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Are you feeling sleepy? Then let the power of your mind do its work ...

Are you feeling sleepy? Then let the power of your mind do its work ... Want to quit smoking or have a pain-free childbirth? Free yourself from mental sludge or venture into a past life? Then the power is within you and your own mind to do just that. You only need a little suggestive help to p(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

Asset Chemist in Pfizer's New Blockbuster- 'Aid for giving up smoking'

Asset Chemist through its website www.champix.org.uk is championing smoking cessation. With more and more legislation coming into effect making smoking 'anti-social habit' more and more people are looking to quit. Champix tablets contain the active ingredient varenicline, which is a medicine(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

A Uniform approach to MRSA protection

Press release 6th March 2007 MRSA isn't just a Hospital problem, it is everyone's problem. Millions of £'s of our money and many hours of our hard working nurses’ time are being spent trying to keep MRSA at bay . Real people and real lives are being destroyed by MRSA and other Superbug(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

Staying in Touch has never been easier with Ability Answers' new Easy5 Mobile Phone

Independent Swansea company Ability Answers are proud to show off their latest product offering. The new Easy5 mobile phone is our latest handset designed to give independence to peoples lives. Many elderly people can now go out of their homes knowing that they can contact a loved one or summon e(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

Travel in Spain: free travel guide of Madrid from Flashbooking budget accommodation

For a short visit, a week-end, a city break, these free pocket guides are useful printable and downloadable tools available online.

In the Madrid City guide students, families and backpackers can get a large selection of cheap or low cost accommodation with plenty of low cost solutions in(Added: Tue Mar 06 2007)

UnitedStatesRxCard.US Introduces Immediate Rx Coverage at No Cost for U.S. Residents.

UnitedStatesRxCard.com Introduces Immediate Rx Coverage at No Cost for U.S. Residents. Any U.S. citizen with internet access and a working computer printer now has the ability to claim and print out their very own United States Rx Prescription card to immediately save up to 50% on their prescri(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)


JANUARY 2007, Medixsysteme, FRANCE, NIMES, Innovative Medical Aesthetic SMES, who already operates in the field of precise electronic injection, comforts its leading position on the Medical Aesthetic market with its Dual Aesthetic therapeutic ultrasound for surgery clinics to propose novel combined (Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)

Exercise training for Hampshire County Council Care Homes

Vitalyz Ltd, an exercise training company based in Portsmouth, have been contracted to develop and supply a sustainable training programme for 32 Hampshire County Council residential and nursing homes. This will assist the care teams in meeting the physical requirements of the National Care Standar(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)


O2GO HELPS YOU DRINK MORE WATER Healthy people understand the benefits of drinking plenty of water but find it hard to drink the recommended daily amount. We don't need to tell you about how easy it is to avoid drinking as much water as you should – fizzy drinks, coffee and tea and a swift half d(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)

Manufacturer of Cosmetic Products

Shakun’s Natures Own is the manufacturer of cosmetic products and one of the leading exporters of natural Hair Care and Skin Care products also manufacture Aromatherapy products in various blends like Bath salts, Soap, Candle, and Essential Oils for bath and massage used for healing the body, mind (Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)


A booklet that shares the experiences of a sarcoma cancer patient. It discusses her undergoing a misdiagnosis that ultimately led to nine surgeries; removing her leg, hip, and pelvis. The cancer returned to her lungs and was removed; however, after returnign again; it was too close to her heart f(Added: Mon Mar 05 2007)

Acomplia Rimonabant Pill: Improvement in Cardio Metabolic Risk Factors along with Weight Loss

Jennifer Coates, a satisfied customer of Acomplia Rimonabant Pill comments “Acomplia has helped me lose weight, and get my slim trim body back. In fact, I also experienced an improvement in diabetes with use of Acomplia”. Usage of Acomplia Rimonabant pill is effectual in weight loss by suppression o(Added: Sun Mar 04 2007)

amylin byetta

Amylin is a generic name for Symlin. It is an injectable drug which can facilitate you to reduce the sugar (glucose) levels in the blood. In essence, it is a synthetic hormone similar to amylin, which is created by the pancreas to manage blood glucose level. It is primarily beneficial for treating b(Added: Sun Mar 04 2007)

Vioxx, The Silent Killer

VioxxInfo.piczo.com is an informative resource for individuals suffering from medical complications caused by Vioxx. Vioxx (also known as Rofecoxib) is a prescription medicine used to relieve signs and symptoms of arthritis, acute pain in adults and painful menstrual cycles. Me(Added: Sun Mar 04 2007)

Chantix Pfizer - Quit smoking

Chantix (Varenicline Tartrate) is a trademark drug of Pfizer Inc. that got approved by the FDA in May 2006. It is approved in US market and in Europe (by the name of Champix). chantix comes with customized treatment to support patients to quit smoking successfully. Most smokers do not prefer to smok(Added: Sat Mar 03 2007)

The book you are now looking at is written by a man who was suffering from psoriasis a couple of yea

