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Saudi MOH Achievements During the Year 2017

Added: (Thu Mar 01 2018)

Pressbox (Press Release) - 1,822 new beds in hospitals and 55% increase in one-day surgeries
The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the Ministry of Health's desire to provide and raise the level of health services for all citizens, the MOH endeavored hard all year round, and was successful in accomplishing many achievements during the year 2017.

Consequently the number of beds in its hospitals increased by 1,822 beds in 2017, bringing the total number of beds to 43,657 beds compared to 41,835 beds a year earlier. As part of its efforts to increase hospital admissions for inpatients and reduce waiting time for new patients, MOH took new initiatives and steps to improve medical services and increase patient satisfaction. MOH was also successful in opening new hospitals, and health centers, besides increasing the capacity of existing hospitals by increasing the medical staff, as well as equipping the hospitals with additional equipment and beds.

The number of one-day surgeries increased from 44% to 55% to reach 112,095 surgeries during the year. Whereas the patient waiting time was reduced by providing extra health facilities and necessary equipment.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health is implementing the program «Health Performance» aimed at raising the levels of productivity and efficiency and the quality of performance in the provision of health services in hospitals, which is in line with the strategic goals of the "National Transformation 2020" towards achieving the Saudi Vision 2030, and currently includes 70 main hospitals, where more than 40 indicators are used to measure performance in 7 service hubs, wherein positive results were achieved in reducing waiting periods in emergency and outpatient clinics.


Ministry of Health Achievements during the Year 2017
A Broader Health Spectrum

65 new Health Centers
from 2,325 Centers to 2,390 Centers

39 new Health Centers with extended working hours (up to 11 P.M)
from 165 Centers to 204 Centers

89 new Dental Clinics
from 2,992 Clinics to 3,081 Clinics

Increased 248 psychological Clinics
from 30 Clinics to 312 Clinics

59% increase in the number of Anti-smoking Clinics
from 160 Clinics to 254 Clinics

450% increase in the number of Hepatitis C treatment Clinics
from 6 Clinics to 33 Clinics

46% increase in the number of Heart Centers
from 13 Centers to 19 Centers

Comprehensive Health Care

14% increase in the average per capita visits to primary care centers
from 2.36 visits to 2.69 visits

16% increase in the number of doctors trained in internship programs
from 2,600 doctors to 3,016 doctors

Increased 1,822 hospital beds
from 41,835 to 43,657 beds

22% increase in the number of satisfied callers to 937 Center
from 67% to 82%

50% decrease in the duration of handling telephone complaints in 937 Center From 6 days to 3 days

Increase in the proportion of one-day surgeries from 44% to 55%
Total surgeries 112,095

433% increase in the percentage of telephone counselling Center 937
from 67% to 82%

45% increase in the percentage of Flu vaccination
from 2.2 million to 3.2 million

27% increase in the number of home visits
From 254 thousand to 333 thousand visits

Increase in the proportion of heart screening for newborns from 20% to 90%

50% increase in the number of Respiratory isolation rooms in hospitals
from 432 to 646 rooms

Increase in the proportion of hearing screening for newborns from 17% to 89%:

35% decrease in the average waiting time of hypnosis for surgery
From 2.4 days to 1.6 days

77% decrease in the average duration of transition from emergency to intensive care

from 13:49 to 3:14 hours
44% decrease in the average waiting time in the emergency for critical situations
From 16.5 to 9.3 minutes

32% average decrease in the waiting time in the out-patient clinics
from 48 to 32 minutes

61% decrease in the average duration of transition from emergency to hypnosis
from 5.14 to 2:03 hours

34% decrease in the average waiting time in the emergency
from 199 minutes to 131 minutes

Conscious Community

63% increase in the proportion of breast cancer screening

21,000 volunteers on International Volunteer Day

31% increase in the ratio of quitting smoking

8,008 diabetes patients discovered through diabetes campaigns

Launched Centers and New Services

Health App

Modern health care model

Referrals Center

Saudi Patient Safety Center.

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