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"Necessity is the mother of invention"

Added: (Wed Feb 07 2001)

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”Necessity is the mother of invention “

Ontario, CA -- December XX, 2000 -- Any driver who's ever been stranded because a car alarm remote broke off a key chain and disappeared -- or because the remote was wet and wouldn't work -- will appreciate a Remote Tote.
Invented by a young Mom who found herself stranded in the rain with a two-year old when her own remote wouldn't work, Remote Totes are tiny tote bags that hold your remote, allow you to re-attach it back on to your key chain and keep it dry and safe.
"Car alarm remotes are breaking off peoples key chains by the thousands," said Remote Totes inventor Jackie Harden. "You can see them lying lost in parking lots -- and, since most alarms disable the ignition when armed, some driver cannot start their car. They have to call a tow truck, which costs big bucks, or at the very least replace the remote -- assuming it's still available and not discontinued, in which case they have to have the whole alarm reprogrammed."
In addition, Harden noted, remotes short out when they're wet. If they fall into a puddle, or get a drink spilled on them by accident -- or get sucked on by an adventurous toddler –as Harden’s did they simply will not operate.
"We don't think about our remotes as electronic circuit boards, but that, in fact, is what they are," Harden said. "We take them for granted until they won't work -- or until they break off our key chains -- and by then, of course, it's too late."
Made of leather in a variety of colors, Remote Totes fit most car alarm remotes. The remote works right through the leather, and the buttons may be seen through a small display window in the tote.
Stop drilling holes in your remote to re-attach it to your key chain -- or disconnect the alarm because your remote won't work check out a Remote Tote. . Just log on to www.remotetotes.com for more information.

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