The book you are now looking at is written by a man who was suffering from psoriasis a couple of years ago. But unlike most people suffering from this disease, I CURED it. My biggest joy in a few years was to see how my skin was getting clearer literally in front of my eyes. It all happened in 12(Added: Sat Mar 03 2007)

Travel Nurse Job Agency Sagent Healthstaff Opens Daytona Beach, FL Office

Travel Nurse Job Agency Sagent Healthstaff Opens Daytona Beach, FL Office Southeast Regional Manager Heather Bruce to lead Sagent's 5th regional office FOR CONTACT: Karin Laping Sagent Healthstaff 36 Washington Street Suite 170 Wellesley, MA 02481 781-419-0700 k(Added: Sat Mar 03 2007)

Can there be such a thing as a ‘Hidden Secret to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss’ ?

Can there be such a thing as a “Hidden Secret to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss”? Well, yes there can, according to Graham Kidson who has just launched a new website –Weight Loss Successories-that is dedicated to helping people to achieve and sustain long-term weight loss. Graham makes the (Added: Sat Mar 03 2007)

New Warnings on Fatal Side Effects of ADHD Drugs

After decades of psychiatrists championing ADHD stimulants as safe and effective, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced, in February this year, that all ADHD drug manufacturers must warn the public that the drugs can cause serious psychiatric and cardiovascular problems, including mania(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Emotional support for parents of children diagnosed with diabetes

Shock. Fear. Confusion. Guilt. These are common reactions for parents when their child is diagnosed with Type I diabetes. The doctor says there is no cure for Type I diabetes, so it's a life sentence for the child. Now the family must face a new lifestyle, one that includes blood testing, insulin sh(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Glentel to showcase data communication solutions at 2007 Government Technologies Conference and Expo

The 2007 Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo is pleased to welcome aboard Glentel as our newest exhibitor. Be sure to visit Glentel's booth on the expo floor to see their wide range of voice and data communication solutions. Glentel is a leading wireless communications company(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Step by step guide on how to stop jeopardizing your cats health.

The new site at http://www.catcaresecrets.com is designed to be an easy to follow system for learning everything that you could possibly need to know about cats and how to care for your cat or kitten. According to Ann Kristin, of http://www.catcaresecrets.com - Cat care secrets provides you (Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Remove Unpleasant Odor with 'Manjakani Wash'

Remove the unpleasant odor from your intimate area with safe & natural herbs of 'Manjakani'. Please visit this website for more info: http://www.HerbsForLove.com/hfl/manjakaniFoamingWashDetailV1.php(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Are You Still Looking For Pain Relief from Acupuncture?

An Ancient form of painless acupuncture is emerging in the United States and elsewhere due to the technology boom around the world it is known as Egyptian or Vedic acupuncture. This acupuncture pre-dates Asian-Style Medicine by 2000 years by some accounts and there are only a handful of Americans tr(Added: Fri Mar 02 2007)

Institute of Psychosynthesis reports 'explosion' of interest in coaching

News release from INSTITUTE OF PSYCHOSYNTHESIS One Life Live, Olympia, London 2-4 March 2007 Zest for Living Stand H116 The Institute of Psychosynthesis reports an ‘explosion’ of interest in coaching. There is a huge and increasing demand for properly trained and accredited c(Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)

Travel in Poland – Free Travel Guide of Krakow by Flashbooking website

A growing youth hostels and hotels in Krakow directory specializing in budget accommodation in Polen, Flashbooking is a recognized source of information and services for independent travellers who love creating their trips and book their bed nights securely online.

Krakow is one of the ol(Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)

Acomplia verkaufen Acomplia Tablette

Acomplia Ist ein Hauptgesundheit Interesse geworden. Suchst du nach wirksamer Gewichtverlustbehandlung außerdem? Dann bist du am rechten Platz. Acomplia, das am Verkaufen Acomplia geordnet wird, kann deine Gewichtverlustinteressen wirksam vereinbaren. Diese Wunderdroge, Acomplia wurde (Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)

Acomplia Rimonabant in Italy

Acomplia Sanofi attende l'approvazione della FDA per la relativa introduzione negli Stati Uniti come droga di perdita del peso. La FDA di approvazione di Acomplia è debito posteriore tenuto alcuni motivi rivelati. Secondo FDA, determinati motivi non specifici devono essere venuti a con(Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)

Randolph Hill opens new Nursing home in Edinburgh

Randolph Hill - Edinburgh The Randolph Hill Group has two care homes in Edinburgh as well as a new purpose built care home in Dunblane. Each care home has individual qualities and provides the highest standard of elderly care. Whether you require, long or short-term residential elderly care: the (Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)

Development Of Children: A Universal Task

New Delhi, 1st March, 2007 Children – the hope and future of the human race who will carry the world forward are a needy lot today, barring a few honourable exceptions like majority developed countries. It not merely lack of funds that reduce the impact of welfare or development programmes in differ(Added: Thu Mar 01 2007)
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