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Research Report Covers the Global UAV Drones Market 2023

Added: (Wed Nov 08 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - Global UAV Drones market market size is expected to grow at a CAGR between 19% and 20% over the period of 2017 2023. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) drones are unmanned aircrafts that can be controlled from remote locations using remote flight controller or can autonomously fly according to the pre-programmed flight plans as well as with dynamic automation systems. UAV drones can fly up to a day depending upon range of vehicle, perform tasks that are repetitive, undertake precise scanning of regions even in adverse weather conditions. UAV drones are manufactured with light composite materials for reducing weight and increasing maneuverability. UAV drones are utilized for missions that are very dangerous for humans. UAV drones are extensively used for military operations and commercial applications. For military, UAV drones are cheaper alternative for costly aircrafts for aerial surveillance, border patrolling, spying, and flights through no-fly zones for secret missions. Even if it crashes, there will not be any human loss. UAV drones find applications such as agricultural monitoring, aerial imaging, disaster response, engineering inspections, industrial inspections, media and entertainment, marketing, mapping and surveying, maritime surveillance, meteorology, photography, real estate, retail delivery, tourism and videography among others. UAV drones effectively help military, government and businesses to make more effective decision making with the data they collect during their missions.
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Market Insights
Military applications dominate the UAV drones market with huge share, as more countries are deploying drones for border security, surveillance, combat operations and many other tasks. Commercial applications are anticipated to flourish, as many countries are formulating regulations for drones, which could open up more sectors for drones, during the forecast period 2017-2023. Due to the increase in use of drones for aerial photography, filming and broadcasting, the media & entertainment segment in commercial applications drive the growth of the global UAV drones market. Precision agriculture segment is growing rapidly, as the demand for UAV drones have increased significantly for surveillance of livestocks, crops and weather, for soil protection and spraying pesticides. The demand for UAV drones are expected to grow multifold in the retail and e-commerce sectors during the forecast period, as major players are planning to use drones for delivery in huge numbers to improve last mile connectivity and cut costs in terms of human. Sensors component segment is anticipated to grow rapidly, due to the growing demand for sensors as pay load in commercial and military drones for applications such as navigation systems, missile defence, targeting, guiding ammunitions, pest detection, tracking animals, monitoring of geology and atmosphere, and precision detection among others. Governments drive the growth of the global UAV market with the deployment of drones for law enforcement, infrastructure monitoring, disaster management, scientific research and environmental studies among others.
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Segments Covered
The report covers the analysis of global as well as regional markets of UAV Drones Market. Moreover, the global UAV Drones Market is segmented by type, by application, by components, and by payload. The global UAV drones market by type covers commercial, military and others. On the basis of application the market is segmented as border and maritime security, combat operations, emergency communications, spying, search & rescue operations, education, government, inspection & monitoring, media & entertainment, oil & gas, precision agriculture, surveying & mapping, and retail among others. Based on component, the market is segmented as battery, camera system, navigation system, propulsion system, sensors and transmitters among others. Based on payload the market is segmented as up to 25 kg, up to 150 kg, up to 600 kg and above 600 kg.
Company profiles
AeroVironment Inc
BAE Systems Plc
DJI Innovations
Elbit Systems Ltd
Israel Aerospace Industries
Leonardo Spa
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Northrop Grumman
Parrot SA
3D Robotics
Thales Group
The Boeing Company

Key topics covered:
1. Preface
2. Executive summary
3. Global UAV Drones Market Overview
4. IGR- Snapshots
5. Global UAV Drones Market Analysis, By Type (USD million) 2017 2023
6. Global UAV Drones Market Analysis, By Application (USD million) 2017 2023
7. Global UAV Drones Market Analysis, by Component (USD million)2017 2023
8. Global UAV Drones Market Analysis, by Payload (USD million)2017 2023
9. Global UAV Drones Market analysis, Regional Analysis (USD million) 2017 2023
10. Company profiles
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