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Protecting and managing your online medical reputation

Added: (Tue Jan 17 2017)

Pressbox (Press Release) - A high percentage of patients who post negative feedback on Yelp or Google do it because of patient medical experience including; the impolite response from a medical staff members, long wait time, improper handling of patient records, lack of perceived patient focus, rudeness from the front desk person, incorrect deductible payment, or billing issues. The quality provided for medical care, and the level of professional attention provided by your health team should be enough to ensure that all patients contribute to fully satisfied testimonials and glowing reviews. Minimizing negative review and maximizing the positive online review should be your priority.

Most patients are now going online to research their doctors. Online reviews of the medical facility, healthcare practitioners, physicians, dentist, and doctors have become major issues for all healthcare providers. Patients are writing reviews of their medical facility, doctors, or healthcare professionals and are rating their physician every day on the internet. The numbers of programs facilitating these reviews are rapidly increasing. So it is important for medical doctors to Google themselves once in a while and see their review. You as a physician wouldn’t want to be defined as a negative new story or a negative review from any online doctor’s ratings sites. Thus it is significant to control their online reputation before anyone else does. As the medical practitioner, it’s your responsibility to safeguard your patient's physical well-being and health. When it comes to growing your practice, your reputation is of paramount importance. At PatientTrak our range of expertness is just not limited to the marke
ting industry we ensure your medical online reputation management solution is met. We have professional experience in the field of medical and healthcare practice management, and we are aware of the online review impact that can have on your practice. We make sure you can capitalize on your positive review and fleetly deal any negative reviews before they harm your medical practice’s reputation. Our strategic healthcare management service and software solution include;

• Managing delicate negative review situations with urgency and subtly providing an effective resolution strategy.

• Easily monitor on your behalf by updating you on patient perceptions of your service and practices.

• The simultaneous optimization of your profile content with relevant information that is required.

• Intelligent publication of your review and easily collect positive feedback.

• Monitor top online review sites like wellness.com, health tip, HealthGrades vitals, real safe, Yahoo and Google among others and come up with a monthly report assessing the status changes, updated profile, rating changes and review date.

• Maintain and establish a real-time internet monitoring capabilities for most physicians’ name.

• We make sure you can seek resolution with your patient directly when dealing with a less than glowing patient rating or review.

PatientTrak comprehensive reputation software assists you in healthcare online reputation management in these steps

• Creating a proficient profile with our systems where you can manage each physician and the location separately or a single profile for each site and physician.

• We update all information of your medical facility or personal information on most sites.

• Then create a page on your site featuring all the positive review from different patients.

• Finally, monitor your medical online reputation management through our reputation platform tracker.

Always make the healthcare reputation management a priority by committing yourself to developing the social media marketing strategy to save and protect your reputation during your practice. Some medical professionals face the constant threat of dissatisfied clients, the spread of ongoing potentially and negative libelous online information and disgruntled former employees. Provide places where your patient can address their concerns and dissatisfaction directly to you, or link your social media account to the website to give individuals a more productive way to express their opinion. Make periodic check time to time of your information on top rated sites like Yelp, and Google to ensure your website and contact information are always up to date. Find a prominent way to encourage a satisfied patient to leave positive feedback or review on any top review sites to rank high when your name is searched on the Google.

Healthcare online reputation management is essential and ignoring this fact will put your future of your medical practice at risk. If by any chance you are not currently engaging your reputation management it is vital to start today immediately.

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