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Arnold Palmer swings it for cancer

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life For decades, Arnold Palmer�s name has been synonymous with a golf career that few professional golfers could rival. After all, few can lay claim to winning 92 professional titles, 62 of which Palmer won on the U.S. PGA Tour. But there�(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

InfoPro Launches online training for CABG

New Jersey, US: InfoPro Learning, one of the world�s leading providers of learning solutions, has announced the launch of its first ever, online training course on Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG). The course, authored by Dr. A Sampath Kumar, the internationally renowned cardiovascular surg(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Affordable & Quality Microdermabrasion for Men

Having a younger, healthier appearance is not just important to a woman but also to a man. It has been generally seen that women usually take better care of their skin in comparison to men. However, men of contemporary times are more conscious and the trend is changing. Medically, our skin has a top(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Benefits of Using a Shower Filter

Shower Filters provide great protection against chemicals and harsh elements that come through the examining lines in a structure. Normally, you may be happy to see water coming from the shower head, but, in fact, there is chlorine in the water that is harmful to skin and hair. In practical, all mun(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Shower Water Filters

Shower water filters are the equipments installed to cleanse the water for nice and soaking shower. They provide great safety against the harmful chemicals and sediments. These harmful chemicals pump up through the plumbing lines in a shower faucet. Taking a shower seems undisruptive in majority cas(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Study:Urban Indians are bingeing out� and falling prey to heartburn Food related problems co

If you are not monitoring your food habits and growing on junk foods then it�s not just obesity which may be knocking on your door but heartburn or acid indigestion, leading to symptoms of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), that is affecting about three in five urban Indians, as evident in a (Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Toronto Psychologist

Psychoanalysis information and contacts from the Toronto GTA(Added: Tue May 01 2007)


The struggle to lose weight haunts millions of people. Yet losing weight isn�t about finding a magical diet. The secret is management - managing how many calories eaten and burned through activity and exercise. CalorieSmart finally makes calorie management an easy habit. CalorieSmart is a unique h(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Get Back Your Smooth Skin.

At times you find yourself envying that model in your favorite ad for her smooth face or the other on the ramp for her smooth legs? Well, if you want to sport such a look by removal of unwanted hair, the way to it is simple and surprisingly, easy. Recent developments in dermatology have given rise t(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Idiot Proof way to Lose Weight No Pills Lose 9 Pounds Every 11 Days

You are overweight for the most simple of reasons -- because you're eating the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories per meal, and you're also eating meals in the wrong patterns each day. FOOD is more powerful than any prescription weight loss pills, because the FOOD that you eat can either ma(Added: Tue May 01 2007)

Contact Lenses Offer a New Lease of Life to Children as Young as Eight

Children as young as eight years old can look after contact lenses easily and without complications, according to recent studies. This is largely a result of new technologies which make it easier than ever before to look after lenses. Daily disposables for example, can be thrown away at the end o(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Reduce Eye Strain with these Top Tips from the 20/20 Optical Store

As many office workers will tell you, staring at a flickering computer screen all day can cause painful eye strain and headaches. As well as causing discomfort, it can also affect your vision; particularly if you use a laptop. The reason this happens is that your eye muscles get locked when you s(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Remove My Man Boobs Dot Com Pleads For Your Help

Ernie, a 21 year old male from Australia has set up a donation website where he asks the public to donate money (up to $5,000 for an operation to remove his breast tissue. The site is appropriately named Remove My Man Boobs and can be found at www.removemymanboobs.com The condition is called Gyn(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Double Award for Innovation Goes to Brandon Medical

The 2007 Healthcare Business Award for Innovation has gone to Brandon Medical. The Award was presented during the Medilink Innovation Day at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Of the 8 Category Award winners, Brandon Medical were also selected as the Overall Winner for the second year running. The I(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Put on your sunglasses for Guide Dogs and join in with Shades Day!

