a most beneficial weight loss sur(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

A Thumbs Up For Soriatane

Many individuals all over the world suffer from a peculiar skin problem known as psoriasis. However, there is no known treatment for treating this disease. The only way it could be treated is to manage the disease so that it does not hamper your looks, or any other health issues. Thus, Soriatane (ac(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

Provillus Shows No Sign of Any Side Effect

In a recent survey conducted by some researchers, it was found that a number of individuals of both genders have succeeded in getting good result on stopping hair fall with the use of Provillus. However, their composition of Provillus for Men and Provillus for Women are different in ingredients. Thi(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

Thanks to the web, the swimsuit industry, confirms its own prestige at international level

The manufacturing and marketing of women�s swimwear of high quality and elegance are branded �Made in Italy�. Some history In all probability, since 1400 BC Roman and Greek athletes were used to dress costumes as much similar as the modern bikinis (This is well shown on frescos and find(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

Travel in Germany: Great free pocket travel guide of Berlin by Flashbooking

Flashbooking chose to provide backpackers, students and families with a list of budget selected and independent accommodations worldwide, mostly run by locals, in order to promote an alternative tourism respectful of cultures and different societies.

For this and other reasons Flashbooki(Added: Tue Feb 13 2007)

It's Chinese New Year . . . now's the time for resolutions that work

Toronto, Canada, February 12, 2007 - Those who mark the new year in traditional style, with weight loss and exercise resolutions on January 1st, are likely in the throes of failure if ancient Chinese wisdom is a considered gauge. Change needs energy, not lethargy, and January 5th-February 4th marks (Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Rotigotine Patch (Neupro)

On January 16, the European Commission (EC) approved an expanded indication for rotigotine transdermal patch (Neupro, made by Schwarz Pharma AG), allowing its use in combination with levodopa through the course of Parkinson's disease (PD) to the late stages when the therapeutic efficacy of le(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Presagia Corp Announces Release of Presagia Health Management Intelligence Platform 3.0

Montreal, Canada, February 12, 2007 - Presagia Corp., a leading developer of real-time web-centric solutions enabling health management intelligence, today announced the launch of its Health Management Intelligence Applications Platform version 3.0. This latest release contains significant enhancem(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Professional Teeth Whitening In Kent

La Belleza in Rochester High Street have launched two initiatives to widen the scope of its professional teeth whitening service. Just for the month of February their service on a Tuesday and a Wednesday is reduced to just �99.00 for the full proceedure. La Belleza are also looking to creating (Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Slimming World in Nottingham

Come and join our happy, welcoming and very successful group. We are just outside the city on Sneinton Dale. Every Tuesday at 7pm. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, Katie, on the above contacts. Discover the Amazing You!(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Judy Price, weight loss expert, prescribes a "no-diet" system

Judy Price, Director of Happyweight Ltd, has just completed her latest Practitioner's Training, where she teaches therapists the skills that she uses in her successful weight and eating practice. She says, "I employ a non-diet approach. Successful weight loss is not about following a diet. We kn(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Government Of India To Put More Money In Healthcare Sector

India plans to raise healthcare sector allocation from a meager 0.9% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to somewhere around 2-3%, Ashwini Kumar, Minister of State said this on 15 January 2007, as per the reports published on FICCI�s website. Expressing his views before the participants at �Globa(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Latest Technique Egg Donation Program now available in India

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants-is a medical tourism company of India. They arrange medical trips to India for the health-seeking individual who seeks low cost surgery and medical treatment in India. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants has launched an �Egg Donation Program�, this technology is(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Expatriate Britons head to India for knee replacements

A number of Britons settled abroad in Europe are headed to India for their health requirments. Insecurity, rising crime rates and cost of living pushed many of them to sell of their property and settle abroad. These expats no longer turn to their mother land for their medical requirements but trav(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

New "Alli" From Glaxo

GlaxoSmithKline has won FDA approval to sell the formerly prescription-only diet drug Xenical over-the-counter. The drug can help people lose, on average, about six pounds. It'll be called "Alli" (pronounced like "ally"). GSK will split the profits with Roche, which owns prescription Xenical. Roche (Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Wellbeing Network announces launch of new wellbeing community.

London,England. The Wellbeing Network launches a new community site for UK residents that offers complete access to wellbeing services and support, and specially negotiated benefits for members. Neil Davidson, the founder of the Wellbeing Network said, �we are delighted to be launching our new (Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Fertell Launches Ovarian Reserve Test � Providing More Choice and Accuracy in Female Home Testing

Today, with the launch of their Ovarian Reserve test, Fertell expands its range1 and combines enhanced choice with a high level of accuracy. The new single test, launched in response to substantial consumer demand, is 95% accurate compared to tests carried out in a laboratory. It provides a quick an(Added: Mon Feb 12 2007)

Hoodia safe and effective in reducing appetite

Our research on an organic pill hoodia indicates that it is the real diet pill which kills the appetite and attacks obesity. Hoodia has been shown to be safe and effective in reducing appetite and weight as it has no known side-effects, and contains a molecule P57 that fools your brain into believin(Added: Sun Feb 11 2007)

Health And Beauty Wear Launched Exciting Wearer-Friendly Salon Wear Designs

Although it�s never easy to predict new seasons fashion styles, Health and Beauty Wear designers closely monitor all the latest catwalk trends. In response to fashion queens modelling high-neck wrap style dresses on the international catwalk, Health and Beauty Wear have just launched the most exci(Added: Sun Feb 11 2007)

Hypnotic Mixture That Turns Weight-Loss Losers into Winners

Bromley based Hypno-Psychotherapist Alan Crisp DHP, is well known for his Easy Weight Loss Programme with an effective blend of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Motivational Psychology. Alan says �Losing weight becomes so much easier when your powerful subconscious mind works with you, rather than as(Added: Sat Feb 10 2007)
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