Put on your sunglasses for Guide Dogs and join in with Shades Day! Most people put on their sunglasses at the first hint of the summer sun, but did you know that by wearing your shades not only do you look cool � you are also protecting your eyes from UV (Ultraviolet) sunlight which can cause (Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Heavy Weight UK patient operated in India for Lap Band Surgery

An English patient from Scotland chose India for his Lap band surgery. Dismal quality of services in the UK's NHS compelled him to seek quality medical treatment abroad. Lap Band Surgery was performed by an Indian obesity surgery specialist who is an associate doctor of Forerunners Healthcare Consul(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Morgellons Video "Star" First Shared Her Story of Triumph, Now Counsels Other Suffers

Thousands have watched Connie's video, telling about her story of triumph against Morgellons on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, MorgellonsHope.com (EwwTube), and several other video sites. She was very excited about the response to her video, stating "I have been symptom-free for six months f(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Procerin-A Good Product for Male Hair Loss Treatment

Male pattern hair loss is a big problem for millions of men suffering from hair loss. It is often perceived inevitable and leads to depression, changes in attitude and sometimes lack of confidence. However, major advancements of medical science over the last few years have led to the emergence vari(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Thailand Gears Up to be Asia�s Hub in Medical Tourism, Spa and Wellness

THAILAND, Bangkok (30 April 2007) A steadily growing number of foreigners seeking medical services in Thailand has proven the country�s vast potential in the health service sector while adding another appeal as a favorite tourist destination in Asia. To keep up with the impressive growth which now(Added: Mon Apr 30 2007)

Creating the Rodeo Drive Look

Although word has it TV’s [url=http://www.rodeodriveplasticsurgery.com/news-inmagniptuck.html]Nip/Tuck[/url] is headed for Rodeo Drive, in the real world, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is the first and only plastic surgery center on Beverly Hills’ ultimate address. Lloyd Krieger, M.D., founder and(Added: Sun Apr 29 2007)

Fashion Specs Direct - online prescription glasses direct to your home.

Fashion Specs Direct was set up by a group of professionals whose aim was to provide prescription spectacles and sunglasses at a fraction of the cost of those prices seen in the high-street shops. There is a wide product-range to suit everybody� s needs at Fashion Specs Direct. The company has (Added: Sat Apr 28 2007)

Shared Care

Shared Care lists complementary therapies available in Great Britain and links them to medical and life problems that they help. We list relevant therapists across the country. We also provide information on tourist attractions, travel services, hotels and the like for people with allergies, child(Added: Sat Apr 28 2007)

Acomplia some facts

Weight loss one of the biggest problems if you are one of its victim don�t wait for different diseases to overcome your strength and positive attitude. Stick to Acomplia as it can be one of the biggest solutions.

The largest part of the expert�s opinion that Acomplia is the answer to (Added: Fri Apr 27 2007)


La vida puede ser a veces un verdadero desaf�o. Puede ponerse realmente muy dif�cil. Una familia que se enfrenta con un miembro seriamente trastornado e irracional, puede desesperarse en sus intentos por resolver la crisis. �A quien podemos recurrir cuando esto sucede? De acuerdo con los ps(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)


Mosher en la Casa Soteria se bas� en la idea de que la N�esquizofrenia� se puede superar sin drogas. De hecho, les fue mejor a los pacientes de Soteria que no recibieron neurol�pticos, en comparaci�n con pacientes hospitalizados y tratados con drogas. Investigadores suizos, suecos y finlan(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)


Qu� tan preocupados deber�amos estar nosotros sobre los reportes de que las enfermedades mentales se han vuelto una epidemia que afecta a una de cada cuatro personas en el mundo? De acuerdo con la fuente de estos alarmantes reportes (la industria psiqui�trica) las enfermedades mentales amenaza(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)


Tratamiento de electroshock le hace a la gente ... destruye su ambici�n y ... su vitalidad. Hace a la gente m�s bien pasiva y ap�tica ... Adem�s, la amnesia, la apat�a y la falta de energ�a son, desde mi punto de vista, la raz�n por la que ... [los psiquiatras] todav�a lo hacen impun(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)

Telehealth/care and Telemedicine evaluation and testing centre opens in Lincoln

Telemedcare Ltd opened their new �Health Smart Home� testing facility for supporting the elderly and person�s with chronic disease on 26 April 2007 in Venable�s Court Apartments in Lincoln. The �Health Smart Home� is a collaboration between United Health plc, an independent health pr(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)


Water enhancement specialists O2GO have won praise from a top sports performance consultant for the award-winning Flavourburst sachets. Dave Smith, who has coached to Olympic level, is a firm convert to the benefits O2GO sachets can bring. �I�ve been looking for ways of making plain water mor(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)

Chantix: License to save people from smoking

�Old habits die hard�, this adage best describes a cigarette smoker�s efforts to kick smoking habit. People have really interesting and funny stories about how they started smoking and what all they did to quit smoking.

It is said, you make habit and habit will make you later on,(Added: Thu Apr 26 2007)

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